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Bathroom Decor Ideas

We have all experienced the feeling when taking a bath in a cozy small bathroom. Our minds wonder in awe and naturally, the oxytocin will produce more feel-good hormones signaling the bliss. Your bathroom needs to be a want-to-come to place after a long tiresome day.

If your bathroom is not yet the picture-perfect of your dreams, don’t fret. At Foyr Neo we will sort your worries and restore the bliss you’ve longed for a while. With a simple plugging on our bathroom design inspirations, you will be inspired by our curated bathroom design ideas, interior décor and skills to meet your bathroom revamp goals.

A revamp can range from a gut renovation; to countertop design, application of a fresh coat of paint, installing a patterned wallpaper, creative introduction of a storage solution, chic decorative accents, and rugs to make your bathroom’s small spaces cozier and a center of attention.

Your minimal space should not limit you from attaining your desired bathroom. There are many budget-friendly DIYs, trendy color pointers on Pinterest, color palettes, and cabinet hardware.

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20 Stylish Bathroom Decor Ideas To Makeover Your Bathroom

1. Floor to ceiling tiles

A ceiling-to-floor tile draws an elongated effect for your home décor. It will transform your minimal bathroom into a spacey one. You can add décor by aligning your potted plants on the beautifully curated standing shelves. You can also incorporate bathroom decorating ideas with your focal point piece of art and a stylish pendant or hanging lighting fixture drawing brightness to your spaces.

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floor to ceiling tiles - bathroom decor ideas

Image Credit: puresaltinteriors.com

2. Curvy mirror

Draw a personality to your bathroom spaces with your stylish curvy mirror reflecting more light and giving a spacey feel to your interiors. It not only brings a touch of elegance but draws a complement to your tiles. It can be complemented by adding home décor through brass sconces on your walls and adding more shelving for more storage space in your tiny bathroom.

curvy mirror for bathroom decor ideas

Image Credit: behance.net

3. Biophilic wallpaper

Draw the outside to the inside with your biophilic wallpapers and potted plants. It will create ambiance and a natural feel to your spaces in your white bathroom. As you enjoy a relaxing bath, it’s natural to wonder in the illusion of a forest with a waterfall calming your spirit. Your floral-painted wallpaper with green hues can be complemented with a chandelier to brighten the spaces.

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biophilic wallpaper - bathroom decor ideas

Image Credit: decorilla.com

4. Suspended shelf

A suspended compact wooden shelf will sort all your storage issues and complement your white tiles and bath mat. You can attain a cohesive look by installing a metallic basket on a wall to store your hand and extra towels. Transform your bathroom look and clear the bathroom vanity by incorporating trendy curated bathroom storage creating a spacey bathroom feel.

suspended shelf for bathroom decor

Image Credit: realhomes.com

5. Decorative ladder

Implement your bathroom remodel with a decorative ladder. It’s perfect for your extra towels, exfoliators, scrubs and shampoos. Neatly arrange them and paint them in warm, neutral hues to add more aesthetics to your spaces.

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decorative ladder for bathroom decor

Image Credit: signaturehardware.com

6. Leaf motif

Complement your patterned wallpaper with leaf-patterned wallpaper. Complement the look further with decorative pieces such as propped art, scented candles, and a small table lamp. You can use the idea in your guest bathroom and overall home improvement. Isn’t it admirable when your guests are always on a revisit mode to your home due to delighting from your modern bathroom spaces and pedestal sink?

leaf motif - bathroom decor ideas

Image Credit: pinterest.com

7. Gallery wall

It is not restricted to your living room area alone! You can arrange your beautiful décor pieces and sculptures. A vintage piece has always been a classic piece; so, make sure to include one to draw personality to your spaces.

You can add glamour to your accent walls by tiling or changing your bathroom paint to lighter hues like pink and pastel. Your small bathroom can be decorated with a brass-lined toilet paper holder mounted on your backsplash for an adorable bathroom makeover.

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bathroom gallery wall

Image Credit: mydomaine.com

8. Animal print

Make the spaces more dramatic with an animal print. It can be attained by retro zebra stripes above your bathroom mirror or rug. Implement bathroom shelves in your minimal, beautiful bathroom as a bathroom renovation.

animal print for bathroom decor

Image Credit: todaloos.com

9. Bathtub shelf

Delight your senses and spoil yourself after a long tedious day of grinding with scented candles and exfoliate products arranged on your bathtub shelf. Do not forget to include your fresh perch of natural flowers. Unwind with a glass of champagne as you enjoy your achievements in transforming your chic bathroom in New York through warm color schemes and extra storage.

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bathtub shelf - bathroom decor ideas

Image Credit: decoist.com

10. Garden stool

The furniture piece is suitable for holding your extra items that could not fit on your shelves. It can as well act as a perch for your toddlers as they are learning to bathe. Styling your small bathroom design will draw glam and a spacious feel. You can also match your subway tiles with your toiletries drawing glamour in your square footage.

bathroom garden stool

Image Credit: ballarddesigns.com

11. Warm pink palettes

It’s a combination of blush and nude and is perfect for your bathroom, dressing mirror and bedroom. The warm colors will flatter your spaces making your DIY bathroom more chic and elegant.

warm pink palette for bathroom decor ideas

Image Credit: pinterest.com

12. Blue hues

Get the perfect ocean feel with home décor and blue hues for your walls and bring to life your adventurous side. It paints water and sky pictures in your mind helping you appreciate the wonders of God’s creation. Blue is soothing, calming, relaxing, refreshing and focused to handle all hurdles of life blissfully.

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blue hues for bathroom decor ideas

Image Credit: pinterest.com

13. Doubled-up curtains

Decorate with a matching curtain set and convert your minimal bathroom to an artful focal point. Complement the custom linen curtains with a magazine rack for beautiful finishing touches.

Then add contrast between your hyper realists, gritty photograph against your classic black and white striped wallpaper. Decorate it with a glitzy chandelier to radiate uniqueness and aesthetics. An eye-catchy wastebasket and matching tissue box cover can be added to lighten up your bathroom.

doubled up curtains for bathroom decor

Image Credit: athomewithashley.com

14. Dramatic lighting

A glammed overhead lighting can set up the mood for a relaxing moment. Chandeliers are not only an essential aspect of your living room but, your bathrooms can attain a lux feel with it.

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dramatic lightings for bathroom decor

Image Credit: pinterest.com

15. Fresh paint

A simple fresh coat can transform your room and make it new. Your paint color choice can be attained by checking your present décor and hues. However, if you want a complete revamp, a white color palette is advisable as it will complement your décor pieces and maintain a clean, fresh vibe for your bathroom spaces.

Also, consider a mold and mildew-resistant paint that will stand the test of time helping you gain value for your money. It will also save you from the humid conditions reducing your maintenance expenses.

fresh paint for bathroom decor

Image Credit: pinterest.com

16. Modern tiles

Rather than laying your tiles straight in a row, mix up the orientation with a fresh design like a diagonal herringbone pattern. Remember to include high-end room fragrance as it will instantly elevate the overall feel of your powder room. However, if you are allergic to strong smells and perfumes, you can opt to splurge on your home fragrances with scented candles.

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modern tiles for bathroom decor ideas

Image Credit: designcafe.com

17. Marble, Marble, Marble

The beauty of a natural stone is a sight to behold that we cannot help in admire. Regular bathroom cleaners and detergents contain acids that may etch your marble tiles. It is, therefore; wise to stick to natural products to avoid scratching the marble surfaces. An example of a natural product suitable for your marble tiles includes granite gold shower cleaner.

marble for bathroom decor ideas

Image Credit: alibaba.com

18. Metallic touches

Play with mixed metals like gold scones and silver cabinet pulls to draw a balance in your lux bathroom. Brass features are a mix of luxury and a nod to older styles. Designer Shari Francis recommends incorporating brass accessories in bathroom spaces either through the faucets, mirrors, soap dispenser, tissue box, toothbrush holder, or hardware for hanging towels and robes.

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metallic touches for bathroom decor ideas

Image Credit: hearstapps.com

19. A shower curtain

Choose one with geometric shapes to spruce your interiors. Remember to pay attention to the minute details like a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, cotton pad holders and other catch-alls. Storing neatly your drugstore items declutters the space drawing more aesthetics and order. Hanging a few fancy and colorful hand towels can brighten things up and elevate your space.

Image Credit: pinterest.com

20. Wall arts

Work with the details by giving accents an offbeat twist. The impact will be magnanimous and without regrets. You can also swap your mirrors with beautifully curated artwork. You can shop your artwork on eBay and Etsy or scour flea markets that are more affordable.

Your hand soap and lotion can be placed on a small elevated shelf above the sink. A pendant light can be used to accentuate the lighting making it chic and glamorous. Your abstract pieces will draw attention and create a personality for your bathroom space.

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bathroom wall decor arts

Image Credit: elephantstock.com

Foyr Neo is specially built for interior designers to design your bathroom from start to finish, all-in-one easy-to-use tool! The article is suitable for interior designers, homeowners and interior design students as it covers how to get the best from your bathroom by adding décor, painting with warm hues, adding curated art pieces, and renovating the spaces to suit your preferences and tastes.


It’s true that your bathroom may be in the minimalist size, but it doesn’t deter the practice of your bathroom design and interior décor ideas. You can still renovate, redecorate, and reinvigorate your bathrooms to fit your preference and taste.

The stipulated ideas are fit for every style and budget. Incorporating several ideas like adding new finishes, trims, chandeliers, runners, exposed bulbs, and more to your space will transform a dull bathroom into a relaxing one as you unwind after a long tedious day.

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