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A trend, when defined with regards to fashion, refers to the styling, colors, materials, and shapes that are popular in a particular season and that might have a long-term influence on the market. Interior design trends are similar to fashion ones as both are inspired by culture and current events. Trying to discern the direction that the latest interior design trends will be taking and which styles, materials, and colors will be most appealing to consumers in the coming season is a real challenge for designers and architects, and requires a great deal of detailed research and observation. A design concept is a central idea around which all the elements of a project are designed; it is the thread which binds together all the design elements and gives central character to the whole project. Hence, interior design trends are much discussed and awaited try it with the interior designing apps and tools. Interior design trends have greatly changed in the last decade and it seems like instead of trends coming from grassroots design movements, they are now being dictated by magazines and popular fashion channels.

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Latest Interior Design Trends of 2019

1. Warm colors are making a comeback  

Colours play a crucial role in interior design and are always the most centric of all interior design trends. They can either make a house or ruin the whole design. In order to be done right, colors used in the interiors should match the look, design, and feel of the house. In earlier seasons’ interior design trends, warm colors had been traded in for cooler colors like blue, purple and bohemian colours of joyous. However, in the interior design trends of 2019, they’re making a huge comeback. While red is being considered the color of the season, all shades of reds, orange and tangerine will be taking over interior design trends of 2019. Browns and beiges are more common for the earthy tones in homes this year. Although last year, grey was mostly used as the neutral color, beige and the warm color palette are replacing the cool hues this season.

2. Curves replacing straight lines

Curves and smooth edges give a sense of comfort and casualness. These organic, attractive shapes are replacing boxy edges and clear lines that had become a staple of interior design trends lately. Puffy sofas and comfy chairs are what the interior design trends of 2019 are all about.

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3. Bold wallpaper

Be it the living room, bedroom or even a conference room, bold wallpaper is hitting the walls all around us. Earlier, this element was used only as an interesting twist, but now it’s bolder and more decorative. The latest interior designing trends are seeing wallpaper replace art. Geometric patterns, landscape scenery, abstract shapes, human and animal figures – Best tips for interior designing and wallpaper prints are a large part of the interior design trends of 2019.

4. Making a statement with bold ceilings

Statement ceilings have made an entrance into 2019 interior design trends. Bold colors and patterns, mirror fixtures and painted art can be found on ceilings designs of both residential and commercial spaces. Though eccentric, these innovative elements provide an interesting look and add a fun and quirky angle to the room.

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5. Bringing nature indoors

Interior design trends seem to be taking a more eco-friendly approach as people are moving towards warm tones and natural elements. Décor elements made either from natural materials or materials that look like natural ones are much in demand to add a natural and authentic look to your space. Natural wood is being used in the latest interior design trends almost everywhere and different stones like marble, granite, pebble, or materials resembling these are also complimenting the ‘getting closer to nature’ approach. Both consumers and designers are embracing recycled and handcrafted goods not just for their aesthetic appeal, but also as a sign of their eco-friendly design approach.

6. Monochrome Look

Black or white finishes for various elements are being more widely embraced in the latest interior design trends. Black lighting fixtures, window frames, furniture details, and finishes are all in line with the 2019 interior design trends. Black and white patterns, prints, decorative objects, and accessories may have first been introduced through the Scandinavian design styles but they are nowhere to stay. Carrying with them a bold and minimalistic vibe, these monochrome elements can be used in any type of décor.

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7. Flexible Spaces

Earlier, spaces were often designated for the purpose they served – sitting areas, dining areas, meeting rooms, etc. However, people now want more open areas and the freedom to personalize their space, based on their individual preferences as well as changing requirements. In the latest interior design trends, buyers and consumers are designing and planning their own spaces according to their needs rather than following a strict pattern or rigid design as was the norm earlier.

8. Traditional Nouveau Design

Mid-century modern design has been replaced by the latest eclectic interior design trend of traditional nouveau design which is inspired by neoclassicism and older design styles. This latest interior design trend incorporates antique pieces of furniture but with a feel of the future – Imagine the 18th-century piece of furniture, but replace the traditional solid colors with a much brighter color with fancy knobs, handles or designs.

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9. Concrete Accents

While concrete has always been commonly used for floors and countertops, this versatile, accessible material is now being used in more interesting and unexpected ways, including home accessories such as pendant lighting and furniture. 2019’s interior design trends are seeing it being used in more innovative ways than just material for surfaces.

The latest interior design trends are being welcomed by both designers and users around the world. If you’re looking to incorporate 2019’s interior design trends into your space, but are hesitating as you’re unsure about what the final space will look like, then MagikTour is the answer to your dilemma. This leading 3D visualization software by Foyr will help you get a realistic understanding of the final design as it allows you to take a virtual walkthrough and 3D interior design software for your space. So, go ahead and experiment to your heart’s delight!

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