5 Design Guidelines For A Stylish Small Bathroom

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Stylish Small Bathroom

5 Design Guidelines For A Stylish Small Bathroom

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Stylish Small Bathroom
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Most often when it comes to small bathroom designs, they are given a step-motherly treatment or are considered as an unnecessary expenditure. The result is a shabby and inconvenient bathroom that only blotches the beauty of your home, no matter how sophistically planned and designed the remaining parts of the house may be. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to the layout or scheme of a small bathroom as well. In fact, small bathroom designs need more mindful scrutiny in order to make them appealing to the senses and to make the most of the limited space they provide.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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Here are 5 small bathroom design ideas to make them more stylish:

1. The color makes all the difference

One of the simplest and most efficient small bathroom ideas is to use the right shades of colors in the right way to give your small bathroom an open, airy and enlarged look. The thumb rule is to avoid dark colors on the walls as far as possible because dark hues tend to give a small bathroom a cramped and tight-box feel. On the contrary using light and pastel colors like white, icy blue, cream, soft yellow, etc. tend to create the illusion of a small bathroom is more spacious.

Another aspect of small bathroom designs is to maintain color continuity or to keep the ceiling the same color as the walls to facilitate the smooth movement of the eye through the room. This smoothness helps one overlook the smallness of the bathroom.

If your bathroom is small in terms of its width or is a narrow one, then it’s preferred to paint your walls with large horizontal stripes in order to create the optical illusion of making it look wider. On the other hand, if your bathroom is small or short in terms of its height with good textures, then it’s advisable to paint large vertical stripes on the walls to give your small bathroom a tall effect.

Bathroom Design Tips

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2. How to minimize your furnishings

Using a shower curtain or sliding shower door occupies less space as compared to a door the opens in-and-out. Instead of having protruding shelves and cabinets, it’s better to have alcove shelves (a recess in the wall) for optimizing free space and restriction-free movement, especially in the shower area. Instead of cluttering the wall with pegs for hanging towels, fix a towel bar on the outside of the non-operable panel of the shower area. See through the features that Neo offers like button, icon, toolbars and more Using a clear glass than a murky one makes a small bathroom appear bigger and less stuffy.

Small bathroom designing ideas

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3. Lights, mirror, action

Small bathroom design ideas are incomplete without proper bathroom lighting ideas. The more illuminated the bathroom will be the brighter and bigger will be its appearance. Use ample lighting at alcoves and task lighting around the main mirror, leaving the rest of the bathroom with comparatively dimmer lights. This adds depth to the dimensions. To increase the depth illusion, cover an entire wall (preferably the one behind the commode) with a single mirror. Moreover, mirrors also reflect the light within the bathroom, brightening it further and thus adding to the enlarged-look effect.

Classic and Royal Bathroom Design Ideas

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4. The tiles tell tales

When it comes to small bathroom design ideas, the color and type of tiles used also play an important role. Match the colors of your tiles with that of the wall and ceiling as far as possible to establish the airy-room optical effect through the medium of color continuity. Apart from light-colored titles, placing the tiles diagonally rather than in a straight line helps to trick the mind about the size of a small bathroom. The logic is that when tiles are floored in a simple straight line it makes it very easy for our unconscious mind to count them and hence determine the size of the bathroom more obviously while this case is reversed when the tiles are placed diagonally.

Using the same floor tiles even on the walls till the ceiling also gives a spacious look to a small bathroom. The tiles used on the floor in the shower and wash area should be the same for tile-continuity effect and 3D floor plan designs.

Try to use the most simple-patterned titles. Even if you do end up using heavy-patterned or ornate tiles, then don’t forget to keep the walls as simple and plain as possible to reduce the cooped-up feel of a small bathroom.Lastly, it’s always better to use large tiles. The larger the tiles the lesser the grout lines and hence the floor looks less crowded and confined.

Modern Bathroom Ideas and design

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5. Fittings that fit well

Coming to small bathroom design ideas with regards to fittings, it’s wise to opt for wall-hung or wall-mounted commodes, sinks, and taps. They not only increase the foot movement area in a small bathroom (and hence facilitate ease in cleaning as well) but also make it look sizable.

A trough sink is a more aesthetic, convenient and spacious option for small bathrooms owing to its narrow, less jutting out and slender shape. The dominant color in all the furniture fixtures should be in tune with the colors of the walls. This visually increases the size of the bathroom by 2 times. Choose mirrors and sinks that come with in-built cabinets to reduce the blockage of space with separate stand-alone cabinets for your toiletries.

Having sharp and straight edged/ cornered fittings can lead to injuries due to the limited space of a small bathroom. Opt for rounded fixtures the can reduce the intensity of bruises if perchance you do bump into them.

Small and Stylish Bathroom

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It’s said that a bathroom is a place where you “wash away your troubles with some bubbles.” Don’t let your bathroom become added trouble by ignoring the importance of design. If you are still in the process of building your dream home, apart from the guidelines given above you may still need the advice of a well experienced interior designer. We at Foyr, a leading tech-based home designs solution enterprise, understand the value of efficient and effective interiors. For acquiring comprehensive, budget-friendly and particle small bathroom designs, get in touch with our expert interior designers today by clicking here https://interiors.foyr.com/

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