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Make Money on Etsy for Interior Designers

Your enriching colour palette and artistic flair for home decor drove you towards interior designing, the soothing soul and energy uplifter of any space. Interior designing is a passion for the ones who can optimize any physical space and transform it into an aesthetically pleasing environment. From commercial spaces to home designs, the possibilities for an interior designer today are endless.

This passion deserves a platform equally artistic as Etsy, where you don’t just display your impressive work but also pave your skill towards making well-deserving money. Etsy, with its vast shop options for art and collectables, is becoming the one-stop destination for interior designers. This global online marketplace brings together people to buy and sell unique, custom, handmade and vintage products and services.

With a simple click from your mobile or tablet, you can commence your interior designing journey at Etsy, display your artistry and become an entrepreneur from any part of the world.

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Potential Of Etsy For Interior Designers

A boost is enough to pump your inherent quality into earning you money, and Etsy can help you with that. The real question, however, is how to make money on Etsy as an interior designer? You must have heard about Etsy from a friend who is selling handicrafts items there or a cousin who just bought a gorgeous vintage chair from the website.

Etsy is an artist’s paradise where you create a shop that sells one-of-a-kind products. All you have to do is promote the products organically, and whenever a buyer sees something at your Etsy shop that they like, they will click on the buy button and pay you for the purchase. Simple as a pie, isn’t it.

And you know what is exciting, the price of listing items on Etsy is pretty affordable, as opposed to those offline shops where you pay huge leases to rent a small space. With an Etsy seller profile, you can also lead the buyers to your blog or website. 

While you only sell a few items on Etsy, your clients will take a stroll on your site, reach your portfolio and be mesmerized by the work you have done outside of Etsy and voila! New clients amass their interior decoration needs and offer you the decorator work.

Let us now get right into the action plan of how to sell interior design services and products on Etsy.

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15 Tips for Interior Designers to Make Money On Etsy

1. First things first, you need to sign up on Etsy for a free account

A super easy and quick task that will commence your journey from how to make money on Etsy as an interior designer to a successful seller starts with creating your Etsy account. All you have to do is go to the Etsy official website and register with your basic information of email address, first name and create a strong password.

Make sure that you use an email address that sounds professional and can be continued for your business venture. Changing business email addresses frequently not only makes you look unprofessional but also confuses your client base.

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2. Give your creativity wings by naming your shop

Well, we know the creative side of you has already thought of the artistic name for your interior designer Etsy shop. But in case you haven’t, now is the time. Assigning a name and brand banner to your Etsy shop can get overwhelming, especially for those who are just starting out, owing to the exhaustive ideas.

Might we suggest at this point that while your shop name speaks your brand identity, it is vital to trust your initial instincts rather than spending days finalizing one?

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3. Let's talk about the services and products

Now comes the fun part. List the services you have to offer as an interior designer and your specialized products handmade or sourced. While Etsy is an amazing platform with an infinite resource for artworks that range from vintage to handmade, being unique in your style works wonders.

From exploring your love for vintage textiles, aesthetic decorations, indoor nature products to the services to restore the pieces while revamping the look, there is no end to what you can sell.

So, define where your interior designing specialities lie in, and you can start listing them on Etsy. It does not matter if you have just one product or service to offer initially. All you must do is post what you are good at and believe in your art.

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4. A picture is worth a thousand words, well indeed, it is

A great image is what attracts you to wait for a moment, admire the splendid art and probably buy it. So, if it works for you, it will definitely work for your potential customers on Etsy. They are the first thing a buyer would see, and it is definitely your first chance to get buyers clicking into your Etsy shop.

Adding to this, make sure the quality of images is high, and that does not mean you need to head to the electronics shop and buy a Sony DSLR to click the best pictures of your products. A picture’s quality is less dependent on the camera and more on the staging. 

So, while clicking the picture, answer a few questions: Am I covering all the angles? Does this picture represent my brand style? When you justify yourself with these questions, you attract clients.

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add best pictures of your interior design products on etsy

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5. Let's talk about the visibility part - Keywords

Google has an interesting way of making things visible that needs to be followed by every small to big existing soul on its platform. Yes, you guessed it right- Keywords. You put the right keywords for promoting your product or service; you will get the right clients. But if you stay confused and mention the wrong keywords, you mess up your business.

It is actually fairly simple. Keywords are straight words or small sentences that can either be your product or service name or a trending question you are trying to answer. While you follow this tip, make sure to keep it simple!

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interior design keyword on etsy

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6. Don't overlook a good description

Writing the title and posting a picture would be of no use if you do not define clearly what you are offering. As an interior designer, you might be providing revamping home or office service or selling products that you create out of scrap. While your designer creativity knows no bounds, save some for writing the benefits of your services.

Talk in terms of what your product or service is going to do for them. For example, if you are a pottery expert designing personalized pottery, do not forget to mention its composition, dimensions, instructions and what or where it can be used.

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7. Let's talk price

A difficult task indeed, but definitely the most important. After all, you are trying to understand how to make money on Etsy as an interior designer; this part becomes inevitable. Since it is a critical section, we will be blunt here. Quote a price for your service and product that is fair to you and the potential buyers.

Posting unnecessary high or low prices will not get you anywhere. While a high quote will not land you clients, a low value will not be worth your efforts. So, while you quote a price, make sure you are able to justify it.

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8. Define the policies

You don’t want to get into the legalities of the website or in case of a returned product. You are a creator, not a lawyer. This is why it becomes pertinent for you to draw basic policies that speak on return, broken, or unsatisfactory products or services. Here you will have to mention if you wish to offer a refund for such issues.

Moreover, when it comes to a service, you need to make clear about the type of work and your extent of involvement. Just dig a little deep into this section, considering you will come across all sorts of clients and not every customer will be nice.

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9. Buyers love a personal touch

Customized products and services are really picking up the market, and interior designing is thriving with such offerings. From a small personalized mug to designing a customized nursery, there is no dearth of exploring the richness of a personal touch. Buyers love it, and they return simply for the experience.

However, if you do not offer a customized product or service, you can always send a personalized thank you note or a complimentary item of your creation to retain your customers.

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10. Poke a need

With the minimalist trend running globally, more people have started buying products that they need rather than what they desire. So why not use this concept to address a need for refurbishing the home interior. 

Adopting “necessity is the mother of invention,” you can create handmade pieces that a buyer would love to include in their house. For example, a wooden doormat with holes to stomp off the dirt is both a sustainable approach and ensures the dirt is easily cleaned from the floor.

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11. Allow inspiration to seep in

Buyers love it when seeing a creation mirroring their own house interior than separate pieces, which might not make much sense to them. So, it is advisable that you pair the items or services that you have to offer with images that will keep the potential buyers engaged.

For example, you can style an indoor plant close to a restored chair to represent the notion of both offering a service that reuses old furniture and promoting your vase collectable. With this, you eliminate any sort of confusion while keeping the spark flourishing through your brand.

12. Keep an eye on trends

Trends are the tides that are never-ending and always keeping style on crests and troughs. As an interior designer, you must keep a close eye on what is trending in colours, styling, art, personal branding, signature style etc. While there are some who keep things evergreen, others like a touch of trend.

Then there are others who like to mix and match. So, keep reading those Instagram trendy posts and interior design magazines for the taste of trends.

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keep an eye on interior design trends for etsy

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13. Resonate with your brand voice

You may be a versatile interior designer or a connoisseur of a specific art form; as long as you remain true to your brand style & stay consistent, your work will attract customers. Moreover, do not become a puppet in the hands of trends. Sometimes the life of trends is a few days, and by the time you are done revamping, the trend changes.

14. Stay connected

Social media has taken the business world by storm. While one part of it keeps businesses running and expands them globally, another part of social media demands more attention and connection. If you pick the second part of staying connected with your audience over social media, the first part of it will eventually follow you.

Make sure you do not just have a presence on social media like Instagram and Pinterest; you also engage with people through regular blogs, posts, videos and your latest work.

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15. Tidy up your portfolio

While we have discussed at length how to make money on Etsy as an interior designer, if your portfolio speaks nothing about you, your work, and your presence, nothing else would matter. So, how about you start updating your portfolio with your skills and your work with testimonials that vouch for your talent.


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Have questions about designing an interior design business structure? Read our blog on Business Structure For Your Interior Design Business for some amazing insights.

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