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Interior Design Business Name

When it comes to interior design services, clients prefer recognized brands or strong recommendations to interior design company name ideas. For startup companies recommendations are critical and are a plus for future branding of your interior design business name. A client may be impressed by one’s services but they may be unable to recommend others for the services due to lack of a proper name that may be uniquely spelt.

Thus, they may not locate it on the Google site. Therefore, as one designs their brand name, it’s essential to have a quality graphics professional to redesign your logo. Your name needs to be catchy, professional and brandable for your potential customers.

In case getting a name drives you to the wall, and you can get assistance from a copywriting company to help you bring your ideas to reality. Although it doesn’t have to be fixed, you can change the name as your business evolves and transforms. Or you can use your name’s initials for your creative interior design.

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The Essence of Choosing The Right Name To Your Interior Design Business

Choosing the right business name ideas will draw customers to the right place in terms of the products they are looking for, will save on searching for products time by customers, will draw more customers through referrals and will be easier to connect with.

A name generator can assist in finding a suitable name and most business owners prefer it when selecting catchy interior design company names for their design industry. The domain interiors can help in checking the domain availability. Most of them have skills combined with creative minds suitable for innovative interiors and interior decorating.

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28 Steps On Naming Your Interior Design Business:

1. Buy the domain name from someone

You may have picked up a creative name and have decided to use it, only to find out another company has the same name. You can decide to ask them to sell the domain name for your new business if you have decided to have it. You may start your search on WHOIS to know the specific company’s location and address. Some companies may not be willing to sell their domain name. You, therefore, need to be open-minded in case it does not work out.

2. Wait for the expiry date

If you are not ready to reach out to someone to sell you their business domain name, you can do a check-up on when the domain name expires. It will help you in determining if you can register with a design group agent to notify you when the domain name expires.

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3. Get a different extension name

You can change your domain name from to incase the former one has been taken by another user. The problem will lie in your customers not remembering the .info part only to type .com. The limitation may affect your business sales and availability.

4. Pick an alternative domain name

If you are fixed on using your name for your design studio, you can try on different words for your domain name till it accepts.

For example, you may use,,, or

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5. You can choose on other interior design options

You can decide to use interior design names such as living room, office, fireplace, desk or your favorite pop of color. You can then add the good names to your domain name as,, or

6. Connect through emotions

Psychology plays a role in connecting people. It may evoke certain emotions and remind them of their experiences. Incorporating emotions may be good for your business branding.

For example, you may decide to use names such as serene made interiors, harmony interior designs, inquisitive interiors, in my peace designs, and Zen flat designs.

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7. Incorporate your travel experiences

You may decide to be unique and incorporate your travelling experiences. You can use names for your home design such as Getaway interiors, mapped interior designs, soaring by design, million countries design, or discovered new designs.

8. Use pun word, alliterations and word combinations

Your pun names may include Just design here, House your design, Designed pad, or Addressed design. Your alliteration names may include Interior instant, Including interiors, Delightful den designs, Instrumentally interiors and Dearticulating home decor interiors.

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9. Name by game

Choosing your business name for your interior design company can be as easy as naming using your favorite game. It may include names such as Chess interior designs, Knoll spaces, Scrabble designs or Pocker experiences design.

10. Identify and understand your target audience

Envision the people, who can become your target audience with your catchy logo. For example, you can check your customer’s demographics. Are they middle-aged families looking for a home makeover? Or young professionals expecting minimalist and chick looks? Your branding should be based on your audience, hence, it’s critical to engage with individuals who will be beyond the business aspect.

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11. Create a list for your future goals

Keep an eye on the prize at all times. Thinking about futuristic goals is essential and as time passes by, you may change your business goals. You may plan to open up more branches or set up a franchise or set up a retail business dealing with home accessories.

12. Look for identifying words which work for you

Some names stand out while being relevant with the course of time especially the ones that make prospective clients form a connection. Check for names that will form a foundation for your business. It can be from inspiration from your mentors or an experience.

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13. Try different combinations of words to form meaningful prospective names

After creating relevant words, brainstorm and create a different combination of words. Then form a comprehensive list from the combinations. Mix up the combinations to come up with new potential name options.

You can also include some keywords as part of the combination which will boost your SEO while marketing. An original and distinct company name can help in memorizing the name.

14. Shortlist the best five names from your list

Pick out the best five names from your list and reduce the conflicting outcomes. The best way to shortlist the names is by including your staff. It enhances their sense of belonging and partnership creating a sense of loyalty.

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15. Run the shortlisted names in your trusted circle and gather feedback

Ask your friends for honest feedback on your shortlisted names. You can have them rate the jobs from one to five and give their feedback through a questionnaire form. The questions can include how credible the name sounds, its pronunciation, ability to remember and it’s meaning or influence on customers.

16. Recheck for any red flags

Look, research about everything regarding the name before taking the final step. You can confirm if there is another company bearing the same name to avoid confusion and possible conflicts. Having the same name even from a company in another industry can cause a conflict of interest to the business.

You can check the domain name availability at and social media handles. It’s also essential to have the same domain name on all the social media handles. Consistency is key. You can hire a professional graphic designer to design your logo, business card and web banners. You can as well rely on online AI tools to save on your operational costs.

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17. Shun homophone words

The words with similar pronunciation are prone to confuse your customers when they check on the business name online.

18. Relevance

You may be unique in your name choice but remember to be relevant in terms of how to pronounce the name. A difficult name may be hard to memorize thus, reducing referrals.

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19. Carryout due diligence

You need to check out similarities in names from other interior design firms. You can check from the home staging companies, real estate, home and improvement to avoid confusion.

20. Carry out a competitor name analysis

When doing a competitor analysis, it will help you it understand how companies are named in your location and the reasons behind it. It will give you a firm grip in knowing what is suitable in terms of professionalism and the type of clients you serve.

For example, a company with the name Diva Interiors conveys premium services for individuals looking for unrivaled interior designs. The name is simple. Easy to remember yet attention-grabbing. Another name such as Margaret Interior designs conveys a personal touch and builds trust among one’s customers. It also builds customer loyalty.

The name is professional and brandable. Using the name or beautifully designed symbols like IDC for international Design Concepts conveys an international company that’s experienced and passionate. The name is professional and not conformed to a distinct geographical location.

So, one should look at the value or message they are conveying with a name. You are also able to check the trend that your competitors are using and what to avoid. It helps you to check on who does it best and how you can work on getting the best name.

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21. Focus on naming your business not describing it

Describing your company name literally does not add any value but only makes your business a cliché. An effective business name should convey your product values in a deeper way.

For example, naming your interior business as Third Eye Designs conveys detailed attention focused on quality. It is simple, catchy yet conveys the message on a deeper level.

22. Make the name memorable

It is an essential step in making the name sink into your customers’ minds. To create a memorable effect, you need to use rhythmic pronunciations or alliterations, use relevant names even in situations where they are out of context such as Deco solutions, and keep the name short and simple.

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23. Use a brandable name

Brandable names are read and pronounced well. They often use letter patterns of vowels, consonants and vowel word structures as they are typically short, catchy and easy to remember.

24. Avoid combining words just to create a unique name

For example, a client has chosen a name and has decided to name it bumble designs. He then finds out there is another business with the same name. Out of frustration, he decides to alter the name just a little bit by naming it either Bumbill designs or Bumble signs. The similar soundings are a drawback as they eliminate the catchy effect, are not original and even difficult to remember.

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25. Check out on business name guides

You can use words to describe what the business does. For example, Interior design solutions can describe its purpose in seeking solutions. The name you choose can describe the company such as creative or balanced interior designs. You will need to use the proper descriptive words for your company. Proper adjectives match well for the businesses.

For example, using the adjective esoteric or clean interior design means a client will expect to find clean and impeccable offices or companies.

Using verbs to describe your business is also effective. For example, interior redesigned or interiorized designs explains clearly the agenda of the company. You can as well combine words to create a new name.

For example, using desigio to stand for design and studio or desgroup for design and group. You can name your company also using foreign languages such as le decoration in French or interior Concilium in Latin or diseno de interiores in Spanish.

26. Avoid crowd sourcing

Not everyone may be good at helping you pick up a name for your business. It is also true that the name you pick may not resonate with everyone. Therefore, choose a name that caters to your audience in terms of being memorable, and serving a course.

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27. Avoid using maps to name your business

You may be living in California but you do not need to name your business California Interior Designs. The main reason is you may expand your business and decide to move to another location. It will imply changing your name which may be costly if your brand develops. Your customers may think it’s a different business in another location.

28. Be clear

Initially, you may be retailing on vases and ceramics. Later on, you may decide to add more items as the business expands. It will interfere with your customers’ perceptions as they may bypass it thinking it only sells vases and ceramics.

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Ideas to name your interior design business

There are several suggestions on how you can name your business. They include crafty sequins, decor master, decor urge, decor runner, home admire, interior entice, interior blinds, luxe homes, sequin revolution, versatile homes, home vio decorate pedal, decor master, design harvest, inside style, chic solutions, creative consulting, the space stylist, room elements, implied designs, personal staging, the fab furniture firm, basic interiors, Perfect spaces, taste of decor, real designs, basic designs, inner renos and designs, Decor blue print interior design, moving mountains designs, metropolitan interiors, DB designs, Imagine walls, Style my space, simplify, and ready interiors.

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