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Home Design Trends 2023

A home is not a piece of real estate. It is the place where you carve beautiful memories in every corner. It is where you start and finish your day. It is the place your soul is attached to because you have your loved ones around.

As important as a home is to a person, it is fitting that we design and decorate it to reflect our own image. We want the piece of property to scream how precious it is to our hearts. That is why interior design is so important and worthwhile.

Today, we will take a look at home design trends that are here to stay no matter how much humankind evolves over time.

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18 Top Home Design Trends 2023:

1. Bold colors can save your life

A high-strung lifestyle calls for an energetic color palette, however, the places you rest require calmer shades.

Bearing with this though, we suggest using the psychology of colors to identify the shades that motivate you. Red, Orange, Maroon, and every revitalizing color in the book is an excellent addition to your home office, kitchen, and living room.

For the bedrooms, bathroom, and parlor where you may want to enjoy a good book by the fireplace or unwind after a long day, we recommend pastels with soothing shades.

Coming back to the bold color palette though, these are hues that invigorate you. You can choose simple interior trends with one color scheme or opt for accented walls with a gradient paint job or bold geometric patterns, bright wallpapers or designer ones, or even structured color trends with whimsical designs.

The color of your walls must also complement the color of your linen, upholstery, furniture pieces, plants, countertops, and everything else in between.

Interior color trends are the new best thing that can brighten up your home from the core.

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home design trends - bold color

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2. Patterned home decor is intriguing

Gone are the days when you had to use a single pattern to outline your entire house. These days, interior trends are actively embracing patterns and texture.

Start with the walls. You can have geometric prints, textured wallpaper, smudged and rough paintwork, or just about anything else.

Next, moving on to your upholstery for the sofas, dining chairs, curtains, table linen, bedspreads, etc. opt for a textural look. The contrast of these elements adds grandeur to any room and makes it feel different.

You can also add textured wood for paneling, headboards, pieces of furniture, or even flooring. You can lay down several textured area rugs such as faux fur and hand-woven ones. You can also focus these patterns on home decor.

Consider alternating between solid elements and carved ones. Alternate the colors and textures in a theme. Eventually, it looks like you have a design in asymmetry.

Make sure that all these little textures and patterns complement each other though. Plain is boring. Add some patterns to your home decor trends to make it unique.

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Patterned home design trend

Image Credit: ballarddesigns.com

3. Use maximalism in your way or the highway

Maximalism is a concept in interior design that depicts a person’s high-energy lifestyle by finding objectivity in chaos. It is a characteristic associated with overly energetic people who need everything around them but all those components are neatly arranged in their own little space.

Let’s just say, you can clutter your house with textures, colors, home decor objects, pieces of furniture, etc. but you always know where everything is and where they go.

These days, especially in the past year, maximalism has taken a new turn to accommodate neatness in disorder. It directly appeals to the mindset of people ever since the commotion caused by the pandemic.

In order to embrace Maximalism, all you need to do is get everything with which you want to surround yourself and find a place for each object. It is your house, your interior design, and your rules.

You can have bedposts around the headboard, all your office supplies and books on your desk along with table lamps, picture frames, and anything else that tickles your fancy. Wash the rooms with bold colors and overpower with texture.

The best part about maximalism is that you need not stick to a specific motif. You can mix BOHO with modern style or add Rattan to steampunk. Anything you want goes.

By the time your home makeover is completed, you will find that it has everything you desire tucked in neat little corners for the ultimate functionality.

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maximalist bedroom

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4. Mid-century modern becomes elegantly trendy

Mid-century modern refers to a form of interior design that combines the elegance of retro with clean-cut edges and minimalism of the modern era.

Think of exposed beams and exquisite artwork working together with comfortable furniture and a pastel color palette. Long floor-length textiles for curtains and tapestry around the house and plain paint colors on the walls.

Mid-century modern is all about elegance therefore, you will find a lot of accent lighting, focal points around Abstract artwork and DIY projects, Long bookshelves to encourage feeding the mind. Let’s also not forget the kitchen trends that include carved cabinet doors and textured kitchen islands.

In order to bring mid-century modern into your home design motif, you can use pendant lights instead of tube lights and ceiling lights. Use throw pillows with geometric prints on chaise lounges or sofa sets.

The outcome of this home design trend is not only beautiful but highly functional.

mid century modern home design

Image Credit: modsy.com

5. Embrace country motifs with style

Country designs are all about incorporating large furniture and fixtures with woodwork and exposed metals. These can actually look very appealing in a modern home if you combine them with high-quality linen and textiles around the room.

For starters, you need a long dining table or an elegant wooden coffee table to make a seating arrangement. Now throw in some houseplants and candelabras in the living space.

You can tie it all together with a neutral color scheme or even a white house. The only color contributions come from the woodwork and upholstery used in your design ideas.

Country homes also introduce a ton of natural light and allow the chi to flow freely through your home so make sure to install long, French windows and wide doorways. You can add a lot of glass panels and surfaces for a trendy look and modernize the overall space.

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country motifs with style

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6. Murals are not just for street walls

Murals have become the new art trend in home design these days. You don’t need expensive artwork to hang on the walls of your living room or bedroom. Instead, use the wall itself as a blank canvas.

If you have innate artistic abilities, consider painting something beautiful yourself, kind of like your very own DIY project. If, on the other hand, you are not so artistically inclined, you can always have professionals paint the walls in concentrated regions to create a focal point or go for the entire wall from one end to another.

Murals can tell a story, maybe about how you and your spouse met, or an important event in your life that changed everything. Whatever you do, keep it neat and make sure that your home decor fits the motif of your mural.

murals - home design trends

Image Credit: domino.com

7. Choose the Hawaiian way

The serenity of a beachfront property doesn’t necessarily need to be contained in oceanic regions. You can have a city home with a Hawaiian theme by incorporating simple hand-crafted elements and a calm color scheme.

Use pastel shades of light blue, light green, and pale yellow. Hang up some wicker frames with delicate pictures or DIY wall hangings, and add a series of string lights along with a few inexpensive floor lamps. You can also display Hawaiian decor such as straw huts, beautiful, handmade candles, and introduce the lei in the form of colorful flowers.

It really does take very little to inspire a Hawaiian theme.

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Hawaiian decor for home design

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8. Natural materials are still all the rage

Speaking of the ocean and all things natural, elements found in nature are making a huge comeback in interior design. You don’t need metallic countertops, furniture, and light fixtures. If you want them that’s up to you but make sure to mix them up with natural materials, such as wooden built-in wardrobes, dining tables, china cabinets, some paneling on the walls, and of course, natural light.

natural materials for home design

Image Credit: home-designing.com

9. Go antiquing

Antiques pose such tasteful opportunities to show off your grace without seeming ostentatious. You can create focal points around the house with elements you collect at auctions, purchase at antique stores, and perhaps even inherit something.

The best part is, antiques don’t have to be expensive paintings and Ming vases. They can be small and simple elements such as a baroque ceiling installation, a mirror from the 18th century, or even a piece of home decor. What matters is how smoothly it blends in with your home design trend while adding a touch of class and panache.

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10. A house with a style statement

Now to talk about the expensive stuff, we all have a hankering for collecting artwork and inexplicable designer pieces. Why not display them in style?

Make a style statement by simply arranging a perfect blend of designer pieces of furniture with home decor without seeming too obvious.

For instance, maybe there’s that Brunel you acquired or a piece of artwork by a budding artist, or perhaps an exquisite DIY project you made yourself. Just hang it up on the wall, surrounded by string lights, or create an accent wall with the piece hanging askew. For other floor-based items, you can arrange them around a monochromatic design where the item is the only thing that adds color.

11. BOHO and rustic go hand in hand

Revive the rustic pieces of furniture with some BOHO-style home decor.

If you have an old coffee table with beautiful craftsmanship or a wooden wardrobe or anything with a rustic theme, just add a few BOHO items such as beaded strings, chiffon fabrics, natural materials, and maybe even some natural colors that indicate your free-spirited lifestyle.

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12. Minimalism is still your best friend

Minimalist design trends call for maximum functionality around your home without cluttering the overall space.

You can choose neutral color trends and mix them up with double-duty, low-bearing pieces of furniture with clean edges. Use the floor space as much as possible without intrusive furniture and home decor. Hang pendant lights, ceiling lights, LED lights, and string lights to avoid filling the floor space with objects.

Minimalism is very trendy for both small houses and large spaces alike.

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13. Bring back the renaissance

Resurgence is making a huge comeback with renaissance art and design trends. Think of reviving the things you have and adding special touches to make them new again.

You could use metallic, steampunk pieces with decorative art or craftsmanship for a cozy living space.

14. Light up the place

Light fixtures and windows make all the difference.

Consider accent lights, string lights, LED lights, bulbs of different colors, pendant lights, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling lights with equal measure. Based on the theme of your home design, choose the ones that not only illuminate the room but also add to the aesthetic value.

For instance, in BOHO, rustic, country, and retro homes, lampshades string lights, and sconces can do wonders. For modern contemporary themes with clean-cut design trends, consider functional and economical options such as LEDs and pendant light fixtures. They create gradient effects around the room and the brightness can be easily adjusted.

Apart from light fixtures, also think about allowing in some natural light. Large window frames with glass panels and a skylight, if you have the option, make a room feel expansive and hygienic. After this pandemic, we think everyone could use a little added element of cleanliness and sanitation, don’t you think?

15. What’s that we hear about retro bedrooms?

Retro bedrooms are so chic. They don’t have to be for teenage rooms or guest rooms alone. You can easily add bedposts, wooden claw-footed cabinets with multiple organizing drawers, a retro-style headboard, and a small seating area for your morning coffee. The coffee table can also have a pedestal claw-foot, perhaps round with chiffon table linen.

You can add a bookcase and a reading area as well. Add some table lamps on the bedside tables too. Install a vibrant wallpaper with sophisticated golden designs, and you’ve got yourself a retro bedroom.

16. The kitchen can have motifs too

Kitchen trends are a real thing wherein your kitchen design, everything from countertops, the Kitchen Island, cabinetry, and appliances have a specific theme.

For modern motifs, you can add stainless steel appliances set in a backdrop of darker hues of black or gray. If you have a small kitchen with a minimalist design then consider a white kitchen with clean design ideas and lots of storage space.

If you have the space for it though, consider an open floor plan that allows a blend of the cooking area with the living or dining room.

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17. How about some indoor and outdoor planting?

Houseplants have a way of making a living space feel homely.

Whether you’re designing outdoor spaces such as a garden, backyards, front porch, back porch, or even a deck, consider adding a ton of greenery. You can have flowering plants or succulents, or even a small rock garden for eco-friendly options.

In the indoor space, you can add houseplants that really help brighten up the aesthetics. Consider potted plants in the foyer and by the windows, flowers spaced out through the house in vases, and a ton of hanging greenery as well. They are beneficial to homeowners not just for aesthetic value but also to purify the air.

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18. Embrace technology

Some designers are swearing by their need to introduce technology in your home in this era.

You conduct meetings in your home office, mostly via Zoom or Google during this pandemic in your work spaces. It is ideal to have a technologically advanced home design system in place.

Also, with a built-in WiFi connection, now you can operate your entire household chores using facilities such as Amazon assistant, Google, Siri, and whatnot. These appliances help minimize the labor and adjust the lighting and sound systems without hassle.


Do you see how simple it is to incorporate these decorating trends in your home?

Who says that you cannot have a wild-west cowboy theme or a serene scenery of a beach side property? It is your house, it should look exactly what you want it to look like.

You don’t have to spend a million to make your house look luxurious and comfortable all at once. Simply discuss the color psychology that makes you feel serene and the motif that reflects your personal style with your interior designer. They will take it from there with their expertise.

For interior designers, try to understand the design goals of your clients before you get started. Chic is trendy but not for everyone. Some people want to blend maximalism with minimalism. Some of them want mid-century modern design trends in a rustic home. You need to identify their requirement and design accordingly.

Home decor trends are here to stay and they will continue to make an impact on homeowners. The past year has taught us that a pandemic can take a lot away from us. Our homes are the only places where we feel safe. It deserves special attention.

After all, if last year is any indication of the consequences of research and development, we need to get a lot more comfortable staying at home rather than gallivanting around town. Home is where the heart is, and now, so are the body and mind for our sustainability.

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