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Why Còsagach is the New Hygge?

The Danish term ‘Hygge’ refers to the cozy, pleasing sensation of coziness during the winter. But Scotland has demonstrated that warmth is not only a Danes’ thing. The official tourism organization of Scotland, VisitScotland, is bringing back Còsagach, an ancient Scottish Gaelic phrase that may substitute the Hygge fad this season. Còsagach, very much like Hygge, is the feeling of comfort, shelter, and coziness.

It is the art of creating a safe refuge and haven in your home, bonding, and spending time with your loved ones. In terms of designing your home, a Còsagach interior design is all about cultivating an atmosphere of warmth by using simple designs, clean lines and light wood. 

Even if you aren’t planning a trip to Scotland anytime soon, you can experience this Scottish lifestyle right where you are. There are several ways to incorporate the Còsagach interior design style into your routine and feel warm comfort. 

So why don’t you grab a blanket and pour yourself a hot cup of chocolate before you dive into all the ways you can Còsagach your home?

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What is Còsagach Interior Design Style?

The Gaelic word Còsagach (pronounced ‘kos-ah-gogh’, to rhyme with the Scottish word ‘loch’) refers to the feeling of warmth, comfort, and shelter. Influenced by Hygge, which saw many people reach for ultimate coziness, Scotland’s tourist board, VisitScotland, is urging companies to develop getaways that evoke a warm or cozy atmosphere to aid visitors in unwinding. 

That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to visit Scotland to experience the Còsagach lifestyle. Instead, you can easily incorporate the Còsagach interior design style in your home’s interiors by just tweaking things a little here and there. This means using natural colors and textiles, a fireplace, and soft blankets. 

If you’ve ever seen an episode of ‘Outlander’, you can completely get the warm feeling of walking into a living room with a crackling fire and some impressive knitwear after being outside in the cold. This is everything that Còsagach stands for. 

Furthermore, Còsagach also fits in with other international ideas and ways of life like ‘wabi-sabi’, ‘ikigai’, and ‘gezelligheid’, which all have a huge impact on interior design.

Còsagach vs Hygge Interior Design Style

Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) is a Danish word for the art of making people feel cozy and enjoying the simple things in life. You may have already experienced this without even realizing it. 

The word is both a noun and an adjective that means well-being, although it has often been linked to things that make you feel comfortable, like a crackling fire, a cup of cocoa, and thick wool socks. In terms of interior design, Hygge refers to keeping things simple (imagine Scandinavian-style) but with a few treats, like cozy throws, a crackling fire, and different textures

The Hygge trend has been among the most popular interior design trends in the past decade. Large, cozy seats, throws, candles, and comfort have been the focal points of freshly designed homes, with home decoration showcasing nooks crammed with bookcases and warm, focused overhead lighting.

cosagach interior design style

Image Credit:

On the other hand, Còsagach is a Scottish way of life that means almost the same thing as Hygge: coziness, quiet, and warmth. However, there is no place for ‘Lagom’ (a Swedish term meaning not too much, not too little) in your Còsagach home décor, which is how it primarily differentiates itself from Hygge. 

The coziness of the Scottish highlands is evoked by thick, shaggy sheepskin carpets, red tartan throws, a worn-out sofa, and a roaring fire. For, when it comes to comforting accents, more really is more.  

Generally speaking, both Hygge and Còsagach are similar in that they both aim to invoke a sense of coziness and comfort. For example, whether it is the Hygge style or the Còsagach style, snuggling in log cabins, tree homes, and eco-cottages is perfect for slowing down and establishing a connection with nature. 

Additionally, there is nothing like taking a warm bath in a standalone soaking tub full of bubbles with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand. And when you’re through, wrap yourself in a soft, warm robe and shift your relaxation to a bedroom area with a comfortable chair and ottoman surrounded by bookcases, like the picture below.

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Main Elements of Còsagach Interior Design Style

Many people are still not familiar with the Còsagach lifestyle or are questioning what it means and how to achieve it. To help you gain a better understanding of the word and what it represents, here are a few main elements of the Còsagach interior design style:

1. Fireplace

A fireplace is a great way to stay toasty throughout the winter months. Gas fireplaces can be installed in modern homes without sacrificing their aesthetic value. And if you don’t require the extra warmth, a fake fireplace will work perfectly fine as well. Additionally, you can blanket the floor in style and stack some antique books on the mantel. 

Here, you may relax with a good book and a cup of tea or wine and catch up with your pals. In addition, adding a fireplace will make you popular among connoisseurs of cutting-edge design trends.

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2. Embracing the Outdoors

Scottish people love to infuse natural elements into their houses, which is a terrific way to make your abode a little more Còsagach. Pick up some pinecones or a Christmas tree while out for a stroll, or remove a few branches from the backyard tree. 

You could also purchase a bunch of fresh flowers or wreaths from a nearby grocery store. Greenery has a way of revitalizing the surroundings and giving your house a more welcoming atmosphere.

3. Rustic Furniture

If you go for the Còsagach interior design aesthetic, your home design and interiors will feature a lot of wood and stone. The ceiling might be supported by wooden beams, a stone wall, or dark wood flooring that is elegantly varnished. 

This will give your house some charm and a cozier appearance. Additionally, there are numerous ways to incorporate stone features into your home, and all it involves is a few small touches. For example, you can design your home bar with a sleek wood countertop finishing off textured rocks.

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4. Warm Tones

Although the most preferred colors for your home last year might have been strong and vibrant, this year, the Còsagach interior design style favors softer neutrals. Warm brown and soft green work beautifully together, especially if you want to install a fireplace.

While dark grey, green, and burgundy hues may be a more daring choice, they will ultimately contrast beautifully with lighter furnishings and well-lit areas.

10 Tips to Implement Còsagach Interior Design Style in Your Home

If you enjoyed the era of the Hygge aesthetic, you should definitely try the Còsagach lifestyle. They’re similar but not the same, so you can add some newness and excitement to your home. 

Here are 10 tips for implementing the Còsagach interior design style in your home:

1. Build a Fireplace

The most important rule of Còsagach is to stay warm, and a fire is the best way to do that. Add some decorations to your fireplace and curl up with a favorite book and a hot cup of cocoa in front of it. If you don’t have a fireplace built into your home, or all else fails, you can always make a fake fireplace.

cosagach interior design - build fireplace

Image Credit:

2. Indulge in Rustic Elements

The major difference between the Danish concept of Hygge and Scottish Còsagach is that raw Scandi minimalism has no place in the latter. It’s important to have tartan throws, timber stoves, stone floors with fluffy rugs on them, and a lot of natural elements. 

VisitScotland’s idea of the ideal Còsagach getaway includes cottages and treehouses, so attempt to replicate the vibe of those spaces with a few modern accents here and there.

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indulge in rustic elements - cosagach interior design

Image Credit:

3. Cozy up with Knitwear

Layers upon layers — Scotland is known for its tweed, wool, cashmere fabrics, and knitwear. Though donning sweaters is a good start, you should also give your home a Còsagach-approved makeover. 

In the summer, sleek linen and cotton are great. But in the winter, flannel is the deal. Switch out your cool sateen sheets for warmer ones of flannel or jersey. In preparation for the colder evenings, you should fold a quilt or blanket and place it at the foot of your bed.

Furthermore, to make your couch as cozy as possible, purchase high-quality throw blankets and decorative pillows. Or, you could even go one step further and DIY it.

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cosagach interior design - cozy up with knitwear

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4. Set the Mood with Lights

Lighting can change your mood, so choose something you like. Candles, table lamps, and fireplaces are some of the most common ways to light a Cosagach-filled home. As the nights seem longer and darker, your bed might lure you before it’s time to unwind. 

By using good lights, you can avoid giving in to that urge and maintain your sleeping pattern. Put warm-colored LED lights in table lamps for a cozy candlelight glow that isn’t too bright but will still keep you awake.

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cosagach interior design style - set up lights

Image Credit:

5. Follow a Neutral Color Palette

Let’s be honest – bright colors can be very distracting, no matter how much we love them. It’s best to design your home’s interior in neutral colors. It gives the whole room a clean, uncluttered look.

Also, adding warm woods is a great way to make your home feel more intimate and cozy. Wooden accents warm up your space and also make you feel more connected to nature.

cosagach interior design style - follow neutral color palette

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6. Build an Oasis in Your Bathroom

Make your bathroom more than just a place to get ready. Make it a place where you can escape and unwind. You can achieve this by putting down a soft rug for your bare feet or hanging a cozy robe on the wall, just arm’s length away.

cosagach interior design - build oasis in bathroom

Image Credit:

7. Experiment with the Backyard

Trying to figure out how you’ll decorate your backyard using Còsagach? Set up a hot tub with big, comfortable chairs around it and a chiminea to keep you cozy. You could also create smaller comfortable seating spaces around your yard, such as a place where you can sit, read, and enjoy the outdoors.

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cosagach interior design - backyard

Image Credit:

8. Fake it if You cannot Make it

We all love the rustic look of stacks of logs around a house. But if you don’t have the room or, come to think of it, a fire, why not fake the appearance for your home, like the picture below? You’ll be surprised at what a little inspiration from a beautiful log cabin, a walk to the nearest Ikea, and a little creativity can do.

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cosagach interior design - fake it if you cannot make it

Image Credit:

9. Swap out Your Curtains

If you have sheer linen drapes, you might want to switch them out for velvet curtains or any other heavy curtain with a thermal lining. Not only will they make a room look warm and cozy, but they will also keep cold air from coming in through old windows.

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cosagach interior design - swap out curtains

Image Credit:

10. Warm up the Floorboards

When it’s hot outside, sisal and flat-weave carpets are great. But in the winter, you want a rug with some pile. If you can’t afford a large rug, try stacking several smaller rugs in high-traffic areas instead. You can try this in front of the bed, under the side table, and in your cozy reading corner.

cosagach interior design style - warm up the floorboards

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Còsagach Your Winters

During the warmer seasons, you want your home to be simple and airy, with no extra layers that could hold heat or moisture. But when it gets cold, you want all the layers back so the house can feel warm and inviting. This is when the Cosagach interior design style comes in handy. 

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to make your space cozy and inviting for winter. The tips above will do the job for you. Also, small changes like placing fur slippers by the door or switching to more natural lighting can make your home a cozy place to spend the winter.

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