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5 Underrated Interior Design Materials of 2024

A well-lit dining room with a table and chairs in front of a wood-paneled wall
Using underrated materials of 2024 in sustainable design is all the rage right now. Although there’s a misconception that using sustainable products for building and designing spaces is only for the...

Tips for Using Foyr’s Design Tools to Maximize Efficiency

Bedroom with a Scandinavian-Japandi fusion style interior design, featuring a platform bed, rug, and window.
Foyr’s design tools shorten the time it takes for anyone to go from initial client meetings to final client presentations, and not without good reason. Your masterpiece doesn’t have to be the one ...

Enhance Your Design Process by Combining Foyr Neo and Foyr Moodboard

Foyr Neo with Foyr Moodboard
Quicken your entire design process by choosing the right tools. Mood boards and designs don’t have to take long or tire you out. You can get them done on the fly, and delight your clients by deliver...

Tile Patterns and Material Ideas for Your Entire House in 2024

Tile Pattern
One stunning design feature that can continue to give scintillating looks to your home, while offering durability for years on end is tile. Given the ocean of choices you have in every material, color...

How To Design A Home? 7 Steps To Design Your Dream Home

design your dream home
Your home is a reflection of your personality, a sanctuary where you can unwind, entertain, and create lasting memories. Whether you're starting from scratch or embarking on a renovation project, crea...

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