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Saves Hours of Design Time

Bring your visions and concepts to life in hours — not days or weeks. Foyr Neo combines intuitive design tools and smart machine learning so you get to spend more time designing, and less time tinkering with light and shadows.

Using Foyr Neo is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, upload a floor plan or create one from scratch. Then drag and drop from over 60K 3D models to fill your rooms. Lastly, just set the shot and let the AI create stunning 4K renders for you in less than 10 minutes.

Zero Learning Curve

No need to download anything, Foyr Neo is a web-based office design software that runs at the speed of the Internet. Allowing you to create impressive designs, wow more clients, and win more projects without overloading your hard drive.

Lightweight, Fast & Professional

Designed in Foyr Neo in just 57 minutes

“This would have taken me weeks in other programs!”

And see how easy it is to bring your creative visions to life in this office design software

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No credit card or download required

Why is Foyr Neo the Best Office Design Software?

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Foyr Neo is the best alternative to complicated office design software tools that require extensive CAD experience or BIM knowledge.

Easy to Use

Foyr Neo is an easy way to design and plan your office space. Use drawing tools to create your office layout, try in built fixtures, furniture, finishes, tiles and textures & view your dream office design in 3D

Whether you are planning a remodel, design a new office or upgrading your design, Foyr Neo provides the simplest way to do it. No CAD experience required.

Foyr Neo is all online. Get started with planning your office layout with the simplest office design software

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How to Get Started with Foyr Neo

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2D/3D Office Floor Plan

Easily create detailed office floor plans; mark room name and room type

Customize the templates in 3D. Add or edit furniture & other objects.

All designs seamlessly convert between 2D plan view and 3D view

Choose from Render Ready Office Design Templates

Access hundreds of design templates from Foyr Inspirations

Add office chairs, tables, walls, beams to match your customer's actual site

Browse through a vast model catalog and create the design your own

Easy 4K Rending

Generate photo-realistic renders easily with Neo rendering service

Work on another design while the previous design renders

Get your office design 4K Renders within 30 minutes

Foyr Neo Model Catalog

Select and drop furniture on your office layout from over 60,000 render-ready 3D models.

Edit your designs, change textures, colors and get real-time visual feedback..

Save tons of time on 3D Modeling with our trendy and updated 3D Models.

See how an interior designer, Bernado Longuiera uses Foyr Neo.

“Neo is revolutionizing the way 3D renders are created”


Get your concepts out of your head and off your sketchpad and start designing them right now

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