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Front Door Design

The front door is the entryway to the rest of the home – just as the eyes are considered windows into a person’s soul, the front door is considered insight into a person’s home – literally! 

The front door is both an aesthetic and, from a security perspective, a practical and essential part of a home. So it’s important for a designer not to rush into selecting a front door because the whole idea is to ensure it enhances the appeal of the entire property. 

Front doors invite and welcome people – think of them as the first embrace a person receives upon stepping into your home. Doors attract attention and, if designed and made well, also have the capability of deterring burglars and other intruders.

If your clients love entertaining and want to make a great impression, it’s essential for you to focus on creating a stunning entryway with an impressive front door. While the front door enhances curb appeal, it can also help you increase the overall value of your home. 

In this article, we look at the top decorating ideas for front door designs. Does your home have a front entrance with single entry doors?

Are you wondering how you can jazz up the existing property and make the front entryway appealing and interesting? Here’s our take.

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Things To Consider While Choosing the Right Front Door

One of the questions asked about front doors is ‘what door style looks the best.’ The first thing to consider is the overall home’s aesthetic is it traditional, transitional, or contemporary? There are many design options to choose from regarding front doors. Choose from curved to classic styles for the right front door to suit your client’s taste. 

Here are the top things to consider when picking out a front door –

1. Architectural Style

Every home is different; from the facade to the interior decor, windows, and furniture, a house follows a particular style and design. Before choosing the front door, consider the architectural style of the home.

For example, if the structure has a contemporary design, opt for a front door that resonates with this style – one with glass panels and a sleek style. On the other hand, for more traditionally designed homes, choose a neutral-colored door with an ornate knocker. 

2. Purpose

While it’s obvious the front door is the main entry into the home, many homes have several exterior door frames that suit various purposes. Some homes have sliding doors to let light in, while others have a large front door that opens into the hallway or passage.

Pick the right front door depending on the available room and the purpose for which the door is being installed. Choose from materials like classic wood to steel or fiberglass. You can enhance the decor with decorative lights, plants, colors, or tiles around the front door. 

3. Budgets

Costs are a huge concern when it comes to front doors. Before choosing an exterior frame, discuss the budget and decide which materials best suit the client’s budget for installing a front door. Does your client want an in-built, state-of-the-art security system? You will need to install a front door that can accommodate it.

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14 Amazing Front Door Ideas To Decor Home Entrance

1. Wooden Single Door Design with Square Embossment

To give the home a modern yet woody look, opt for a front door design with square embossments, preferably on the base of a hardwood door. This makes the door appear charming and welcoming and works well for traditional and contemporary homes. While the overall look may be simple, it is very appealing.

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wooden single door design with square embossment

Image Credit:

2. Glass Panels

If a single wooden door design is what you’re going for, but you want space on either side of the entrance, then you could consider installing glass panels on the sides. Glass panels allow light to flood into the home and give an impression of a wider door. They are a great way to make the house look more elegant and gain a little extra attention from guests.

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front door ideas - glass panels

Image Credit:

3. Work with Iron

Doors with a wrought iron frame look beautiful – in fact, many designers install intricate designs made from iron and then decorate the surrounding area with flowers and plants.

Take the image below, for example; the front door has a black iron frame on top of a glass door, allowing the light to filter in. In addition, the area around the door has been done up with plants and lights to give a classic and elegant feel.

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front doors with wrought iron frame

Image Credit:

4. Dutch Door

Many interior designers favor installing Dutch doors in their client’s homes. Dutch doors provide a practical solution for allowing natural light to filter in a while, keeping pets and children indoors. Dutch doors are suitable for the front, side, and rear entries. In today’s world, they’re also great for accepting deliveries without opening the entire front door.

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front door ideas - dutch door

Image Credit:

5. Asymmetric Patterns

Asymmetric patterns on front doors look amazing, especially if the home has been designed in a cutting-edge and modern way. Take the door in the image as an example – here, the play of wood and glass gives it a modern touch, along with the functionality of letting natural light flow in.

On the side, the designer has also installed a single glass panel to give the door more depth and the illusion of largeness.

front door ideas - asymmetric patterns

Image Credit:

6. Make it Grand

Another great idea for a front door is to go in for grandeur. If you’re wondering how to make the front door stylish, opt for a curved top. This will also help the facade look more symmetrical. 

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front door ideas - make grandeur

Image Credit:

7. Add Patina

If you’re pondering how to give the front door an interesting, vacation-y feel, then turn to patina. Fashion a front door using materials like copper. Use unique vintage knockers. Add a pathway leading up to the front door using materials like wood or glass to complete the look.

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front door ideas - add patina

Image Credit:

8. The Signature Red Door

Many homes have a signature red door – if you’re looking to give the front door a similar aesthetic, then paint it a bold red color. Ensure that the rest of the house is painted in a single neutral tone of white to make the door stand out better. These doors are great for a farm-style home.

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front door ideas - signature red door

Image Credit:

9. Reclaimed & Great for the Environment

If your clients love rustic elegance, then a front door that has been made using reclaimed materials is a good idea. Materials like wood, stone, and bricks work best to create this type of front door – especially if there is a surrounding garden or greenery. Plants complement reclaimed materials very well. Consider adding unique lighting fixtures to enhance the look further.

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reclaimed front door

Image Credit:

10. Antique Door

Love antiques? Install an antique front door. Many clients love having a front door from a different period or era; you can either find doors that suit this requirement or create one using glass, paints and other good-quality materials. Antique doors work well for homes that have transitional interior decor.

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antique front door

Image Credit:

11. Windowpane Design

If we haven’t stressed it enough already, doors act as the windows into the home’s soul – so what better design to have than a front door with a windowpane? This creative idea allows light to flood into the front door and serves a dual function of fitting into the home’s window aesthetic inside while serving the purpose of a front door from the outside.

If you want to install a front door that meets the criteria of a stylish entryway, add a windowpane door frame. Add greenery around the door to make it look even more eye-catching.

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front door ideas - window pane door

Image Credit:

12. Classic Door

You can’t go wrong with a classic front door – one that has a large frame is made from thick wood and excels in terms of its exquisite appearance. While it may appear basic, a classic wooden door can significantly enhance a home’s appeal by its understated appeal.

Great for contemporary and modern homes, as well as traditionally designed homes, the classic wooden door is excellent for safety and is highly durable.

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front door ideas - classic door

Image Credit:

13. Double Door Front Door

Looking for ways to give a home a great aesthetic? Opt for a double-door front door. Many designers think two doors are better than one – not necessarily side by side. You could also have two doors, one after the other – with the front one having shutters and the second one in a classic wooden frame. This double-door entryway is great for front doors with a patio or a step-up space, as in the image.

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front double door

Image Credit:

14. Door With Frosted Glass

Some front doors have a mix of wood and frosted glass, allowing the light to seep in quickly while providing the charm of a beautifully designed door. If your client is looking for a classic front door with a twist, opt for frosted glass installed in cuts designed in the door. The glass also offers privacy and could even be colored or stained.

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door with frosted glass

Image Credit:

Take it from any interior designer – a front door is essential to a home. It helps set the tone to welcome guests and is a protective shield for the rest of your home. While front doors are mainly for security, they also doubly function to enhance the home’s aesthetic.

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From choosing the right color to the suitable materials, it’s essential to ensure your front door results in something exceptional. Choose a front door based on the home’s requirements – from offering privacy to maintaining the home’s overall aesthetic.

As a designer, you can play with several styles and designs to create a front door best suited for the home. Remember, the front door isn’t something that’s remodeled often, so it’s best to install one that can withstand the test of time and the evolution of interior design style! Take the time to get the measurements, materials, and design right before you install the front door to someone’s forever home.  


1. What is the most popular style of the front door? 

The most popular style of the front door is the craftsman-style door. This typically has raised panels in the middle of the door frame and glass panels on top. 

2. How can I make my front door more attractive?

You could consider giving it a nice coat of paint to add a little appeal to your front door and make it more attractive. Install lighting and accessorize it with a knocker or plants. 

3. How do I make the front entrance nice?

To make your front entrance nice and welcoming, you can consider adding an ornate knocker or plants, lighting the pathway leading up to the front door, painting the door, or adding stained glass or mosaic tiles to it. 

4. Which is the best door for entrances?

It’s important to have a secure front door that ensures optimal safety for all its occupants. If safety and durability are your biggest priorities, go for a steel front door for your entrance. Alternatively, you can also have a heavy wooden door.

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