Global Demand, Top Manufacturers Analysis and Interior Design Market:

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Interior designing is the art of designing and decorating an environment for aesthetic appeals which is also practically comfortable for those inhabiting the space. Interior designing combines architectural design, technology, and furnishing materials to accomplish the required goals.

Interior decoration used to be and still is an integral part of a home. Traditionally it was a simple act of arranging the accessories present at home in order to give a harmonious and aesthetic appeal to the home. In the past couple of years, the desire for an aesthetic environment has given rise to a new industry – the interior designing industry.

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The interior designing industry is a multifaceted industry which collaborates with other sectors viz technology, clothing, and fabric, the furniture sector, paints and manufacturing sectors etc. The rapid increase in urbanization leads to a desire for a better lifestyle and thus, there has been a quick growth in the interior designing sector.

Good interior design at home or at the workplace are associated with comfort, lifestyle and largely to luxury and status; the desire for which is continuously contributing to the growth of the designing industry.

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Deductions from the Interior Design Market Report

According to the ‘Interior Design Market Report 2018’, the industry has experienced a rapid evolution with more reliance placed in the technological advancements. The manufacturers of the raw materials ranging from large multinational companies to small private businesses compete in the industry.

The big players in the industry include the following names:

IA Interior Architects

Leo A Daly

Perkins Eastman

Gold Mantis



Cannon Design

AECOM Technology


Wilson Associates


M Moser Associates




Areen Design Services

DB & B







The report highlights the following regions as the major players in the Interior Designing Market:

United States




Southeast Asia


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The Growing Demand in Furniture

According to yet another report Global Luxury Furniture Market,

Luxury Furniture Market is expected to garner $27.01 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 4.1% during the forecast period 2015-2020.”

The study splits the Luxury furniture market by material, end use, geography, and key players. The material mostly used include metal, plastic, wood, glass, leather etc.

The interior designing industry has been loosely divided into two distinct categories:

Domestic Use:

  1. Living and Bedroom
  2. Kitchen
  3. Bathroom
  4. Outdoor
  5. Lighting

Commercial Use:

  1. Office
  2. Hospitality
  3. Hotels and restaurants
  4. Others

The big manufacturers in this sphere are:

Duresta Upholstery Ltd

Muebles Pico


Giovanni Visentin


Laura Ashley

Iola Furniture Ltd.

Nella Vetrina

Henredon Furniture Industries Inc.

Turri S.r.l.

Several studies highlight the growing demand for software and fabrics in the field of interior designing.

The “Global Interior Design Software Market 2017-2021” report has estimated that “the global interior design software market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 9.35% during the period 2017-2021”.

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Estimated Growth and Advancements in the Future:

Technological advancements are going to immensely create an impact in the interior designing industry. The futuristic homes are going to be smart homes with the integration of new technology. The smart homes will not just contain standalone devices rather the smart devices and interiors will be a layer of the structure during construction.

Another major advancement in the field of interior designing is the inclusion of Virtual Reality (VR). VR is set to take the center stage in various industries from gaming to movies to education and the designing industry doesn’t remain untouched with its effects. It will be a breakthrough inclusion for the professional.

With the consumers becoming aware of the environmental conditions, sustainable designing along with development is going to gain momentum for the benefit of all. The use of energy efficient and eco-friendly materials have started buzzing around and they will soon become the trend in the industry.

Tiny house movement is another trendsetter. It is not only a trendsetter but a unique designing for limited spaces. With the population density at an ever increasing pace and the space for a living becoming scarce, the tiny house movement will catch pace quickly. The tiny house movement calls for an intelligently engineered solution with an equally skilled interior designing.

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The Interior Designing Industry in India

With the addition in the years, there has been a multiple fold increase in the interior designing industry. Rapid urbanization and increasing influence of the cosmopolitan culture are the major contributors to the growth of the industry. In recent times, the increased rate of employment in well-designed workplaces also instills a sense of choice, higher status, and lifestyle among the masses. Indians too are increasingly investing in their homes to achieve a luxurious and comfortable aesthetic appeal.

All these reasons combined make India a big market in interior designing.

The boom in the sector of interior designing industry is set to provide many opportunities for the professionals. It is the perfect time to opt for a career in this field. A skilled and educated interior designer will have a better chance of growth over the others.

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