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3D Floor Plans and Visualization

In the world of architecture and interior design today, 3D floor plans play a major role in fostering better communication between the architect or designer and their clients. Not everybody is equipped to ‘read’ a 2D and 3D floor plan with all its technical elements, and therefore, it is important to convert this plan into a more understandable layout. An easy way to do so is to use only the most relevant elements of the 2D drawing and add some colors to make it more understandable. But in recent times, 3D floor plans have become more and more popular as they present the design in a way that all stakeholders in the project can understand clearly.

Whether it is a bungalow, flats, bachelors pad or office, floor plan visualization is an essential requirement before starting construction. It gives the professional an idea of floor plans, placement of doors and windows, walls, available space, placement of furniture, etc. With the latest developments in technology, these floor plans are now made three dimensional, aiding clients who cannot understand technical drawings to visualize the space better. 3D floor plans are a convenient and economical way to see how space will look before the foundation has even been laid. 3D floor plans avoid blunders and provide flexibility in changing the look or layout according to the client’s wishes. It also provides ease in fixing any mistakes in time for the architect or designer. Advancements in technology have made 3D floor plans popular among architects, interior designers, home planners, and of course, home buyers.

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The most important factor while designing and planning your dream home or office space is the floor plan. If the floor plan is not perfect, all efforts will go in vain. Here is where technology becomes a boon. Cloud based 3D floor plans software have made it possible to be able to even see and plan the interior of the space, select the wall color, place the furniture and accessorize the décor in the very initial stage.

3D floor plan visualization comes with immense convenience, for some famous interior designers. It results in immense time and money savings when it comes to rectifying mistakes or making any changes. We don’t have to break a wall or construct one to get the desired style and design we want in our home; a click of a mouse will do it for us. Modern architects and designers prefer to present and impress their clients with 3D rendered services and floor plans.

3D visualization software  gives us the freedom to check out different styles, designs, colors, themes, etc. It also gives us the opportunity to experiment with different types of designs before finalizing one for the project just by the click of a mouse. The beauty of 3D floor plan visualization is that it gives you the experience and feel of reality in the way of virtual reality of spaces.

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3 Ways to better visualize floor plans

1. Floor plans

Floor Plans are an essential tool when it comes to designing and constructing a new home or undertaking the renovation of an existing space. Floor plans can appear confusing and intimidating if you have never encountered them before. While visualizing a finished space from floor plans takes practice, here are some tips to help you visualize better:

2. Model Homes

A great way to visualize house plans is to compare a floor plan with an actual home in real life.  One way to do this is to visit a model home and create a 3D walkthrough, all the while comparing it with the floor plan

3. Video

Video footage of floor plans and a vision of how this will look on completion by showing real-life videos and still images will help you get a better sense of the space.

4. Software

There are some fairly low-cost software programs available that will take a two-dimensional floor plan and create a 3D image for you.  This is another way to train yourself to better visualize house plans.  You can create a sketch of your existing place and see how it comes to life.  Or you can create a few sketches of ideas you have and see how they translate into a cohesive design for space. 

Do you have a hard time looking at house plans and visualizing what they would look like when built? Here are a few tips that will help you:

1 – Begin with Foyr. Try to relate the ceiling height to a room in your current home.

2 – Imagine entering through the front door. What is in your immediate field of vision? Can you see through to a window, dining room, or kitchen?

3 – Imagine sitting in the family room with some modern furnitures and fixtures. What can you see from the sofa? Is there room for all your furniture (existing or planned)? How far away is the kitchen from here?

Most often, floor plans are drawn to scale that can deceptively affect a room dimension. A 1-foot grid overlaid on your floor plans can help you easily read sizes of rooms. 

By imagining your views and comparing room sizes to space you already know, you can easily get a sense of a floor plan. While this procedure may seem tedious, it is a highly effective creative tool needed by both architects and clients alike to better understand and share their visions.

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5. How Neo Visualizes 3D Floor Plans

Foyr Neo is a 3D visualization software that creates an immersive and interactive experience for clients to visualize their floor plans through 360-degree walkthroughs of the space, while giving complete control to the designers, allowing them to design, create floorplans and also real time rendering, all in one place.The client, at the click of a button, can be taken to their virtual three-dimensional house or office space and feel as though they are getting a realistic feel of the space through their computer screen immediately while discussing the plan. Neo by Foyr provides a larger than life visual for the clients to experience and is an immersive tool that is revolutionizing the industry and the way things are done in this space.

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