Latest Home Design Trends To Look Out For

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Latest Home Design Trends To Look Out For

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‘Trend’ is a rather ambiguous term – Is it something that is always changing or something that remains constant? If so, for how long? Or is there more than one definition of ‘trend’? A typical ‘trend’ usually lasts for a season of design. They are the recognized designs that style forecasters see becoming popular, and that they have noticed designers, manufacturers, style setters, youth and society in general moving towards. There are ‘flash trends’ that don’t last very long but rather, they appear in response to celebrity endorsements, political events, and popular dialogue. ‘Super trends’ are on-going trends that stay with us for a few years until we get bored of them, and then they morph into something else.

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Each new year brings new interior design trends. Be it for small house designs or large ones, the latest interior design trends are always the talk of the town. In 2016, the new interior design trend was copper finishes, in 2017, it was greenery and matte finishes and here are a few of the latest interior design trends of 2018:

1) Mixed Metallics –

Just as mixing and matching colors and materials on a sofa can re-energize a living room, blending different types of metals can do the same for your kitchen and bathroom. Combining white marble with copper or brass helps the color pop and stand out in the room. The stark white palette helps the brass hardware and faucets shine. Similarly, in a kitchen, the latest house design trend of using silver, wood, and copper together helps these elements complement each other. This latest interior design trend, when used discreetly, can be applied to a small house design as well.

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2) Dressed-up Drapes –

In the latest house designs, you will see an added touch to your regular drapes. Add a touch of luxury to even your small house design by attaching a detailed trim to regular store bought curtains to create a custom, layered look. While putting this latest interior design trend to use, It’s important to look for texture or color that amps up your regular curtains. Since it’s easy to find readymade trims in the market, you can beautify your room for a nominal price with this new interior design trend.

3) Bone Inlay –

This latest interior design trend has changed functionally furniture into serious art pieces with the intricate detailing of bone inlay. Bone inlay on any piece of furniture can glam it up, making it an eye-catching item in the living room or bedroom, especially in a small house design where you need to do more with less.

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4) Statement Art –

While statement walls are considered very trendy, a single statement piece can also have a massive impact. An abstract landscape with electric hues is an instant showstopper in small house designs and can play well in both a neutral space as well as one with complimentary bright colors

5) Colorful Kitchens –

While white kitchens with a few statement pieces have been very popular for the last few years, the latest house design trends change all that. As per the latest interior design trends, you can expect to see more colorful elements being used in kitchen designs, right from the materials for cabinets to the ones for sinks. Bolder color choices provide a more chic and sophisticated alternative to modern homes and new interior design trends. To complement this darker palette, we can also expect to see a shift from stainless steel sinks to more color-rich materials such as copper and granite.

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6) Imaginative Reuse –

The latest interior design trends are promoting the use of repurposed objects, that too in unexpected ways. For example, in latest house designs, especially small house designs, you can see vintage surfboards or repurposed wood being used for interior doors, bent spoons and forks being mounted to become wall art, and old clothes-line clips being used to hang photos instead of the conventional photo frames.

7) Over Decoration –

Minimalism is out and the 80s trend of maximalism is back – This latest interior design trend involves more pieces and colors, and more mixing of patterns being used to create an overly decorated look in latest house designs. For example, layering different rugs using bright colors and bold patterns simultaneously, mixing metals, textures, and sheen, and decorating with bold on bold accents are all part of the latest house designs. However, a point to note is that you need to be careful when using this new interior design trend in a small house design – Instead of going overboard with multiple elements, focus your creativity on one element that can become the focus piece of a room in your small house design.

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8) Cerused Wood Finishes –

Cerusing, a technique of using a white pigment to fill in and reveal the unique grain lines of wood, was developed centuries ago. Designers are opting for this new interior design trend in the latest house designs because of the interesting texture that is created in the process. Cerusing is being used on various elements of furniture in various parts of the house, even in small house designs. Since the technique of cerusing reveals natural grain in the wood, it adds an organic finish to a room in a modern way.

9) Floral Prints –

Floral prints incorporating popular flowers such as roses, peonies, and lilacs are making a comeback in the latest interior design trends. Motifs of oversized blooms and large scale florals in wall art and furnishings have been gaining importance in 2018’s new interior design trends, especially in small house designs. Oversized, abstract floral patterns are a fresh and modern take on the traditionally smaller floral prints. When used on walls or curtains, these bold patterns tend to make a statement, which is exactly what interior designers aim for in small house designs.

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Adding these latest interior design trends to your home is bound to make even the latest house design even more stylish. Even if you’re working on small house design, don’t shy away from incorporating these new interiors design trends into your space – All you have to do is customize them slightly. If you’re looking to get the most realistic understanding of what your home will look like after incorporating these latest interior design trends, try the 3D visualization software MagikTour by Foyr to get the best virtual walkthrough, and look and feel of the space, before any work has begun.

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