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It’s time you pause experimenting with multiple software tools and settle for the right one. One that meets and sometimes exceeds your expectations in terms of delivery, quality, speed, and accuracy. 

One that never fails you, or disappoints your clients. A tool that glides along with you in your design journey and helps you move up to the next level without weighing you down by being super-expensive, slow-to-upgrade, or limited features. Given that there are scores of tools in the market, choosing the best fit without shelling out your precious budget is rather difficult. Even if you sign up for free trials you will have to expend your time and climb the learning curve. 

That’s why we’ve put together an ultimate showdown between two interior design software that appeal the most to interior designers like you who want to make a huge mark without denting their budget – a stark comparison between Foyr Neo and Homestyler, two brands being spoken about at length in interior design circles for being beginner-friendly.  

Walk with us, and let’s compare and contrast the tools for you. 

Overview of Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo is undoubtedly a revolutionary tool in the interior design space, in that it encompasses A-Z of interior design tools and services – everything a designer needs to produce fantastic designs every single time.

Build models in 3D or 2D

Regardless of whether you’re a newbie experimenting with design tools to quicken the design process or a seasoned designer looking to carve a name for yourself to bag big-ticket clients, Foyr Neo has everything you need. Right from getting you started, to guiding you as you design, to spotting errors, correcting them, and making designs hyper-realistic, Foyr Neo gets the entirety of the design done for you in a few minutes. Sounds like a tall claim? Well, we’re here to back it up. Our users have raved about the simplicity of using Foyr Neo, especially for beginners.

Overview of HomeStyler

Homestyler is a preferred option in the interior design tool market and has amassed plenty of reviews over the past few years as being an affordable and helpful tool for novices in the interior design industry. Priding itself on its features and a nominal fee, Homestyler is a good option for small-scale projects that require limited designs and creative work. 

homestyler - bathroom design app

Now that you are acquainted with the tools for our comparison today, let us take a closer look at the specific features of each tool. 

Interface and User Experience

Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo is a revolutionary tool mainly because of how simple, hassle-free, and easy its interface and user experience are when compared to other tools in the interior design software market. 


You may be a complete novice or a pro and have no idea where your features are, but Foyr Neo helps you hop onto the tool and master it in no time. With a guided tour and easily accessible features, anyone can set up and start designing in a few minutes. 

The tool is highly intuitive and works in tandem with AI to ensure your needs are understood and provided every step of the way. It gives you ultimate flexibility to experiment with your ideas without having to compromise on time or quality. It works fast and along with you and can add finishing touches to your design on its own when you can focus on the next steps. 


Homestyler is claimed to be a user-friendly software, but, in reality, it glitches a lot even when small changes or additions are made to the design, which complicates and massively delays the design process. 

Altering walls, floors, and ceilings is hard, and requires extensive zooming in, hard restart, and saves to proceed to the next steps. It’s incredibly slow as software and it takes hours and hours just to move from one stage of design to the next. This is a major drawback for Homestyler and a frequently quoted issue about the software. 

Design and Visualization Features

Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo’s AI automatically punches a hole when you place a sink or a skylight in the design so you don’t have to. Having trouble placing and marking those baseboards in those tricky corners? 


Our AI will take care of it precisely for you. Having put your creativity to great use, you need to check if your vision has translated into reality, and Foyr Neo’s AI assesses your design and adds lighting to illuminate the design as a whole and where it needs exclusive illumination. Another brownie point for Neo is its auto-material feature. Say you have a broad style and color palette in mind but are unclear about the furniture or wall decor to go with it. Our AI recognizes the design theme and auto-selects the materials you will need for your design, so you just have to accept or reject them and get on with your design process. 

Hours of scouting the library for the right fixtures and materials are saved. 

When it comes to visualization, there’s no other tool like Foyr Neo. You can switch from 2D and 3D to see how your design pans out. No glitches or waiting time. Get amazing walkthroughs to blow your client’s mind, not just in any quality – in 4K, panoramic views. With a 360-degree camera placed throughout your design and a crystal-clear walkthrough, you can easily correct errors you find, and the ones our AI notifies you about. 

Instantly after you submit your walkthrough the rendering begins. Unlike any other tool you’ve ever seen, rendering only takes 10 minutes, and comes out with stellar quality. 


One of the biggest perks of Homestyler is that its design process is fairly simple and straightforward. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert interior designer who knows where all the tools are, Homestyler helps you learn fast and design well.

The material brush is a key feature that helps you copy the texture from one material and apply the same to any other material or finish in the design without playing around with multiple buttons to carry out the feature. No matter how fast and creatively you design, the end result always bears a watermark of the tool and isn’t removed at all.

After you finish and before you render, you tend to check the lighting and final look of the design from different angles. You will be disappointed to know that in Homestyler, you cannot position the camera at different points in the room to assess your design from different standpoints. When you try your hand at doing it, the tool starts lagging, or crashes. 

A great setback for ambitious designers with infinite ideas is the painfully long rendering time. Render retouch isn’t available, and if you need at least a half-decent render, not only will you have to purchase it individually, but you will only be able to create with 1K quality. 

Even at higher levels and expensive plans, you won’t be able to generate hyperrealistic walkthroughs via high-definition walkthrough videos. To get fruits for your hard work in terms of rendering, you have no other option, but to shell out a hefty sum each time. 

Homestyler also allows you to switch between 2D and 3D seamlessly, that’s a plus point for the interior design tool. 

Furniture and Material Libraries

Foyr Neo

With a vast library of designs, Foyr Neo gets you started right away, adds fuel to your creativity, and inspires you with 10,000+ preset design templates for every context, need, and theme. Start with the floor plan by either importing the one you’re already working on or creating from scratch with AI as your best friend and guide.


Once you’ve laid the base plan accurately and checked for errors, you are directed to the design section, where you will find 60,000+ 3D elements – furniture, materials, room decor, wall decor – name it and it’ll be there. You just need to type in what you’re searching for in the search bar and Neo will get it for you in a jiffy.

Simply choose from the maze of elements depending on your color palette and taste, and drag and drop them wherever you need them. 


200+ furniture models and an extensive library can be found in Homestyler’s design section. The interior design tool allows for a great variety of room decor items. To help you go along with the flow, it also has a vast preset library so you don’t have to wait or reinvent the wheel when you start designing. Amidst the decor items, Homestyler offers multiple customization options to make sure the residence you design for your client looks real. 

Collaboration and Sharing Options

Foyr Neo

As soon as your render is ready, get a shareable link on Neo and instantly share it with your client and/or builder through WhatsApp or iMessage. Get immediate feedback by having them access your designs in real time and carry out corrections before the big presentation. Foyr Neo helps you collaborate seamlessly and with zero waiting time or enormous data consumption. 


Designs you create on Homestyler can be exported in various formats, including DWG. It’s fairly easy to share designs via the tool, however, the best bet would be to export and share the design file individually. 

Cost and Pricing Models

Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo offers a 14-day free trial where you can access the deepest, the choicest, and most exclusive features at no cost, that you can use to design any kind of project, at scale. After the trial, pricing starts at a minimum of $49/month and goes up to $340/month for the premium plan. 


Homestyler offers a free version with extremely limited features that can only be used for simple projects, without the need for good-quality rendering. The pro version can go up to $19-25 per user. 

Integration and Compatibility

Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo is a 5-in-1 tool – it has moodboarding, floor planning, designing, visualization, and rendering all in place so you don’t have to use any external plug-ins. However, if you really need to, you can surely integrate with other external applications as well. 

That said, Neo works exceptionally well in laptops/desktops only. 


Homestyler works well on all devices, be it mobile, laptop, or tablet. This is another brownie point for the tool. Since beginners and experts are both on the go meeting clients, engaging in discussions, and having to modify designs on the go. Being available on all devices helps tremendously. 

Support and Training

Foyr Neo

Neo’s live 24/7 support team is a huge plus for beginner designers who tend to work when creativity strikes at night and may have questions as they draw along. We’re available 24/7 on live chat on our website and on email as well. Any medium you choose, your solution is on its way. 


Homestyler’s huge plus is its super-responsive support team that immediately resolves any queries you have or you get stuck in the middle of your design process. 


Choosing a design tool makes all the difference in your design quality and customer delight. A skilled and talented designer like you needs to shine and shouldn’t have a tool blocking your way to bagging blue-chip clients and closing lucrative deals.

Foyr website

Your best bet is to buy a software that can handle any design requirement, at any scale, helps you along the way, saves precious time, offers quick solutions, advanced design features and supports you throughout, all while being light on your pocket. All things considered, Foyr Neo seems to be the clear choice. 

Sign up to Foyr Neo’s 14-day free trial and experience all these and more now.


Foyr Neo is favored for its robust design features, while Homestyler is more suitable for quick concept sketches.

Homestyler is primarily a standalone tool and does not offer extensive integration options, limiting its interoperability with other design software. However, Foyr Neo is designed to integrate seamlessly with other popular design and CAD software, making it a preferred choice for interior designers who work with multiple tools.

Foyr Neo is available to users in various countries and offers multi-language support. Homestyler is also widely accessible, but language support may be more limited.

Foyr Neo is designed to handle both residential and commercial interior design projects, including large-scale commercial spaces. Homestyler, on the other hand, is generally more geared towards residential design and may have limitations for handling large-scale commercial projects.

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