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Having an escape room,  or a man cave in the form of a bar where you can unwind is one of the most coveted spaces many homeowners like you desire when they build their dream homes. You get to have fun and go wild in the comfort of your own home without shelling out precious bucks for nights of fun. 

While having a bar is all fun and frolic, there are certain non-negotiables you need to have in place, before you begin building, so that your best home bar stays in good shape without repair for decades to come. Considering the amount of water, barware and glassware involved along with the huge sums of money it takes to replace any feature in a home bar, make sure to check these items before you create or sign off on your designer’s home bar render.

We’ve come up with 18 ways you can make your home bar a haven to relax, have a hoot, and make memories with your friends and family.  

Types Of Bar Designs

When speaking of home bars, you can go one of three ways: a built-in bar that has a counter, shelves, and a seating area that can be used as a cocktail lounge. The next one is the walk-up bar with no seating and can be found at a butler’s pantry, with no plumbing. The last type is a furniture bar, essentially a standalone piece designed solely for storing drinks and not integrated into the house’s structure, for example, bar cabinets, bar carts, and exclusive shelving.

Before you sit down to bookmark Pinterest pins that excite you, figure out the following, which will help you make faster and smarter decisions.

  1. How much space do you have?
  2. Do you have a vision or are you looking to start from scratch?
  3. Do you want to build afresh or remodel your bar?
  4. What’s your budget?
  5. What’s your style?

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Home bar design ideas you can’t miss out

Taylor Leage, Head of the Department of Interiors, and principal interior designer at Consortium Holdings says, “Bars are a fun platform to work on. You don’t have restrictions or get eye sores from looking at them. You just have to make a striking impact for 2-3 hours of time when you spend in the bar, so you can have a lot of fun with the decor ideas.”


Some of these may be design essentials and some are simply good to have. Based on your budget, space, and preferences, you can make the call.

1. Maximize seating area

Maximize seating area in Home Bar

Skip the space-hogging U-bar! Hospitality pro-Chris Schneider suggests a straight, wall-hugging design. Why? More seats, easy mingling for games & karaoke, and clean lines for a modern vibe.

Bonus tip: swivel stools for ultimate guest flow. Cheers to stylish, space-saving home bars! 

2. Bar stools for comfort

Home Bar stools

Your bar stools need to have comfortable backrests for guests to spend a lot of time talking and having fun with each other. The investment you make in bar stools is totally worth it.

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3. Choose water-resistant flooring

water-resistant flooring in home bar

Spills and splashes are inevitable in any bar, so skip the worries and choose water-resistant flooring! Ditch the delicate wood (unless sealed like Fort Knox) and opt for durable options like concrete or tile. Bonus points for strategically placed floor drains and gap drains to catch the overflow. Keep your bar floor sparkling and stress-free, just like your signature cocktail! 

4. Get water-absorbent bar mats

water-absorbent bar mats for home bar

You can’t pull out entire rugs from underneath every time a spill or mess happens. That’s why you install water-absorbent bar mats so you can easily move them, clean them, mop the floor, and put them back on without breaking a sweat. One piece of advice – get cushy bar mats that have a bit of elevation so that water doesn’t get into your shoes as you clean the mess.

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5. Hang a statement piece of artwork

artwork in home bar

If you have an iconic piece of artwork, a DIY artwork that could work as a conversion starter and make a sterling impression about your personality, your home mini bar may be a great place for it. It shows your sophisticated style and taste for beautiful things, which raises the impression of your entire home in your guests’ eyes.

6. Install a sturdy, impermeable bar structure

impermeable home bar structure

Imagine this: the laughter flows, your signature cocktail wows, and suddenly… your wood-framed bar groans, then gives way! Hospitality pro-Chris Schneider lived it (and it wasn’t pretty). Wood bars and constant dampness are a recipe for rot, instability, and potential accidents.

Say goodbye to crumbling wood and hello to lasting peace of mind! Build your home bar with sturdy cinder block, brick, or stone. These champions laugh at spills and moisture, standing strong for 50+ years (think generational parties!). You invest in safety, longevity, and a bar that’s always ready for fun.

Bonus style tip: Dress up your cinder block base with a faux brick or wood facade. It’s the best of both worlds – rock-solid support and a look that matches your vibe. Raise a glass to a bar that’s as strong as it is stylish!

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7. Experiment with elegant bar tops

elegant home bar tops

Name any material and you can make bar tops with it – mica, wood, concrete, metal, and stone, but be wary of the climatic region you’re in and the style of your home.

Material for the bar top Considerations
Wood Get epoxy or varnish coating
Metal  Looks great, but air can tarnish it, so you need to seal it
Concrete Great for modern bars. But may not suit other aesthetics.
Stone Expensive and tends to slowly chip away

Depending on the bar top you choose, you will have to pick out an appropriate cleaning liquid. Chemicals in the cleaning liquid, if not chosen carefully, will react with the material and cause damage. 

8. Carefully choose what you put under the front of the bar

Under the front of the bar where guests have access to view the contents, you can sneak in a sink, cake boxes, liquor rails, soda guns, a 4-compartment sink, shaker, ice maker, ice bucket, etc. Ensure you have enough depth and height to store every item here. You need enough bar top material to cover the contents. Make sure there’s sufficient lighting in the backsplash of the bar. Run lighting under the liquor cabinets. 

Pro tip: Hang purse hooks and charging outlets under the front of the bar, so guests can relax while charging their phones. You can use the top shelf to display any rare, magnificent liquor you have at home.

9. Make room for tons of lighting

lighting in home bar

The bar area is a sophisticated space for brightening up and having fun. Elegant, classy lighting is everything. Get chandeliers if you’re going in for over-the-top elegance and have a huge space. If you have limited space between your living room and dining room and have a small home bar in the space, you can get pendant lights, sconces, LED, and strip lights. Make sure the shelves and cabinetry are backlit, underlit, and upperlit well. 

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10. Use the back bar wisely

back bar in home bar

Again, you need lots of storage space here. You can hide the back bar with cabinet doors or shelves or leave open shelving too. It’s completely up to you. Keep beer coolers, and store wine glasses where they’re unlikely to be toppled over. You’re going to need more glassware than you think, so it makes sense to have tons of storage planned ahead for it.

11. Wall wine racks for small spaces

Wall wine racks in home bar

If you’re running low on space, mount a strong pegboard and hand-wall wine bottles. Not only are they cute to look at, but they save a ton of counter space and cabinet space.

12. Impressive serving trays

serving trays in home bar

Get stunning metal or splurge on marble trays for a pop of glam in your bar. Use the trays to hold tumblers, glassware, or bar tools. 

13. Small boards to write specials of the day


If you’re having guests at home to entertain regularly, consider buying a small board to write specials and make the event/party more fun by posing as a regular bar.

14. Wine coolers under the counter

Wine coolers in home bar

Wine coolers or wine fridges don’t have to take centre stage and they can be put under the counter. It also helps in accessing them easily. Since they take up considerable space, keeping them under the counter keeps them hidden away neatly.

15. Always ensure a closed trash disposal

closed trash disposal in home bar

Be it a built-in wet bar, or a walk-up basement bar, there will be fruit waste, liquid, and other waste during and after the party. Always get a closed trash can and ensure it’s whisked away neatly under the bar top.

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16. Personalize to your heart’s content

Personalized home bar

Your home bar needs to have a circulation space of 36 inches, but other than that it can be customized to any extent to reflect your style. If you want a minimalistic look, you can go for a cool, clean room idea with an arch, a plaster wall behind and awesome backlighting. If you want a boho maximalist look, consider a mirror on the back wall with an emerald lacquered ceiling. If you want a farmhouse-style bar, get a Windsor backseat bar seat with a mirror, underlit shelves, downlights, and pin lights coming from the soffits or ceiling.

17. Get vintage items to add character

vintage items in home bar

Get at least one or two vintage items, to add character and to get a balance of old and new. It can be as simple as lamps, footrest ottomans, or reclaimed tiles from yesteryear. You’d be surprised to see how it adds beautiful layers and authenticity.

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18. Buy sculptural lighting to serve as a focal point

sculptural lighting in home bar

If you bought sculptural lighting fixtures for your home but can’t seem to work it out anywhere else, you can make it work in your home bar. It can be a unique focal point in your bar that draws attention.

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Ensure your bar cart includes quality glassware, a variety of spirits, mixers, and decorative elements like fresh garnishes.

Consider rich tones like deep blues, burgundy, or metallic accents to create a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere.

Invest in stylish bottle racks, decanters, or floating shelves to showcase your liquor collection as part of the home bar setup.

Currently, trends include incorporating natural materials, such as wood and stone, and using unique, personalized bar accessories.

Consider installing a smart speaker system, LED lighting, or a digital display for a contemporary and functional upgrade to your home bar.

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