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Instagram Engagement

Social platforms have become an integral part of our lives in the past decade. Especially Instagram, the social media platform, caters to over 2.9 billion visits per month. It is a fantastic place to market the products and services of small businesses as well as established brands. 

Interior designers, in particular, can leverage their Instagram profiles to showcase their designs and projects effectively and attract potential clients. For instance, your conceptual designs can be a post, and your projects can be a reel or video posts on your Instagram account. 

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instagram engagement strategies

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What is Instagram Engagement?

When Instagram users interact with your posts, stories, reels, and videos, it is called engagement. It is a measure of the activeness of your Instagram community. Instagram engagement is a healthy metric that gives you a realistic view of the value of your Instagram community. 

For instance, if you have 1000 followers and your engagement rate is less than 1%, less than ten people interact with your Instagram account. This indicates that it’s time to change your marketing strategy.

what is instagram engagement

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How To Measure Your Instagram Engagement Rate?

Instagram engagement is the sum of all the likes, comments, shares, and saves you receive per post divided by your total number of followers. While there is no industry standard for engagement, good Instagram profiles have an engagement rate between 1% to 5%. 

There are many factors that influence your engagement rate, such as DMs, link clicks, mentions, hashtag usage, story interactions, and of course, likes, comments, saves, and shares.

The Instagram algorithm analyses the engagement rate of all profiles and suggests the ones with a healthy engagement rate to new users. It is like the SEO score of your social media presence; a good score will lead to better visibility of your Instagram profile.

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how to measure your instagram engagement

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What are the Different Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement?

Now that you understand what Instagram engagement is and how it is measured, it’s time to look at unique ways to increase the engagement rate of your Instagram profile. 

Instagram is a visual content platform where users love to interact with brands and people alike. While there is no sure-shot method to boost the engagement of your business profile, you must keep experimenting with different strategies to find the ones best for your brand. Here are a few exciting ways to capture and captivate your audience on Instagram. 

1. Interactive stories

Instagram stories are an effective way to engage with your followers. Brands use Instagram stories to interact directly with their followers, from sharing regular updates to asking for feedback about their products/services. 

Use Instagram stickers such as polls, countdowns, emoji sliders, hashtags, GIFs, and quizzes in your stories. For instance, you can share your latest project as stories with emoji sliders or ask for followers’ opinions on your latest concepts using a poll sticker.

You can also conduct Ask Me Anything (AMA) activities on your Instagram business account, where your followers can ask you questions about your interior design practices, projects, costs, or anything that comes to mind.

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increase instagram engagement - interactive stories

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2. Trendy Memes

Funny and relatable, memes are the most entertaining way to engage your audience. Your Instagram followers want to be heard; they interact with brands that share relevant content. Use memes to post fun content, such as the pains of designing your home and the challenges of finalizing the right design. 

Memes are an effective way to attract users and engage them. Remember to keep the funny quotient high and choose topics from your industry but relatable to your followers at the same time. Always use the latest trending photo for your memes. 

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increase instagram engagement - trendy memes

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3. Saveable Value-Driven Post

One of the best ways to create long-term value from your Instagram posts is to generate saveable content. Such content is evergreen, and it will continue to attract existing and new followers long after the publishing date. 

Instagram users love to repost/reshare such content in their stories and with friends. It could be a relatable quote, amazing graphics, or a repurposed tweet. As long as it has the potential to make a lasting impression on your audience, it is saveable. Instagram users love to share such content in their stories and with friends. 

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increase instagram engagement - saveable value driven post

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4. Appropriate CTA (call to action) in the caption

Call to action is the action phrase that nudges your potential customers to take a step further and become a prospect for your interior design business. The best way is to follow up your caption with an exciting question asking for the audience’s opinions, views, and stories.

If nothing unique comes to mind, an ideal fall-back CTA is to ask your audience to visit your website by clicking the link in the description of your Instagram page.

increase instagram engagement - appropriate cta in the caption

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5. Use relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are the keywords of Instagram content. Do not forget to use as many relevant hashtags as possible; the maximum limit is 30 hashtags. These hashtags can be about your post content, your brand, or interior design. 

For instance, if you are posting about kitchen interiors, use hashtags relating to kitchen interiors and other aspects of the kitchen. Create a mix of niche hashtags, general hashtags, and a few brand hashtags. 

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increase instagram engagement - use relevant hashtags

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6. Post informational carousel

Another proper engagement strategy is to create informational content. It could be a beginner’s guide to interior design or a collection of the latest design trends; the goal is to create informative and helpful content. 

Informational carousels will increase your brand’s value for your followers and help establish thought leadership on Instagram. Such content attracts an active audience who loves to interact with your content, increasing your engagement rate.

increase instagram engagement - post informational carousel

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7. Conduct giveaway events

Who doesn’t like freebies? Giveaways are a helpful way to engage your Instagram audience. As an interior designer, you can conduct giveaway events for small ticket items such as home decor essentials and interior design budgeting. 

Choose something which will not put a lot of stress on your resources but is equally valuable to your prospects. And remember to use hashtags, post your giveaway contest on stories and reels, and respond to comments.

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increase instagram engagement - conduct giveaway events

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8. Do live webinars

Live webinars are another interactive way to engage your audience. Instagram users are always curious about brands. If you want to increase your engagement rates, Live Webinars with industry stalwarts or even you could be the answer. 

The trick is to pick the right topic for your webinars. Do not assume that if you love a subject, your audience will love it too. An ideal way is to analyze the engagement on previous content and identify the ones with maximum interaction. 

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increase instagram engagement - do live webinars

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9. Make eye-catching reels

Ever since its introduction, reels have only increased in popularity. It comes with unique features such as featured songs, visual effects, and creative tools to make it more engaging. 

Instagram supports 60 seconds reels which is enough time for you to showcase your project or engagingly tell a story. Pick light-hearted topics for your reels and make them relatable or aspirational. 

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increase instagram engagement - make eyecatching reels

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10. Consistently post and reply comments

Consistency is the key to everything. A reasonable Instagram engagement rate takes a lot of practice and a lot of activity on the platform. To create a calendar and post consistently. There is no sure-shot answer to how many posts per day you should post; the important thing is that your company should be featured in your followers’ feeds every day. 

You will find that people have started commenting on your posts as you keep posting consistently. Be sure to reply to every comment as soon as possible. While responding to comments, the best strategy is to keep a friendly tone and share insightful replies. 

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increase instagram engagement - consistently post and reply comments

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11. Connect Instagram on other social handles

We live in an interconnected world, so why should your social media channels be left alone? Connect your Instagram feed to all other social media handles to pool your audience from every platform.

12. Boost your Instagram posts

Once you have aced the initial growth, the next step to boost your Instagram engagement is to promote your posts. With millions of people on Instagram, boosting your post will give you enhanced visibility and new followers. 

You do not need to have massive budgets. And start with a modest budget and test out different strategies before committing a big budget to promotions. 

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increase instagram engagement - boost your instagram posts

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13. DM your followers and Interact with them

Never miss an opportunity to interact with your followers. Share your saveable content, giveaway contest posts, and other engaging content with your followers through DM. It might seem like a stale strategy, but it will do wonders when done right. 

Start a conversation with your followers and interact with them. Answer their questions and help them appreciate the value you bring to their Instagram feed.

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14. Know your audience and Post at Strategic Time

The best way to increase your engagement is to know the kind of audience you have. Understand your audience’s likes, dislikes, aspirations, and fears before committing to any content strategy. And always post at a high engagement time. You might have to post multiple posts first to identify an ideal time, but it will be worth it. 

15. Create captivating content

Last but not least, you should always aspire to create captivating content. Put your heart and soul into the photographs, graphics, and text you use in your post. The goal is to create content that attracts attention and makes a lasting impression on your audience. Use high-quality photos and design posts that captivate your followers and nudge them to interact with your page. 

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Interior designing is more than just a business; it is art. Creating the right engagement strategy takes a lot of time, energy, and thought. Start with identifying your existing Instagram presence and defining your target audience. Once you know what you want and who your audience is, use the tips mentioned above to increase and enhance your Instagram Engagement. 


1. What is Instagram Engagement Rate?

Instagram Engagement rate is the sum of all the activity on your posts divided by the total number of followers. An engagement rate of 1 to 5 % is industry standard and considered healthy. 

2. Organic or Paid, which strategy is better for increasing Instagram Engagement?

While there is no clear answer to this question, you should ideally create a healthy mix of organic posts and promotional content. For instance, you can boost your offers and contests and increase your followers organically with regular activity and interaction with your audience. 

3. How do you increase your engagement on Instagram 2023?

The best way to increase your Instagram engagement in 2023 is to keep an active business profile. Create interactive content with insightful and helpful information. Always be on top of the latest trends and adapt them according to your business. Last but not least, maintain consistency in posting.

4. How do I fix the low engagement rate?

If you are struggling with low engagement rates, you need to analyze your current strategy and find ways to make your content more enriching for the audience. Another way to increase your engagement rate is to introduce contests and giveaways and give your audience better reasons to interact with your Instagram Business Profile.

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