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Bathroom Backsplashes

A good bathroom backsplash gives your bathroom both design and protection. A backsplash is a great way to add a little color and oomph to your bathroom. You can choose from classic subway tile, funky patterns, or rustic wooden planks. Many even prefer adding a little touch of abstract with wallpapers.

Wondering if your bathroom needs a backsplash? One of the main reasons people install backsplashes in their bathrooms is to provide protection and depth to the bathroom. Backsplashes are typically installed behind the main vanity or sink. In addition to protecting the sink from rot or mold, backsplashes are great for adding a stylish edge to your bathroom.

When choosing a bathroom backsplash, designers need to contemplate the overall design of the bathroom – what color it is, what tiles need to be used, etc. In addition, it becomes imperative to consider the overall available space and choose a focal point to design the backsplash.

Currently, some bathroom backsplash trends include adding structural taps, creating a warm spa space, adding arches, adding artwork in the bathroom, using semi-precious stones, or playing with the fixture designs.

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Importance of Backsplash in a Bathroom

Wondering if your client needs a bathroom backsplash? The short answer is yes. According to experts, backsplashes can be added to any side of the bathroom and the area behind the sink. Considering the bathroom is a space where water could splash anywhere, many designers install backsplashes across two or even three walls instead of just one wall.

Think of bathroom backsplashes as a vertical extension to the main sink or countertop – typically where the sink in a bathroom is present. The main reason for installing a backsplash is for a functional purpose. Stemming from the name itself, a bathroom backsplash helps shield the wall behind the sink from water damage that may be caused due to accidental splashing of water.

Moreover, the backsplash also keeps the bathroom wall free from mold, mildew, and rot. It protects the bathroom from stains, marks, and damage. The backsplash can be a few inches or even as high as the bathroom ceiling. These days, designers even add backsplashes to the space behind toilets and showers.

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What materials can be used for the bathroom Backsplash?

Ceramic and porcelain are some of the most commonly used materials for a bathroom backsplash. Since these materials are highly forgiving in nature, meaning they can be easily cleaned and maintained, they are some of the most sought-after materials for creating a backsplash.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles can also be fashioned in various ways to achieve a stylish finish. Some other commonly used materials for bathroom backsplashes include glass, well-sealed wood, and metals.

Things to consider while choosing the right bathroom backsplash

Need a little advice before you start designing your bathroom backsplash? Here are 4 things to consider –

Budget – Determine the budget of the bathroom backsplash, as this will help you pick the suitable materials without going overboard.

Tile Texture – Finalize the texture you want for the bathroom tiles; metallic, glossy, brick, textured, or even 3D tiles are commonly used to create trendy bathrooms.

Color – People often use darker colors in their bathrooms to create a cozy environment; lighter colors, on the other hand, make the bathroom look larger. Choose between neutral or bold colors for your backsplash.

Wall Compatibility – The bathroom backsplash will need to be designed cohesively, in line with the other bathroom walls, so as a designer, you need to keep the holistic design in mind. The tiles you choose must be compatible with the sink and any shelves or cabinets, lighting, and other fixtures.

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20 Amazing Bathroom Backsplash Ideas for Your Home

Afraid that your budget won’t allow you to give your bathroom a fancy backsplash? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are 20 bathroom backsplash ideas for every style and budget requirement:

1. Modern Bathroom Backsplash with Subway Tile

A modern backsplash makes the bathroom look very tidy. Add a classic touch to your bathroom with this subway tile. You can add it along an entire wall or on the bottom half of the wall with the rest of the bathroom in a neutral color. Instead of installing the tiles conventionally, you can even install them in a different pattern to give the bathroom a unique look.

Try a herringbone or a vertical arrangement. In this image, the subway tiles have been stacked vertically to provide the bathroom with more height. Subway tiles make for an excellent contemporary look.

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modern bathroom backsplash with subway tile

Image Credit:

2. Bold Backsplash Tile

If you want your bathroom to make a statement, go for a bold patterned backsplash. Bold patterns usually make for excellent home decor ideas. As in the image above, choose to install bold wall tiles or bold wallpaper along one bathroom wall.

Here, the wallpaper has been installed right up to the ceiling. This helps to create a bold focal point along the bathroom vanity wall.

bathroom backsplash ideas - bold backsplash tile

Image Credit:

3. Wooden Plank Bathroom Backsplash

If you want to create a little visual interest in your bathroom, or change a traditional bathroom into a modern one, use a horizontally painted wooden plank. This is a great way to style your bathroom on a budget. Wooden planks also look great with yellow lighting.

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wooden plank bathroom backsplash

Image Credit:

4. Faux Concrete

You can add an industrial and modern finish to your modern vanity with a concrete look. While concrete is expensive, there are alternatives, such as a hand-plastered backsplash that looks like concrete. You can pair the faux concrete with earthy color tones or stainless steel.

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bathroom backsplash ideas - faux concrete

Image Credit:

5. Emily Henderson

Bathroom tiles are a great way to add a little oomph to your bathroom. You can choose from several wall tiles with different shapes, patterns, and textures. Use mosaic, ceramic, or glass tiles to improve your bathroom decor.

bathroom backsplash ideas - emily henderson

Image Credit:

6. Painted Sink Bathroom Backsplash

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly bathroom backsplash idea, you could try painting a white sink in a different color or the wall behind the sink. Try painting it in a two-tone way to give the illusion of a backsplash. If the rest of your bathroom is a neutral color, this idea to paint the bathroom sink or the sink wall will work well.

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painted sink bathroom backsplash

Image Credit:

7. Penny Tile Backsplash

Another interesting backsplash idea is using penny tiles. In fact, penny tiles need not only be used as a kitchen backsplash or on the bathroom floor. Select a warm color and complement the tone with earthy or neutral colors.

bathroom backsplash ideas - penny tile

Image Credit:

8. B&W Bathroom Backsplash

Wondering how you can add a little style to your bathroom countertop? Use an eye-catching b&w bathroom backsplash tile or wallpaper. To maximize the impact, ensure the backsplash stretches from the bathroom floor to the ceiling.

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black and white backsplash for bathroom

Image Credit:

9. Waterproof Wallpaper

Does your powder room need a little pick-me-up? Use a patterned wallpaper to accent a bathroom wall! In this image, the interior designer has used a coral color with a graphic design. This helps create a dazzling and dramatic effect in a small bathroom. Try to go for wallpapers that can withstand moisture or can be easily wiped clean.

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bathroom backsplash ideas - waterproof wallpaper

Image Credit:

10. Oversized Tile Backsplash

You can do many things to the wall behind your vanity, like covering it with large or oversized tiles. This gives the bathroom a sleek and simple look.

oversized tile backsplash for bathroom

Image Credit:

11. Beaded Board Bathroom Backsplash

Another durable and budget-friendly option to improve your bathroom decor is installing a white beaded board. This can be placed as a panel behind the bathroom sink or vanity.

Beaded boards are also great for splashes since they are typically water-resistant. If you want to enhance the overall board treatment, pair it with light pastel colors like the blue in the image above and use accessories to compliment your style accordingly.

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beaded board bathroom backsplash

Image Credit:

12. Rustic Backsplash

Need to create a farmhouse-like bathroom? Want something that looks rustic but elegant? You can install wooden planks in your bathroom. You can substitute the bathroom floor tile with wood and add wooden planks behind the sink up to the ceiling.

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rustic backsplash for bathroom

Image Credit:

13. Moorish Inspired Backsplash

Use Moorish elements in your bathroom as the backsplash for a more regal look. Use patterned wallpapers or tiles to create a Moroccan/Arabic/Persian look. Install a curved vanity mirror and lights to make the bathroom look royal.

moorish inspired backsplash for bathroom

Image Credit:

14. Neutral Sink With a Complimenting Backsplash

To create a more dynamic look in your bathroom, use neutral tones. These look very clean and can be paired with various wall colors—from neutral tones to popping colors; go for a style that suits the home’s personality best.

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neutral sink with complimenting backsplash

Image Credit:

15. Glass Tile Backsplash

Glass tiles can make any bathroom look beautiful and stylish. The glass adds a visual element of layers and reflects light, making the bathroom appear larger. Add a subtle splash of color to the bathroom walls or a concrete countertop for a little more flair.

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glass tile backsplash for bathroom

Image Credit:

16. Mosaic Tile Bathroom Remodel

Mosaic tiles are a great way to install splashes in your bathroom. You can even go DIY if you’re on a budget! Choose from a mix of colors or go for shimmering glass to give a white bathroom a stylish feel. You can even choose to install marble mosaic or glass mosaic tiles!

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mosaic tile bathroom backsplash remodel

Image Credit:

17. Blue Soothing Backsplash Bathroom Tile

Wondering how you can create a very soothing environment in your bathroom? Use the color blue! Install a bold or an understated blue-colored bathroom backsplash. Choose from dark blue colors to lighter shades to evoke emotions associated with water and the beach.

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blue soothing backsplash bathroom tile

Image Credit:

18. Small Subway Tiles

Use small tiles if you want to go in for an unexpected but familiar style as part of your bathroom decor. These provide a lot of textures, thanks to their edges. If it’s a small bathroom, then you can give it a visually larger feel by adding the backsplash all the way up from the bathroom floor to the ceiling.

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bathroom backsplash ideas - small subway tiles

Image Credit:

19. Colorful Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Use different colors to give your bathroom tile design a modern and contemporary feel. In this image, for example, the designer has used a calming teal bathroom backsplash tile behind a white sink. This adds a pop of color to the bathroom and is also great for reflecting sunlight.

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colorful tile bathroom backsplash

Image Credit:

20. Mixed-Material Bathroom Backsplash

Use mixed materials like natural stone to do up your bathroom. There’s nothing like using a muted color to give a traditional bathroom a warm feel.

Image Credit:

Why Choose Foyr Neo to design your bathroom layouts?

Installing a backsplash in your bathroom can be extremely rewarding. It can change the look and feel of your bathroom. Add a bathroom tile or backsplash tile, go for mosaic tiles or put a DIY spin on your bathroom design.

If your budget is bigger, choose between a marble backsplash and porcelain tiles, or change the faucets! Instead of installing the backsplash behind the sink, you could consider changing the shower wall or adding a matte look to the bathroom.

Whether you have a small or large bathroom, there’s no harm in remodeling it with these fantastic backsplash bathroom ideas. Find unique decor ideas to give your bathroom design a makeover only on Foyr Neo.

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1. What do you use for the bathroom backsplash?

One of the most commonly used materials for a bathroom backsplash is ceramic since it is affordable and easy to install. Ceramic can be used in several ways—from neutral colors to abstract tile patterns.

2. What is the current trend in backsplash?

Designers and clients prefer tiles in their bathrooms. You can never go wrong with classic tiles, especially in modern neutral color tones.

3. Should I put a backsplash in my bathroom?

A backsplash may be necessary if your bathroom has a pedestal sink that does not rest against the back wall. This is because the bathroom backsplash shields the wall behind the sink from mildew and mold and makes the bathroom look appealing.

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