Steampunk Interior Design is the New-Age Choice

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Where the Gothic meets the Industrial revolution, Steampunk is born. It is a blend of heavy Victorian furniture with the modernism infused by the Industrial revolution in the field of Interior Design.

Science fiction author K.W Jeter is said to have coined this term in his letter to Locus Magazine. The Victorian time period is the backdrop of this interior décor inspiration which is a blend of science fiction and fantasy

It is hard to pin-point and extremely elusive when it comes to defining it, yet it is one of the most formidable and specialised design styles in Interior décor which is guaranteed to create a sense of awe and wonder in its audience. It transports its viewer to the Victorian times with the new innovations introduced during the Industrial Revolution which enchanted the viewers with its path-breaking inventions during that time in history.

It is new, it is revolutionary, it is daring and it is beginning to make its mark felt in architectural terminology. It is the seamless fusion of machinery with sophistication. Steampunk type interior, Steampunk furniture, Steampunk wall art or even a single piece of Steampunk installation lend an altogether different aura to an average home. It is functional, versatile fusion of few well known styles and at the same time absolutely unique.

Key Features of Steam punk Design

Key Features of Steam punk Design

The Steam Punk design elements incorporate abundant use of heavy metal and plumbing and mechanical units since the essence it is to celebrate 19th century foray into technology. Vintage items are reproduced using industrial finishing to add eclecticism to otherwise heavy Victorian style. This is the best blend of old meets the new, where heavy Victorian timepieces are rendered in metal and steel as tribute to the dominance of technology.

  1. Plumbing and Mechanical fixtures get a new life: Old plumbing units and mechanical parts are reinvented in interior décor to add a touch of tough exterior to the otherwise ornate interiors. Much like the Train stations and Metal bridges found outdoors, art and technology comes indoors to lend sophistication to kitchen hardware.
  2. Victorian charm offsets the hardness: It is not all steel and heavy duty machinery that dominates the space. To render an organic balance, ample use is made of exposed brick, roughly finished wood in all its rustic patina which takes one back to history while being rooted in present.
  3. Lighting: No more pretty floral or chintz lampshades in bright or white colours to offset the glare of a bare bulb. Steampunk design celebrates the nudity of technology in its dare-bare glory. Hence lighting is kept neat in its pure form without any shade to diffuse its raw fire power.
  4. Accessories: The use of accessories is as bold as the design concept. So, while a science enthusiast might fancy a nixie tube clock, another might go overboard in sticking to the theme from the start to the finish with exposed steel walls. Metal furniture and heavy duty steampunk fantasy showpieces, usage of intricate knobs, engines as art installations, an entire train set in the drawing room as the focal point, nothing is too extravagant or eccentric for a full-blooded Steampunk enthusiast.

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How to add a Steampunk element into modern décor?

  1. Furniture: The choice of furniture is of crucial significance. Everything must be rough and raw reminiscent of the industrial style with metallic insertions, storage shapes and up cycled projects which make use of old missiles, gears and belts. Old, refurbished and salvaged furniture curated from thrift store or antique store made from vintage leather, driftwood, raw timber and wrought iron reinforcement is what one should ideally be looking at. Leather is one of its key materials as it not only brings comfort and sophistication but introduces the feel of Victorian luxury. Old chests converted into beautiful coffee tables, side tables or simply storage spaces is an important addition.
  2. Material: Rusty Metals of copper or chrome serve not only ornamental purpose but functional use too with table shelves, stools, hooks, and lamps.
  3. Décor Items: Introduce defunct but innovative tools of the time period to lend an element of authenticity. Wall art made of cogs, clocks, copper pipes or ladder bookcases all lend a touch of machinery and antiquity. Gears can be used in numerous projects to fit in with this inspired décor. An old archaic clock in all its rawness can also be a much desired focal point.
  4. Focal Points: World maps, globes, gadgets for discovery and navigation or aviation like compasses are key elemental features of this style décor. An entire wall can be dedicated to display a gear creation keeping rest of the look minimal thus maintaining its aura.
  5. Lighting: Lighting is of key essence else a rust red room with dark leather furniture may look too dark and dismal. Channelize your inner science fiction creativity and keep the lighting true to the genre by factory pendant lights, filament lamps, eye-catching surveyor lamps, architectural desk lamps and decorative gadgets. Use a mirror and an industrial looking lamp to amplify the interiors.
  6. Shades and hues: Rust red and black dominate the space as much as steel grey and copper shades.
  7. Innovative Usage: Exposed brick walls, stencil wallpaper, maps as wallpaper, fireplaces in rough industrial finishing, celebrate the raw power of technology.

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Aviation, nautical, classical and industrial elements come together to create this innovative and revolutionary interior décor style.

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