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Winter is just around the corner. While the season feels like a massive relief from the busy year and brings its host of festivities, the blistering temperatures can also lead to you staying indoors more than usual. So, this time of the year presents an excellent opportunity to revamp your home interiors to make them cozier and more inviting.

This doesn’t necessarily require you to go overboard and convert your home into a five-star hotel. But you can always follow the latest winter decoration trends and make your surroundings more soothing.

Traditionally, winter décor revolves more around the color of the year and adding vibrant, textural layers on top of that. Irrespective of whether you are doing it for a long-term revamp or merely want to experiment with seasonal décor trends, various budgets can be worked out.

This article discusses the top 15 winter décor ideas that will set your interiors up for the chilly season.

14 Best Winter Decorating Ideas

1. Revamp the fireplace

Winter-Decorating-Ideas-Revamp-the-fireplaceImage credits: AI-Generated Image

You cannot deny that fireplaces in your home add an extra oomph to the interior design merely by being there. Given that we are focusing on winter trends, what better way to start than by revamping that home fitting that fights the chilly vibes best?

So, it is time you add an extra layer of design to your already attractive fireplace. It is not necessary that you throw away the existing fittings and order fresh ones to revamp your home décor.

You can instead go the traditional way, swapping out the tiling and upgrading the molding (provided you have the budget). These changes would induce elements of simplicity engraved with the requisite sophistication. Or you can go the modern rustic way of layering your fireplace with multiple components to bring a contrasting element to the overall home interiors.

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2. Focus on intricate details for the winter decoration

Image credits:

A focus on intricate details can make your home décor stand out. You do not need to indulge in massive or visible design changes to make it work. This winter, you can instead focus on getting the small things right to make them work in unison.

Use design trends that imbibe subtlety, whether with larger pieces of furniture or intricate accessories. Try to optimize every small aspect of your interiors to leave a lasting impression on your guest, instead of having a single hero item being the star of the show.

3. Create a focal point

Winter-Decorating-Ideas-Create-a-focal-pointImage credits: AI-Generated Image

Interior design trends may come and go, but there will always be certain items that are evergreen and relevant, irrespective of the ambiance. So, with the winter setting in, it is time to put your creative energy into creating a focal point for your interior spaces and create your own winter wonderland decorations at home. 

A focal point refers to the space or accessory in your interior décor that stands out. This does not mean bringing in an oversized side table or overemphasizing art deco. Instead, we suggest figuring out why the room or space exists and adding design elements that project a visual story.

While the most common focal points are fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, windows, and built-in shelving, we suggest you discover your own unique setting for maximum impact. For example, you can include a Scandinavian accent wall or terracotta artwork to serve as a focal point in your already amazing interior space.

4. Use earthy tones

Winter-Decorating-Ideas-Use-earthy-tonesImage credits:

Pantone chose ‘Classic Blue’ as the color of the year in 2020, and it became less relevant as 2021 progressed. One of the best winter décor tips from interior designers is to use the outdoors as inspiration for painting your living room and other design ideas.

Muted colors elevate your home’s overall look and feel, but they require some vibrancy to augment their overall feel and add the necessary contrast. Adding color palettes like brown, a cozy, versatile, calming, and comfortable hue, or tech blue (known for being timeless) would add value to a muted overall statement. If you want to take it a step further, add green quartz to lend that luxurious vibe to a modern home this winter.

Pastels and motifs have been a part of recent color trends among those who like their interior design loud and vibrant, and there is no reason you should not try them yourself.

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5. Add comforting scents

Winter-Decorating-Ideas-Add-comforting-scentsImage credits: AI-Generated Image

One of the most underrated interior décor elements is the use of comforting scents. Smells impact our minds as much as the physical décor and require equal focus. The choice of the scent depends on the overall look and feel of your interiors. If you opt for a good old classic look, lavender will fit the bill perfectly.

On the other hand, if you are looking for balance and an earthy feeling, sandalwood is the scent to choose. You can experiment with new and old scents this winter to see what works best to amplify the feeling of warmth and comfort in your living spaces.

6. Let the outdoor winter décor in

Winter-Decorating-Ideas-Let-the-outdoor-winter-decorImage credits: AI-Generated Image

While it is great to have the regular items of interior designs optimized, many people have reported a happier mood when mixing in outdoor elements like wickers, plants, headboards, and timber as part of their interior décor.

Especially when Christmas is around the corner, plants become an automatic choice. While some prefer real ones, we suggest going for faux plants that make for easier maintenance and longevity.

Adding these items to your interior décor portfolio and replicating the ambiance of your garden will allow you to enjoy the feel of the outdoor winter decor without having to step outside your home.

7. Use textures to elevate your interior décor game

Winter-Decorating-Ideas-Use-textures-to-elevate-your-interior-decor-gameImage credits:

Textures are red hot in the current interior décor market, and the attention is well-deserved. Textures, these days, are a far cry from the ‘usual’ pieces that often fail to stand out. They can be used tactfully for soft items like sofas to ‘coarser’ additions, such as side tables or coffee stands.

While a rug is one of the most common elements for including the textured feel, it is honestly all about layering. You will have to mix and match to find the right combination. We suggest starting with more oversized textural items and gradually adding smaller furnishings, such as a boucle armchair, that go well.

Make sure you do not overload and allow the items to stand out. Pair them with a few well-chosen smooth and elegant elements, like a ceramic Christmas tree, to ace the design.

8. Curves for cozy conversations

Winter-Decorating-Ideas-Curves-for-cozy-conversationsImage credits:

Curves were one of the major interior design trends in the year that passed by, and we strongly believe they will continue to be well accepted in the coming times. Who doesn’t like exquisitely carved ceramic furniture that brings softness to the interior design while contributing equally to luxury?

Circles are complete in themselves and have no beginning or end. They represent peace, warmth, comfort, and harmony. So when you add free-flowing elements, you are essentially adding items that counter the new-age sleek lines and sharp edges and make them more tenable.

Given their characteristics, curves allow for conversations to flow and are an integral part of home décor trends moving forward. For example, you can add a round-edged side table or a coffee table to contribute to your living room’s aesthetics and overall positive feel.

9. Feature walls

Winter-Decorating-Ideas-Feature-wallsImage credits: AI-Generated Image

A feature wall can be your showstopper, or it can ruin the entire game – the choice is yours. But, honestly, it has the potential to be the focal point, provided you plan it well. For example, adding a floral wall in a vibrant room is considered trendy and best suited for youngsters.

Similarly, a patterned wallpaper on the back of your bed paired with a matching side table can give your interior décor a luxurious finish.

You can use feature walls to highlight a specific area, usually the most important one, in the interior design space for maximum impact. For example, you can use it to highlight the design area or the fireplace or to signify your home office.

But make sure you do not make it random or add way too many in a single space. It would kill the mood. Also, a feature wall will barely find breathing space in a crowded room and will not get the attention it deserves.

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10. Use natural materials abundantly

Winter-Decorating-Ideas-Use-natural-materials-abundantlyImage credits: AI-Generated Image

Natural materials have been trendy again since the pandemic, and how! People have started understanding the meaning of conscious living since the pandemic hit and are now looking to add subtlety with the help of organic items.

So this winter, it is time for you to adopt this trend and make it your own. Thankfully, natural materials are everywhere and can be used in many ways. For example, you can induce boho and eclectic styles that are grounded and present a tropical vibe with layering and contrast in the mix.

Or you can go ‘Mid-century Modern’ by using wood-based mid-century natural furnishings in warm finishes. These elements can also contribute to your interiors’ overall aesthetics by mixing well with other natural and synthetic items, such as terracotta, marble, or resin.

11. Indulge in slow deco

Image credits:

The coronavirus has reminded us of an elemental truth: not to run too fast for things that are barely worth it. It led to us bringing about a major overhaul in how we function and perceive our lives. It has also impacted interior décor philosophy.

As the name suggests, slow deco is focused on slowing down the constant rush that we are in. It reflects our state of mind and sits comfortably between the hygge and minimalist trends. It pushes for minimalism by adopting simplicity while continuing to enjoy the abundance of natural materials.

Above all, slow deco allows us to accept what we have and makes us feel good in our home.

12. Muted terracotta pink

Image credits: AI-Generated Image

Terracotta is inherently known to be rich and warm. In addition, it is easy to mold it across the interior design elements. With most people getting bored of the excessive use of blue and pink, it is time we move to something with more texture that is calming and subdued in its exterior – the muted terracotta pink. The color is supremely addictive and can be added to most interior décor schemes for some welcome light while augmenting the overall tonality.

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13. Move to conscious buying choices

sustainable materials for interior designImage credits:

In this season of giving, we can gift the earth and ourselves sustainability. While short-term décor elements look elegant, they may not be the best fit for Mother Nature. With interior designers constantly dabbling with nature in one form or the other, we must inculcate the habit of conscious and sustainable living through our interior décor choices.

14. Travel-inspired motifs

Image credits: AI-Generated Image

Most of us love to take the long roads every once in a while, but the pandemic forced us to stay indoors for months at a stretch. So we chose to decorate our interiors to emulate the world outside.

Continuing with this change, we can adopt striking travel-inspired motifs, such as the Italian flower fields, Zimbabwean woven baskets, or the Kashmiri Apples. These not only allow for some escapism but also elevate the overall interior décor’s value.

Level Up Your Interior Décor This Winter With Foyr NEO

While the modern generation swears by muted designs, the interior décor game has become much more versatile, with a sweeping trend to mix and match a wide gamut of elements. These top 15 winter décor ideas are dedicated to the new age and will help you build something you love.

So, the onset of winter should be the perfect reason for you to revamp your living spaces. If you are open to DIY experiments, consider Foyr NEO, our state-of-the-art software that can help you tinker with your interior décor until you find the one design that you would love to emulate in the real world around you.

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LED string lights, candle clusters in hurricane vases, and winter-themed chandeliers are great ways to add warmth and a festive atmosphere to your interiors.

For a cozy winter feel, consider incorporating faux fur, velvet, and chunky knit blankets, as well as plush area rugs to keep your home warm and inviting.

Opt for space-saving, multi-functional furniture, use light-colored decor to maximize space, and create a cozy ambiance with faux fur throws and plush cushions.

Winter color palettes in 2023 often feature deep, cozy tones like rich blues, warm grays, and earthy neutrals. Themes include rustic winter cabin, Scandinavian hygge, and modern minimalism with a touch of warmth.

Winter wall decor trends include oversized framed art, gallery walls with nature-inspired prints, and textured wall panels that add a touch of luxury and comfort.

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