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There is a range of modern 3D software that is inexpensive and makes the floor plans you choose come alive with details, to enable a virtual walkthrough and 360 view of designed spaces complete with costs and the option of selecting and changing any detail. All this is possible once you decide on your floor plan.

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Here are some interior design tips on mistakes a homeowner should avoid while choosing the floor plan.

1. 3D Interior Design Floor Plan that Suits you

The floor plan visualizer that is ideal for you is the one that takes into account your lifestyle. Decide if you want a multi-storied or single floored plan.

Ask yourself questions like what kind of home do you want, are there any dangers to using staircases, can the young and older members use the spaces effectively and such. If you have a bad back or an elderly member who can’t use the stairs what are your options?

Look through the floor plan and software you plan to use. There are many options software like Foyr Neo that can help design a great floor plan from the concept stage to the realistic virtual tour of your spaces without your having to visit the faraway site so often.

2. Look Beyond the Developers up-sells in the Model Home

Most real-estate developers today offer you a 3D walkthrough of the model space created using the latest in 3D architecture software. It is easy to get impressed with how polished and good it looks. Focus on creating your layouts and the flow between the rooms. It will help you make customizable decisions while using the software in furnishing your space and floor-plan. Features like drapery, paint, textures, carpets, wallpapers, and furniture can be precisely fitted in using these modern-day marvels in 3D modeling software.

3. Not Understanding Floor Plan Drawings is all Right

Floorplans are second nature to architects and interior designers. Not every layperson can understand floor plans, drawings and many of the terms like landing space, door swings, or measurement conversions. That’s entirely all right.

Ask your architect about the floor plan to transform your concepts into reality. When it comes to furnishing and finishing take advice from your interior designer who will use the latest interior design software to walk you through a customizable 3D interior design using software like Neo.

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4. Architectural Features Should Account for Future Costs

MagikTour software can provide you with the best architectural features in interior design using a simple 2D floor plan like the one below. The best floor plan may add skylights, full-length windows, and open green-spaces within the home. The cautious client will always assess how this impacts them in the future in terms of light, waterproofing, energy saving, and security. Modern interior design software allows you to speak to your architect and change any feature at will. Even as the project progresses changes can be made using the software which helps optimize your plan and prevents making changes that could cost you money in the foreseeable future.

5. Check if the Room Sizes are Adequate

A common mistake by homeowners is that their existing furniture may not fit into the room spaces on the floor plan. This mistake can now be alleviated using Neo 3D architecture software. Take the advice of your architect or interior designer and use the floor plan which will ensure your furniture fits in well. Today’s interior design software allows you to furnish your spaces using a 3D interior design app that is linked to an e-store and provides you with the cost of each item to ensure you stay within your budget.

6. Fill your Entertaining Spaces when Going with a Floor Plan

Homeowners today can use the MagikTour 3D architecture software virtual walkthrough tour of your 2D plans to visualize and customize interior design spaces. Visualize a filled space for entertaining, kids spaces for safe play, kitchen flow of spaces, entertaining areas for tea on the patio, or dining spaces when visitors come over with the latest interior design software.

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7. Consider Children's Safety First

Another common mistake in 2D plans created using a floor plan creator that can be rectified during the walkthrough is to consider if the envisioned spaces could be optimized to every family members safety. Go with features like open stairways without railings, curved space-saving stairs with glass, balconies with minimal railings, glass showers that may be hard for children to handle only after looking at what you essentially need most. A house can be home only when all its members are comfortable with the spaces involved.

8. Location Cannot Change like Options with Floor Plans

Fitting in the views from your windows is now possible if you consider that you cannot change your location, surroundings or neighborhood. Changes to the 2D floor plan model should account for this tiny interior design detail when software is used to convert the floor plan into a 3D interior design software assisted walkthrough. Imagine your bedroom window being in full view of your neighbor’s living space and the hassles it can create later.

9. Present Budget Floor Plans Work Best

Plan for the future but spend within your present budget. A home upgrade is always possible in phases at a later date and within your present budget. Today’s MagikTour architecture software can not only create great 2D floor plans but also can use the interior design software to help you check if you are within your interior design budget.

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10. Involve the Family when Deciding the Floor Plan

Foyr Neo architecture software makes the virtual walkthrough an experience by itself. Involve your family members in this 3D interior design experience when you and your family get together to decide the ideal created a 2D floor plan. Involve them in choices like lighting, paint colors, selection of furniture, kitchen outlay, and more. Every detail can be customized using innovative interior design software.

In conclusion, Foyr Neo software is always the correct choice for architects, interior designers, real-estate developers, and graphic designers who would rather have their clients avoid expensive and time-consuming site-visits by providing 360-degree views of the 3D visualization of any 2D plan with an interesting and customizable walkthrough at any time. It saves you time, effort and unnecessary work effortlessly. Developers especially will benefit from the experience as those long drives to far-off sites can now help clients see the site in real-time without the hassles of site-visits.

Foyr also has other products like the Office 3D, Magic Render, Storyteller, and the shortly releasing NEO. These products transform experiences for homeowners, real-estate developers, architects, interior designers, graphic, and industrial designers, product engineers, and in nearly every application for 3D visualization, modeling, creating floor plans, and allowing creativity to roam free.

Foyr creates the magic for unbelievable user experience in 3D technology that easily surpasses today’s exacting demands on software. Check out their magic and use its simplicity to enhance interior designing and architecture. Developers, architects, and interior designers are welcome to advice on technological upgrades and use of the MagikTour software.

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