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Moving into a new house? Or planning on revamping the old settings of your home to give it a new look and fresh feel? Whatever be the situation, it is important that you follow some basic interior designing tips to transform your house into exactly what you envision.Designing and décor play an essential role in how your house will look. There are innumerable things that have to be kept in mind while thinking of décor. Many people believe that home designing and interior décor involves lots of expenses. But it is not so always. There are many instances where home designing has been done at quite a low budget, yet in an excellent manner.

Mentioned below are some excellent interior designing tips, which can be tried:

  • Try mixing and matching – Well, this could be an exciting move for your home designing and décor. Try mixing up textures and patterns, inexpensive and expensive as well as old and new. The home décor that you choose should reflect your tastes and personality. The antique desk will go very well with the modern couch, provided they are kept at the right places in the room. The old vase and the modern furniture each have their own story to tell, and they can co-exist with one another beautifully. Try experimenting with textures in furniture, rugs, carpets, wallpapers etc.

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Choose lighter and softer shades for painting smaller rooms

 If you have a small living room and are upset by it, don’t be. There are smarter ways of making the living room seem spacious. One of the easiest ways of doing the same is by colouring the walls of the room in softer and lighter shades. More light is reflected with the soft shades, and the place looks bigger as an optical illusion of spaciousness is created. If there are windows in the room, let the natural light come inside the room for making it look spacious.

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Use stuff you already have for interior décor and designing

There are many items in our house, which lie unused in some corner. They might be kept packed in boxes or might be stuffed somewhere in the attic or the storeroom. Before you run to any home décor store for buying stuff for interior design, check out the acrylic items, the wooden pieces or the metal décor items, which you can easily place on tables, racks, carts or even use for wall décor for adding more dimension and texture to the place. Beautiful wall art can be created from such old and antique items.

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Add greenery

When the whole world is pledging to go green, why not try the same in your own house? In your living space, try adding some kind of greenery. Try keeping some greenery in all rooms of the house in any little aspect you can. The best thing about plants is that they are inexpensive and still they add lots of colour and brightness to space effortlessly. Plants are a great way of accessorizing a space. Not only this, they are beneficial for health as well. Pollutants and harmful gases are removed from the area with plants around. The plants can be kept in artistic pots to enhance the décor of the space.

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Area rugs change the way a room looks

Flooring of a room plays an important role in deciding how a room looks. Many people tend to ignore this part, but home designing remains incomplete. Area rugs help in imparting a sense of softness and warmth to the room. Not only this, they are available in different colours, patterns and designs and impart a personality to the space. Hardwood floors or cemented floors are not that comfortable in the colder months. With area rugs in place, the floor becomes comfortable to walk on and also adds to the beauty of the room. Changing the area rugs as per the season will add variety to the flooring and to the room décor as well.

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Work a bit on the kitchen

The kitchen is no longer a space in the house, which is allocated only for cooking. In most of the homes now, the kitchen is extended to the dining space and even connected to the living space. Hence, while thinking of interior designing, you just cannot forget the kitchen in any way. Try installing simple but smart looking kitchen accessories and storage options. Choose the right colours for the walls and the right materials for the floor. The area behind the counter, the back splash, should have proper tiles or other materials in sync with the other items used in kitchen décor.

Using mirrors for adding light to your Personal Space

You have no idea regarding the magic mirrors can do. This is particularly applicable for small rooms and areas. Try placing mirrors directly across from the windows, so that maximum reflection takes place. This will make the space look brighter and add instant light. Try decorative mirrors as these will not only reflect light but also enhance the décor of the wall of the room considerably. Depending on the size, shape and design of the room, choose the mirrors accordingly. Give your living room the much-needed dimension without much hassles.

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The above-mentioned tips are not only cost-effective but easy to do as well when it comes to home décor and designing. If you are short on ideas regarding home design and décor, you can always consult an expert designer for the same.

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