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Create Detailed Floor Plans Faster With Foyr Neo

Why 16,237+ Interior Designers Love Using Foyr Neo

Saves Hours of Design Time

Bring your visions and concepts to life in hours — not days or weeks. Foyr Neo combines intuitive design tools and smart machine learning so you get to spend more time designing, and less time tinkering with light and shadows.

Using Foyr Neo is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, upload a floor plan or create one from scratch. Then drag and drop from over 60K 3D models to fill your rooms. Lastly, just set the shot and let the AI create stunning 4K renders for you in less than 10 minutes.

Zero Learning Curve

No need to download anything, Foyr Neo is a web-based floor plan software that runs at the speed of the Internet. Allowing you to create impressive designs, wow more clients, and win more projects without overloading your hard drive.

Lightweight, Fast & Professional

Designed in Foyr Neo in just 57 minutes

“This would have taken me weeks in other programs!”

And see how easy it is to bring your creative visions to life in this floor plan software

Start Designing Now With Foyr Neo


No credit card or download required


No credit card or download required

How it Works?

Create Floor Plans Faster

Upload an outline and trace it, or map one from scratch. Both fast and easy as Neo’s AI automatically fills in the tiny details for you.

Drag & Drop Or DIY 3D Models

With over 60K pre-built 3D models, you can shortlist, customize, and drag and drop them into your design to save time, or create your own from scratch.

Edit In 3D In Real-Time

In this floor plan software, you can shift from editing in 3D to 2D and back again with just a single click to ensure each room or concept is picture-perfect.

Get 4K Renders In Minutes

Create photorealistic client-wowing 4K renders in less than 10 minutes. Simply set the shot and the AI fills in the details from lighting to shadows to materials and more!

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How to Get Started with Foyr Neo

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Sign up for your 14-day no obligation free trial. You won’t be asked for a credit card or to sign on a dotted line.

Start designing immediately! Because Foyr Neo is a web-based floor plan software, there’s no need to set up or download anything. Just log in and go. It’s that easy.

Let loose your creative talents

With your designs and concepts done, all that's left to do is wow your clients and win those projects with your stunning mockups and renders.

Impress clients & grow business

Here’s how to sign up and start designing as soon as… now

See how an interior designer, Bernado Longuiera uses Foyr Neo.

“Neo is revolutionizing the way 3D renders are created”


Get your concepts out of your head and off your sketchpad and start designing them right now

Start Designing Now With Foyr Neo

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