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Hygge Interior Design

The term “Hygge” comes from Scandinavia, and it has virtually become a core belief like life philosophy in Denmark. It’s pronounced like “Hoo-ga” or “Hoo-Gah”. “Hygge” encompasses all aspects of life and symbolizes coziness, wellness, and the satisfaction of savoring the moment.

The Hygge style is also quite popular in terms of design, home decor and lifestyle trends. Bright, warm colors or pastel tints, natural-looking materials, transparent textures, and gentle lighting all play a role in creating this atmosphere.

Hygge interior design is a way of life that originated from the infamous Danish people and Norway. The interesting thing about it is that it isn’t really a design, not at the first glance at least. The word basically refers to a lifestyle that is cozy, comfortable and day-to-day life of intimacy.

Although it may seem like more of a ‘feeling’ than a ‘design’, you can actually incorporate this lifestyle into your home by following the below ways. Hygge, pronounced as hue-gush is a Danish word. The word appeared first in 19th-century Danish writing.

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15 Best Hygge Decor Ideas for Your Home

The Scandinavian aesthetic is defined by soft materials and muted tones. Designers look at this design trend and how to incorporate the Danish concept of Hygge into your living area. Fluffy sofa throw blankets and comforters, a warm fire, a big comfortable sweater – the Danish notion of “Hygge” is all about total coziness in your living room home design.

You’ve probably heard of the concept, which has been infecting our collective psyche for some years. For Danes, Hygge is a way of life that manifests most visibly in their décor—whether it’s velvety textures, neutral tones, or natural materials.

1. Mix soft natural elements with splashy antiques

Every environment should make you feel comfortable and at ease, while also being well-designed decor ideas, unique, and quiet. Because hygge decor is also about bonding with nature, subdued earth tones are an excellent foundation for any color scheme.

However, you must overlay this with flashes of color or pattern to avoid the area feeling frigid or lifeless. Color and patterns assist to customize and appeal to our senses, while the earth tone basis produces a serene and pleasant atmosphere.

Hygge is created by combining old and new danish culture – we love combining furniture pieces which are contemporary with antiquities and historical treasures to add dimension and texture. Because the Hygge style concept emphasizes less is more and craftsmanship over quantity, you are better off investing in important pieces of high-grade furniture with actual workmanship that is long-lasting and of higher quality.

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hygge interior design - natural elements with splashy antiques

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2. Firstly, explore natural light

If you utilize LEDs in your lights, invest in quality for your wellbeing. Pendants, sconces, and floor lights provide a much more intimate feel than concealed artificial lighting. Use sources of light that will illuminate your room with warmth and a sense of coziness. Sources like, candles, fireplaces and lamps pop up when you think about such an environment. However, sometimes natural daylight can work just fine if you manage it in the right way.

hygge interior design with natural light

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3. The less is more

The less you populate a room, the better it will look. Moreover, having a bit of breathing gives you a nice sense of relief as well. You don’t have to place every single piece of furniture, decoration, or art in a single room. Make space for each of them, and the result will certainly be more pleasing to the eye.

The Hygge style is mainly concerned with simplifying your house in order to have ample space. The notion is that your house should not conflict with you but rather allow your freedom, therefore less is always more because greater room at home equals more mind space. Rather than anything too dramatic, this design style favors a more comfortable lighting configuration.

Candles near the window are essential for creating a pleasant personal interior landscape. Have distinct lighting conditions mostly since winters are not as gloomy as those in the Nordic nations. So, employs candles as decorative accents and has recently become more fond of them.

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hygge interior design - less is more to create ample space

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4. Add some cushions and blankets to your couch set up

Spending quality time on a comfortable couch beside a fireplace, resting on a cushion and a blanket to top it off, is as cozy as you can get. These subtle additions will change the mood altogether.

Components and finishes are inspired by nature, therefore the use of wood and a lot of cashmere, lambswool, and shearling is essential. Use shearling as the main material since it adds an extra layer of Hygge home by interacting with your skin as a natural texture, making you feel nice and comfortable.

Cushions and blankets are crucial for warmth and comfort in any Hygge interior design residence. Every house needs simple pleasure like a ‘reading nook,’ with hot chocolate and a good book, which is a nook or pleasant space packed with throw pillows and comfort.

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5. Using neutral colours can liven up the space

It sounds ironic, but bolder colors might look rather cartoony and that is something that you want to avoid at all costs when creating an environment with Hygge style. Use a lot of whites, greys, beiges, and taupe; usually, we can find these hues to be really peaceful and harmonious vibes, and they are a great foundation for any design.

It’s all about achieving the right balance of style and comfort. We’ve always been a huge lover of open-plan environments since they allow for so much flowing design and the light is typically excellent.

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neutral color for hygge interior design

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6. Different textured materials to design the space

This helps to add a bit of contrast and helps you to avoid the monotone nature of a room that can easily happen while incorporating the Hygge style. Materials like wood, or marble can be a good choice in this case. Materials and textures are incredibly essential while creating Scandinavian design living spaces.

It gives the environment and your mood a new depth. The favorite fabrics are linen, velvet, and leather. These may be used in a variety of ways to provide depth and sensuality to a room. They provide a significant contribution to the overall sense of well-being. The silky smooth linens, pillows, robes, and slippers were all carefully chosen to offer maximum comfort.

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7. Keep the look of your room resemble a calm appearance:

You can do this by using a natural or walnut finish on the wood if you plan to use this particular material on the build. You can also use various mirrors to light up the space rather than populate the room with several lights. One of the most important factors to note is that you should always lean towards using more man-made materials for decorating rather than materials that may make the look of the room cheap, like plastic.

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8. Share your memorabilia

You can use a shelf of your memorable books, or build a showcase of your family heirlooms. This is just one idea that can help you to personalize the room to your preference. You don’t have to follow the textbook all the time. It is your home, and you should decorate it in a way that can resemble your nature as well like furniture with faux fur or a neutral color palette.

You can also create a few spots around your house that have a cozier ambience to them to embrace hygge, like a cozy corner. In this case, you can use a corner sofa and use cushions and blankets to make it really comfortable danish lifestyle. You can use warm or even brighter lighting depending on the occasion.

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hygge decor with memorabilia

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9. Don't be concerned with style

Instead, be concerned with harmony. Furniture from coffee tables to armchairs should be a once-in-a-lifetime investment. Amass your catalogue. It will be pleasant if it is personalized. Pillows and blankets in the dining room, for example, should be sensuous and artistic and acquired with the purpose of lasting at least a season.

You can use the different architectural designs on your furniture and decorations. The usual shapes and sizes of them, along with the neutral colors will make the room look dull. So, opting for a variety of designs on your decorations will make the look of your place unique.

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pillows and blankets in dining room for hygge decor

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10. Bring Danish outdoors inside

Hygge isn’t just during the winter months. While candles and rugs may not be used in the warmer months, the sensation of hygge may be appreciated with companions in the presence of nature. You can use a bit of greenery to add more freshness to the environment. Use small pots of plants, in places like around your staircase or behind couches and make a load of difference.

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hygge interior design - bring danish outdoors inside

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11. Minimalism and Scandinavian style mix

You can use minimalistic paintings to decorate your walls. Neutral colors usually provide a really good background for any kind of art on the walls. So, use that to your advantage. With this design, try to find frames that suit the look of your overall aesthetic of the room.

The Danes bring flair to their minimalist rooms by using a range of materials. They choose warm, natural fabrics like wool, linen, cotton, leather, and wood. Natural colors like browns, greens, and neutrals are comforting to people and are a simple way to make a place seem homier.

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hygge interior design - minimalism and scandinavian style mix

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12. Mirror mirror

You can use mirrors to make your room seem larger and have more space than it actually has. This technique isn’t easy to pull off but taking a few ideas from the internet can help you out if you can’t find a way to incorporate this feature in your design.

hygge interior design with mirror

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13. Using vintage materials and decorations

It is a way to make your place look unique. In this day and age, every home may end up looking similar. Just take a look at some photos on the internet. But finding a way to make your look while incorporating the same design and style is quite difficult. However, using materials that look different, which may also be from a different age and generation of style can help you add a different flavor to your home.

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hygge interior design vintage materials

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14. Natural, homey materials

With harmonious, almost graphic texture exudes serenity. The high resolution and almost monochromatic coloration bring the room and material to the forefront. Hygge necessitates attention and mindfulness, allowing you to not only be present but also appreciate it! Going a bit out of your way to accommodate a spa-style bathroom in your house can be a nice touch to your hygge design. After all, a hygge style lifestyle is all about comfort and a relaxing experience.

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hygge interior design - natural and homey materials

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15. Hygge style is all about family and sharing love & care state of mind

Make use of your space and furnishings in a way that allows you to have fun with friends and family. The hygge style is all about sharing love, togetherness and caring for your loved ones. So, bring in tables that help you arrange dinner parties with ease and always keep the fireplace and couch ready for a nice watch party or movies with your best mates.

Hygge is all about creating a pleasant ambience, which may be accomplished via the use of ambient lighting, a roaring fireplace, and a warming drink. This coziness may also be produced by using warm, natural materials and honoring intimate relationships by spending time together with close friends and family on a regular basis.

As a result, we have a presence, harmony, comfort, and a secure haven. You don’t have to completely redecorate your home to make it more ‘hygge,’ but simple changes may go a long way toward encouraging it.

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hygge style home

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In conclusion, at the moment, “hygge” and “slow culture” are popular terms for socializing at home. Natural coziness achieved via the use of original materials is a prerequisite. The primary component is warm, expressive wood, which is frequently combined with porous ceramics such as terracotta or the dynamic stone combinations of cool terrazzo finishes.

Warm, mild color hues predominate; dark wood, on the other hand, represents the more rustic style that is still popular. Using the hygge style interior design will add a peaceful environment to the home. The word and hence the design itself follows a path of comfort, coziness, freshness and a relaxing experience. You can follow this article to take the first step toward planning your interior design. Always remember, in this case, Simplicity Is Key.

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