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Showers are underrated spaces for relaxation. They give you a homey feeling after a long day, and on grumpy mornings they feed you enough energy to get you a good headstart to the day. Your client wants the right ambiance to enjoy energetic mornings when they sing their heart out in the shower, and also when they need a peaceful, calming spot to melt away their stresses after a hectic day.

Seemingly a trivial decision, but types of tile you use have a great impact in how you feel in the shower area. Use this precious real estate to introduce your client’s personality, and cater to their needs, while ensuring they are functional and fit for daily use.

Here are 18 shower tile design ideas that’ll give you an upper hand in your next bathroom decor project. 

Top 18 Shower Tile Ideas

No matter what style you’re going for, you have umpteen options to choose from. Let’s go over popular tile styles, you can readily incorporate in your design.

1. Mix marble tiles

Mix marble tiles

Blend in contrasting yet complementary marble tiles for the shower area, and choose the tile color, texture and pattern that matches with the rest. Since marble is the de-facto icon amongst stones, bringing in the shower exudes subtle grandeur while maintaining a calming and serene vibe. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and natural elegance. Make sure the tiles are proper sealed during installation, and you’ll never have to worry about scratches, dents, or stains ever again.

The beauty of the tile lies in how they blend in with the space, and with any overall color palette you’re going for.

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2. Beach house look with wavy tiles

Beach house look with wavy tiles

Mosaic shower floor with a beach-style wavy tiles on the bathroom walls set the perfect coastal and relaxing vibe to the shower area. They have a sense of fluidity and serenity and in a space like the shower, where people simply want to melt away their stresses and relax themselves peacefully, wavy tiles are a godsend. If you go for super organic shapes, you can also add a certain level of lively energy to the space, along with tranquil.

3. Geometric tiles

Geometric tiles

These shower tiles bring in Chevron or Moroccan inspired motifs, and other classic shapes like rectangles, hexagon tiles and circles as well. You don’t need a screen or any other divider to differentiate the bathroom and shower space, if you’re going for geometric patterned tile. Its an element of visual interest, and highly distinguishable tile that can instantly impress guests. It doesn’t show dirt, grime or watermarks, so you can maintain it effortlessly.

When used right, they can make the space look bigger. Generally made from ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone, they’re scratch-resistant. Use this tile as a bathroom tile idea or as a shower backsplash and your client will be thankful.

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4. Color popping feature wall tile

Color popping feature wall tile

Bring in bold, contrasting tiles for the shower wall only, to make it stand out. Hold attention with bright, bold colors like teal, coral, mustard, or impressive geometric patterns. They make for a flattering contrast in the background of the overall bathroom tile and wall color, you can even take it up as a DIY project. No matter what overall aesthetic you’re going for, you can always incorporate a stark contrast in the space with a color popping wall, while also blending in. They’re trending even in 2024, so installing them at home will only complement the aesthetic of the house.

5. Subway style white and black tiles

Subway style white and black tiles

Ah, the classic white tiles with the black grout. Incredibly popular in the early 2000s, these black and white tiles have endured the test of time and are still a hot favorite. Clean lines, simple rectangular shape, to create a sleek and modern look with this conventional tile. They can elongate the walls given their rectangular shape. Choose any shade of white with any undertone and it’ll fit in perfectly with the vibe you create. The grout lines are minimal, so you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew cropping up between them.

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6. Smooth pebbles

Smooth pebble tiles

Sealed, sanded, smooth pebbles on the shower wall and shower floor tile flaunt the sauna vibe like no other. Bring in pebble tiles, or stone tiles that contrast with the wall color. They remind you of rock beaches where you found solace after a long day. They bring about a sense of calm and that’s why you can use them in your shower area without a doubt. They stand out from other elements due to their intriguing texture, and can be a welcome addition to your shower area. You can customize them to any extent.

They’re slip resistant, and give you good grip even if you’ve just stepped out from the shower.

7. Penny tiles

Suitable for a classic bathroom design. The old-fashioned penny design on the shower walls bring a timeless vibe to the space. You can be stacked together in different ways, including herringbone patterns, basketweave patterns. When they’re stacked closely, they resemble mosaic tiles. Depending on the finish you want, you can choose from porcelain tile, ceramic tiles, glass and even marble. Their other best quality is the grip they offer when laid underfoot on the bathroom floor.

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8. Metallic tiles

Metallic tiles

Shimmering metallic tiles on the splash wall of the shower area sets an earthy, yet masculine tone to the room. Effortlessly bringing in opulence to the shower, these tiles can make the bathroom look like a million bucks without having to spend much on decor. Their reflective surface makes the place look feisty, infusing vibrancy to the walk-in shower space, like a disco ball. Apt for shower area, since it can boost your energy levels before you start your day. Inclined towards a contemporary style, but with the right colors, texture and patterns, these tiles can suit any style.

9. Marble with mother of pearl inlaid

Marble with mother of pearl inlaid

White marble’s natural veining is a lovely design element in itself. When paired with a mother-of-pearl inlaid, it shines brighter and elevates the look of the shower area, and the bathroom as a whole. Mother of pearl has a soft look to it, and matches well with the subtle luxury that marble exudes. Although they look flimsy, or delicate, they gain incredible strength when they’re duly sealed. Guests will flock to the shower to just get a glimpse of the luxury hotel vibe you’ve created there with this tile.

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10. Exotic tile inlay

Exotic tile inlay

Instantly becomes the focal point of the room. Just like how people bring in souvenirs show the adventures and travels you’ve made, these exotic Moroccan themed, Asian or Spanish motifs makes the place look like an exotic spa – a special and carefully curated area based on the personality of the homeowner. Often, designers use bold, bright colors for the inlays, to create a visually contrasting, yet aesthetically pleasing space in the shower area.

11. Whitewashed brick tile

Whitewashed brick tile

Pair a rustic flair with a modern sanctuary vibe with these tiles, especially in an all-white wall bathroom. Whitewashing softens the brick look, catering to the mellow vibe you’d want in the bathroom, while also giving a farmhouse look. When you add wooden tones and accents, you can truly elevate the space if you’re going for a minimalist bathroom, given the calming aura the whitewashed brick tile has set. Brick tiles have a natural insulating property, and they can moderate the temperature of the bathroom.

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12. Sandy hued tiles

Sandy hued tiles

Sets an earthy, warm and tranquil look in the shower area. Why travel all the way to the beach, when you can bring it home to your client right in the shower? These tiles resemble the fine sands of the beach, and just like you feel in the beach walking and bathing with the sand, their neutral colors wash you over with their calming quality. Choose from a wide variety of sand colors and mix and match undertones (beige, taupe, tan, or gray tile) to get the look you’re going for. Since they’re light colors, the shower area looks spacious, even if it’s a small bathroom you’re working with.

13. Rockfall accent tile

Rockfall accent tile

Get dark colored tiles in the accent wall of the shower area, and add mosaic in a way that depicts a waterfall – pristine water flowing on top of dark colored rocks. Alluring feature to bring in at a budget. It lays a great visual impact on you, and depicts an actual waterfall, which naturally gives off a serene ambiance, and a comforting look. Works like a charm with any mosaic over any dark colored tiles.

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14. Monochromatic tile with industrial accents

Monochromatic tile with industrial accents

Bring in candy tiles or any monochromatic tile and fill the space with it. Carefully add industrial colored accents, such as a wrought iron-colored bathroom shower ledges, glass door handle etc, and you’ve set a visually interesting, and energizing space in the shower area.

15. Fish scale tiles

Fish scale tiles

You’ve seen it in luxury spas, and you can recreate it in the shower area too – Turquoise Moroccan mermaid scales on deep green tiles that create an oceany vibe. Gives a whimsical touch to the space, and naturally relaxes those entering the shower. Denotes a slow, quiet movement of fishes, and relaxes the onlooker. Since the tiles have curved edges, grout lines are minimized, and the homeowner doesn’t need to spend time cleaning them.

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16. Iridescent glass tiles

Installing small square glass tiles will give a disco retro vibe, making you feel happier and ready to start your day. Light bounces off the surface and makes the space look multi dimensional. It can be refreshing to step into the shower and slowly experience positive energy flow, given how radiant the place looks. Super easy to clean and maintain, given that the grout lines are designed accordingly. Works perfectly for a sleek, modern style. 

17. Stormy hued subway tile

Stormy hued subway tile

Combine small and large tile in symmetrical sections. Create a balanced and a harmonious look with these tiles. The mix of different tile shapes and tile sizes makes the space visually contrasting, while also making it cohesive. They not only look elegant, but also exude a refreshing feeling.

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18. Faux Wooden Tile

Faux Wooden Tile

Wood tones in the shower area reminds of calm living in the woods, especially when paired with cool colors. Wood’s innate calming quality takes precedence, and the shower area becomes a cocoon where the homeowner can step in for a peaceful retreat from the world. It sort of resembles a shower in a cottage or cabin in the woods, where you bathe amidst natural elements. Since it’s faux wood, you don’t have to worry about the heat or constant moisture exposure.

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Natural stone tiles, such as marble, travertine, and slate, offer timeless beauty and unique variations but require regular maintenance and sealing to prevent staining and water damage. They can also be more susceptible to scratching and chipping.

The grout width can impact the overall look and maintenance of your shower tiles. Opt for a narrower grout width (1/16 to 1/8 inch) for a seamless, contemporary look, or a wider grout width (1/4 to 3/8 inch) for a more traditional or rustic aesthetic.

Yes, you can install new tile over existing shower tile as long as the existing surface is clean, stable, and in good condition. However, it’s essential to use the appropriate adhesives and follow proper installation techniques to ensure a successful outcome.

Budget-friendly options include ceramic subway tiles, porcelain mosaic tiles, and basic ceramic or porcelain tiles in standard sizes. Consider using simple, timeless designs that offer durability and versatility without breaking the bank.

Yes, large-format tiles can be used in a small shower to create a sense of spaciousness and reduce visual clutter. However, be mindful of the scale of your shower space and consider the proportions of the tiles to avoid overwhelming the area.

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