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Small Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom is where you clean yourself after a long day, the space where you relax after work and the only private region of the house that even guests get to see.

It may not seem like it but the decor ideas, even a small bathroom design, speak mounds about the homeowner. It shows how well-maintained they are or how sloppy. It reflects their taste and needs for beautification. After all, who would spend hours decorating their bathroom unless they want each and every corner of their house to be spic and span?

Additionally, the ability to revitalize the limited square footage to make the space feel more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing is an innate talent. It is the type of talent that reflects upon the homeowner’s imagination and capability for project management and spatial reasoning.

Hence, even if you feel like your wet room makes the space a hovel, get creative and convert it to a beautiful and enticing room that you can be proud of. That’s what interior design is all about, isn’t it? Adding beauty to spaces where it doesn’t exist?

It is all about getting creative and today, we will share a few of our treasured ideas so you can make your small soak room feel like a larger space.

Here are a few small bathroom design ideas to guide you during your bathroom remodel:

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Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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15 Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas:

1. Don’t shy away from converting your powder room into a bathroom and vice versa

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to use a small bathroom as your powder room or a powder room cannot accommodate a walk-in shower.

During a bathroom remodel, you can always reorganize the whole structure and use some of the pipe fittings to facilitate a shower in place of a large washbasin, maybe separate the toilet area with a partition. It is really as effective as your imagination.

A powder room essentially has limited floor space to contain a washbasin and a toilet. However, converting the powder room into a tiny bathroom with a shower niche could add another space for your family to wash up when the other bathrooms are occupied.

If your small bathroom design is on the ground floor, it would make an excellent space to take a shower and wash off the grime after gardening or when your children return from playing outdoors. It is also great when you have visitors or overnight guests crashing on your couch.

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Bathroom Design Tips

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2. Choose your color palette wisely to create an illusion of more space

In our articles about the psychology of color, we have discussed how your color scheme not only affects your mood but also creates an illusion of smaller or larger spaces. Optical illusions really are a thing and they make great additions to your small bathroom design ideas.

Light color schemes are ideal for small bathroom ideas. These colors can include all the lightest shades of the rainbow, beige, and especially white. You can use white or beige paint colors for the bathroom wall, add some white tiles to the bathroom floor, and voila! Your small bathroom looks bigger and better already.

Moving on to the rest of the furnishings and fixtures, you can install stainless steel faucets and showerheads, a white toilet, some white countertops, and cabinets, etc. A white bathroom with light-colored floor tiles and a splash of creative colors can make a small space feel large and beautiful, no matter how limited the square footage may be.

For an out-of-the-box design, you can also choose a monochromatic dark color palette. Even though it seems dull in theory, with the right kind of lighting and tiles, it looks trendy, modern, and minimalist all at once.

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color scheme for bathroom

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3. Use optimal storage solutions

When it comes to decor ideas for small spaces, appropriate bathroom shelving could make your small bathroom feel like a regular space.

For starters, consider using open shelves. Too many close doors make a room feel congested. However, it is also important to cover up the medicine cabinet and makeup nooks with pocket doors since these storage spaces tend to look cluttered. Cluttering is the enemy of optimal small room design ideas. It makes even the largest room in your house feel like the attic.

You can also use any open space under the sink or above the toilet, inside a walk-in shower, or above the tub to install countertops and open shelves. They can easily hold your toiletries for easy access and since they do not interfere with the floor space, the small bathroom ultimately looks and feels much bigger by comparison.

Countertops also conceal cabinets underneath them. You can store your cleaning supplies here to save some space as well. Additionally, if you can get creative and install the mirror over your washbasin such that it covers a medicine cabinet or a bathroom storage space for small grooming tools, you not only save space but optimize your daily routine.

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storage for small bathroom design

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4. Fill the whole space with reflective surfaces

These days, modern bathrooms often use glass shower doors, mirrors along the length of the wall space, and glass shelving in their bathroom design ideas.

The good news is that you can add these reflective surfaces in any interior design theme to make the bathroom feel bigger. Reflective surfaces, much like lighter paint colors and palettes tend to rebound the light in your bathroom or natural light streaming through the windows and skylights. The reflective property of light makes any space feel larger and cleaner.

The latter is also an important factor in your small bathroom makeover. Make sure that all the tiles and reflective surfaces are either cleaned regularly or apply some chemicals to prevent them from collecting dust. It won’t help if your reflective surfaces are dirty and cannot recourse to the elemental property of light.

Furthermore, use shiny bathroom tiles instead of matte ones. Also, consider using glass panels for your windows. It helps if your faucets, wall tiles, flooring, mirrors, and glass shower doors and shelves are all working in unison to make your small bathroom feel more spacious and inviting.

This could be an excellent time to take up a hobby and build some DIY furniture and home decor with reflective properties. You can build customized shelving, design reflective sconces, and whatnot.

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small bathroom design with reflective surfaces

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5. Utilize overhead lighting

A small bathroom is no place for floor lamps, chandeliers, and intrusive lighting fixtures. You need media of illumination that neither hinders the floor space nor can you run into them by accident.

Hence, overhead lighting is the best possible solution for a small bathroom. This does not mean that you cannot install attractive sconces or DIY lights. On the contrary, you need to take your DIY skills to a new level.

Study up on electrical wiring before you do this.

You can use grout or any other building material to arrange for your lighting fixtures to be installed at a height. That way, it doesn’t interfere with your daily activities but still adds valor to your bathroom decor.

Anyway, returning to the topic at hand, you can install ceiling lights in your bathroom if they happen to be on the lower floor of your house. If, on the other hand, you have the means to add skylights and large windows, then go for it. They allow natural light to flow into the small bathroom ad illuminate even the dingiest areas.

If you are feeling whimsical, consider string lights too. You can hang them such that they run around the perimeter of the ceiling. Led lights are also an excellent option in a similar situation.

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6. Tactical placement of shower curtains could do wonders

We understand that in a small bathroom, it is difficult to have a shower and a tub separately. Likewise, it is also difficult to fit in a toilet in a sink with the shower so that they don’t interfere with each other.

That’s why if you’re jet-set on a tub, you can use a small tub, especially a built-in one with an attached shower head. Place a shower curtain to separate the space so it doesn’t overlook the toilet. You can use whimsical shower curtains or something that reflects your personality such as the elementary table in Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment.

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shower curtains for small bathroom design

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7. Use minimalist concepts for furnishing and home decor

Modern bathroom design ideas usually employ several minimalist furnishings and fixtures. You can incorporate these ideas in other themes as well.

One such element is a pedestal sink. It uses a sleek design that can fit into small spaces or even a corner. You can acquire them in rustic styles or country themes. They don’t allow for a lot of counter space or under-sink storage but that’s what overhead cabinets are for.

If your powder room or small bathroom opens into a hallway or a separate living space instead of the living room, then you can opt to install storage solutions outside the bathroom. Just fit in some overhead shelves for the absolute necessities such as toiletries and keep the hand wash on the sink. The rest of your cleaning supplies and spare toiletries can be stored in a different location.

It is ideal to use caddies in small bathrooms to hold your essentials. You can store them in other locations such as the laundry room and carry them into the bathroom whenever needed. They save space and ensure that unwelcome guests don’t steal your expensive toiletries. That’s always a concern, wouldn’t you agree?

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small bathroom in minimalist design

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8. Select appropriate building materials

Building materials make a lot of difference in adding aesthetic appeal to any small room design ideas. A bathroom remodel is not just about making space for more stuff but also to adding some aesthetic value to make the space feel cozy and comfortable.

For instance, if you use flammable building material, you certainly cannot use scented aromatherapy candles in your small bathroom. Therefore, grout or subway tiles would make better options.

Avoid using a lot of plastic and polyester in building or installing the tub. Don’t be surprised, most people do it. They are cheaper options for building a sturdy built-in tub.

Similarly, use glass doors and shelves instead of flammable wood. Unless you are building a rustic-style bathroom, wood is not really a necessity.

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small bathroom design materials

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9. Measure the available space before installing fixtures

Who doesn’t like to soak in a slipper tub or a Jacuzzi? Which of us don’t dream of a heated towel bar or even a rack for that matter?

If you get creative, you can install similar alternatives without compromising the available space or the aesthetic value of your small bathroom.

Consider measuring the space before you purchase your fixtures. During the remodel, if you cannot expand the floor space by tearing down a wall, then simply map out the space that is available to you.

You can refer to our article on different bathtub sizes to choose one that tickles your fancy. Just get the best possible option that will easily fit into your bathroom. Some stores offer custom-built tubs. If the people who will be using it aren’t 6 feet tall, then you can install a small tub with a showerhead such that it is attached to the wall.

You can also install a towel bar at a height. Consider the pedestal sink and fit the toilet in a corner instead of the center of the small bathroom. That way, you don’t feel filthy when you’re soaking in your tub.

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fixture placement for small bathroom design

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10. Revitalize the corner and vertical spaces

One of the best ways to utilize the limited square footage of any room is to revitalize the vertical space and the corners.

In a small bathroom, you obviously do not have a lot of floor space to arrange towel racks, large sinks, floor cabinets for toiletries, floor shelves, etc. That doesn’t mean you don’t need those things. So how do you fit them into your small bathroom without compromising its integrity??

You utilize the wall space, ceiling, and corners, spaces that are usually disregarded, to your advantage.

Let’s start with the corners. You can’t use the corner behind the door but if your doorway is somewhat innovative then you can do something about it. We’ll get to innovative doorways in a minute. We need to cover the corners first.

So, begin with the corner opposite the doorway. If you installed a walk-in shower stall or a bathtub, then you can install open shelves in this corner for your immediate needs such as soaps, shampoos, loofahs, etc. The remaining corners can fit your string lights or ceiling lights to illuminate the forefront of the sink.

Next, we have the ceiling. You can hang small baskets to hold light accessories or even use them to beautify your small bathroom. Consider hanging plants, baskets full of artificial bathroom decor, potpourri, etc. If you’re feeling overly creative, design some drop-down hanging shelves that involve a little mechanism. You can descend these shelves or baskets to hold your scented candles, candies, and other relaxing items for a good soak.

Lastly, think about the vertical space. There is an abundant wall space that practically goes to waste because you cannot use it to store stuff, or so they tell you. In reality, you can do a lot with the vertical space.

For instance, you can create a storage unit in the overhead space but do make sure that it is high enough so people don’t bump their heads on it. Store all your non-essentials there such as additional cleaning supplies, toiletries, equipment for remodeling, or custom-built structures you haven’t yet installed.

In truth, you can store whatever you like. Use a step ladder or a small stool to access this space and get whatever you want. The thing to remember here is that the vertical storage spaces are awkwardly located. Therefore, it is not easy to de-clutter them. Consider hanging a beautiful tapestry or some white curtains to cover it up. Not only will it hide away the clutter but it also adds a posh aesthetic appeal to your small bathroom space.

Utilize small bathroom vertical spaces

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11. Choose your window and door frames wisely

Let’s think back to minimalist design ideas. Remember the concept of using sliding doors and windows?

Well, don’t you believe they would save you massive amounts of space in a small bathroom?

They will; take our word for it.

Swinging doors and windows inadvertently take up more room due to the wavering motion. You cannot put anything in that area because the door has to swing inwards. That’s because no bathroom door opens outward for tactical reasons. You could hit someone walking in the hallway outside.

The same goes for windows. When they swing inwards, they take up a lot more room. Even if you consider placing things that you can remove when you open the window, it still seems like a lot of needless effort. They could swing outwards but if you’re going to invest in minimalist frames the why not get a matching set?

You can easily install glass doors and window panels that slide. Not only ill they help save space but they also contribute to the reflective properties of light. Of course, for the door, you will need tinted, stained, or opaque glass. You can also use sliding wooden doors if you’re going for a rustic or Asian theme.

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bathroom window frame

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12. Pay attention to Wall art

Wall hangings and artwork can make any space, no matter how large or small, look beautiful. The bathroom is no exception.

Choose some innovative artwork (You can make them yourself too) and hang them vertically along the length of the wall space. This makes the room look taller and adds to the aesthetic appeal. Your small bathroom doesn’t seem so dingy anymore.

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wall art for small bathroom design

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13. Use unconventional layouts

If you cannot expand the square footage of your bathroom, consider an unconventional floor plan. This means, your bathroom doesn’t have to be rectangular. You can have oval-shaped walls, curved interiors, or outward-protruding corners.

The thing is, geometric irrationality hides the concept of small spaces in plain sight. You can add deep shelving with pocket doors or concealed panels in a regular layout such that it creates a geometric anomaly in your floor plan. Not only does it make the space feel larger and somewhat out-of-the-box but you can also hide away all the unpleasant accessories under the nose while still keeping your small bathroom looking beautiful.

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bathroom design in oval shape

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14. Lay down rugs

Rugs are a savior for small space design plans. You can create the illusion of separated floor space by simply laying down a few area rugs in chosen places.

Of course, you need one in front of the shower stall, tub, or shower niche. Lay one in front of your washbasin and one near the toilet. This overall plan tends to separate each space thus making it seem much larger than it actually is.

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small bathroom design with rug

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15. Use OCD to your advantage

If you have an innate need to have things in perfect order, go bananas!

You can arrange all the furniture, fixtures, and rugs perpendicularly. You can make a space for every object no matter how minuscule. Craft some DIY furniture, cabinets, and whatnot and fill them with caddies and portable, double-duty equipment.

When everything has a place, your small bathroom looks organized, tidy, and functional. You won’t even realize what a small space you worked with when it is over.

So, there you have it, folks. Some of the incredible ideas that you can install in your small bathroom and convert the overall space such that even you forget how limited the square footage actually was.

The bathroom does not get half the credit it deserves but it contributes the most to your day. Now you know the means to make it beautiful and inviting. It doesn’t matter if you have a small bathroom or a large one. What matters is how you can beautify the space a little and add your personal touches so it reflects who you really are.

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A bathroom is supposed to have personality so you feel cozy and relaxed when you take a shower or sink into your bath. It contributes to your serenity after a long day and prepares you the next morning for battle.

We really hope that this article helps you transform that small space into one that impresses your guests and the people in your home. Give your bathroom the attention it truly deserves.

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