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Come on, it’s time you rethink the commonalities associated with a laundry room! No longer your laundry room needs to be the dull corner of your house, with big baskets and washing machines, heaps of unwashed clothes dominating the scene. The postmodern idea of a laundry room is sleek, organized, cheerful and above all a truly utility-oriented one.

The place where an average family of four spends several hours sorting, washing, drying and folding laundry, ought to be well planned and implemented. Here in this article, we will be rediscovering the preexistent ideas and try to execute the same newly. What is there in successful planning, decorating and making a laundry room? This article is the answer. We will start from the very basics of choosing the right place in your house where you can set the laundry room because this is the foundation of the overall efficiency. Then we’ll move on to the embellishment part that will add all the due life in the otherwise lifeless part of your house. Here’s how-

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Choosing the right place

No. You simply can’t declare any room as ‘laundry room’ just for the sake of it. You’ve got to plan. The idea behind planning before making a laundry room is to ensure that it serves the purpose plus more, and add to the charm of your house as well. On what basis will you choose the room? You’ll choose based on your convenience. Your laundry room can be near your bedroom where you will receive freshly washed laundry or it can be near your washroom, where discarded laundry will be collected for washing. It depends on your preference where you would like to do the exchange of laundry. Some of the most widely practiced locations of laundry rooms are near the bathroom, in the mud-room adjacent, near the entry or the dressing area or closet.

Keep in mind that there are chances of accidental flooding from the plumbing fitting inside your laundry room (accidents happen). It is highly essential that the flooring is waterproofed, especially underneath the washing machines and if your laundry room is situated on the second floor. Some waterproofing methods include sheeting the laundry room floor with plastic and housing the laundry machines in a shallow pan.

Decorating ideas

After the cornerstone has been laid (you have chosen the room), how to decorate the laundry room is the next question, and answering which we say- “there is no other way better than your own way.” We will guide you with some ways you can decorate the room on your own pretty way.

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1. Do whatever you like

This doesn’t mean you will cook in your laundry room! By this, we mean you are free to hang a family portrait on the wall, keep a bunch of lilies on a shelf, a refreshing collection of potted bamboo saplings on a table or anything that tickles your fancy. We know, you don’t like doing laundry and hence this step to make you feel good while you are in there.

2. Choose a color theme that’s cooler

When you choose a cool or light color scheme for your laundry room, you find the place more clean and organized. You can avoid overpowering colors for the sake of lighter ones to make the room seem more spacious, clean and clutter-free (you’ve got to keep it clean manually although).

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3. Make way for a wide laundry sink

Thought the sinks are only parts of the kitchen? Not necessarily. You can make a place for a spacious sink in your laundry room to quickly hand wash the delicate fabrics then and there. Also, that sink can double as a soak for dirty clothes, cleaning shoes, bathing pets, and so many other things.

4. Get the right furniture

This is a crucial part and most of the efficiency of your laundry room will be derived from your success here. Ideally, a laundry room should have a facility for sorting, washing, ironing, and hanging clothes. For example, make space for wide functional shelves, cupboards, and baskets, buy portable laundry sorter, make some air racks for air-drying items, opt for stackable machine set to save space, get a wall-mounted iron table for more convenience, and opt for similar design related choices that are more functional, portable and essential.

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5. Keep a wide and long counter

Having a big and spacious counter is helpful in a number of ways. You don’t have to stuff the room with tables or platforms and instead ensure a wide and long counter for sorting, folding the laundry. Also, broad counter space can be utilized by keeping glass jars for storing detergent or hanging clips inside them. Utility and beauty going hand in hand.

6. Revamp the lighting

You would not like to do your laundry in a shady and dull room. Ensuring a bright and well-lit room not only gives life to the rather boring work but also ensures that you are able to spot blemishes in your laundry and take necessary steps like pre-treat before washing.

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7. Do the walls

Be creative with a wall or two, in your laundry room. Go for something like texturing or wallpapering one of the walls in the laundry room. Or you can give patterns to them. If you are choosing wallpaper, ensure it is moisture resistant.

8. The big little things

Aesthetics is the sense that can uplift an ordinary into extraordinary. Empty the detergent from its original packet and transfer the content into a glass jar. You can replace the plastic clips with the wooden ones and store them in glass containers as well. Discard any plastic and metal baskets in your laundry room with natural ones. These minor yet significant changes greatly add to the aesthetics of the room.

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An extra tip

Doing something unexpected is enthralling. Why not do something unexpected with your laundry room as well? Hang a beautiful light on the ceiling, keep a table and a PC, or install some woofer and music. Do anything that’s out of the ordinary and see the magic.

After you’ve read the above content, you are ready to do something really good with your laundry room. The suggested ways are simple yet flexible at the same time. Which was your favorite?

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