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Remember those retro movies that featured a beautiful ranch-style home in California, or Texas with huge windows and a happy family? Well, with that new plot of land you have in hand, you can build a similar, yet more sophisticated ranch home and live in the house of your dreams in the serene, peaceful countryside overlooking the beauty of the landscape. If you have a house you’re planning to remodel, you can still convert it to a modern ranch-style home you’ve always wanted. To make your living more enjoyable, we have a list of ranch house interior design ideas.

The best part about ranch-style houses is that you can maintain the crux of the region and yet bring in luxurious elements or smart living features that make your life comfortable, as a homeowner. With a blend of aesthetics and functionality, you can bring any dream decor to life. Walk with us and let’s explore 17 creative decor ideas for your ranch home. 

What’s The Difference Between A Ranch House, A Modern Farmhouse, And A Barndominium?

Attributes Ranch house Modern Farmhouse Barndominium
Architectural style One-story home with a long, low profile and simple, open layout Gabled roofs, contemporary design, with large windows, and rustic elements. A two-story combination of barns and condominiums with a metal exterior and plush interior 
Functionality and use Family homes and retirement residences, for people who want a layout sans stairs Spacious open concept plans, and suitable for large families with duplex living With living and barn/workshop areas, it’s suitable for families and individuals interested in quiet living with a built-in recreational area
Materials and aesthetics Brick, wood, stucco, and metals used in decor and design Reclaimed wood, metal, and large windows used in the design Metal exteriors, metal beams, and floor-to-ceiling windows used in the design

Top ranch-style house design ideas

Considering the landscape you’re in and the design style you want to adopt, you will have to personalize your design. However, the following design ideas can be tailor-made to suit any style you may want for your ranch house.

1. Floor-to-ceiling windowed entryway

Ranch house designs - Floor-to-ceiling windowed entryway

One of the ways to make your ranch house stand out is by showing the connection between the indoors and outdoors by having huge windows installed in the entryway that blur the line between them and make you feel more connected to nature. To add more emphasis, you can also add a nice rug made of natural fibers to get a tactile feel upon entering the front door. To exude an inviting and pleasant welcome, add a tall houseplant to the entryway.

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2. Differentiate open-concept dining room and kitchen with ceiling beams

open-concept dining room and kitchen in ranch house

A key element of countryside living is the impression of the farm and the barn in the interior of the houses. If you’re going in for an open floor plan and want to create a stark difference between the kitchen and the living room which may be side to side, you can do so by having beams run right from the entryway, and kitchen, and placing the dining on the opposite end with a plain ceiling. This creates a visual difference and we see them as two different living spaces altogether.

3. Antique metal finish lighting complements light wood tones

light wood tones in ranch house design

If you’re opting for a light wood tone throughout your house, the best way to throw in variety in your dining room is by creating a focal point with antique, oversized, metal finish pendant lights. Bring in wrought iron chandeliers on the kitchen island and distressed ceramic table lamps, metallic wall lamps, candle hurricanes with metal detailing, leather or linen lamp shades, or scroll jug or stirrup style lamp bases.

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4. Replace a few dining room chairs with upholstered benches

upholstered benches in ranch house

If you have a rather cramped living area in the dining room and have frequent guests to entertain, you can’t afford to clog the open space with more chairs, leaving no room for traffic and circulation. Instead, bring in upholstered benches that follow the color palette and theme of the space, and that hold a few people at once. You can support the fabric component by adding layers of drapes to the windows.

5. Want to bring in bold colors? Introduce them in the kitchen

ranch house with bold colors

With deep blue colored cabinets that represent Blue Bonnets, rustic wood kitchen counter, dark metal pendant lighting, antique brass kitchen hood, burnt orange colored chairs in the kitchen island, and a wooden kitchen island table, paired with a white backsplash will look bold, blend in with the color scheme and remain aesthetic to the eye. Add a small piece of artwork in the kitchen in a place that doesn’t get much traffic, it elevates the entire look of the space.

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6. Get a secret walk-in pantry

secret walk-in pantry in ranch house

If you love the social media trends of having a hidden-away place in a home, you can bring in a secret pantry with a door that resembles your cabinet doors so no one knows the difference. However, when they do open the door, they will be in for a surprise. 

7. Exposed trusses in the great room for a rustic look

rustic look ranch house

A great room is the total area comprising the living room, drawing room, lounge, and occasionally the kitchen in an open floor plan. Bring in exposed trusses with a black steel cable detail so you can hang sculptural metal lighting to draw your eyes upwards and give an overall warm, rustic, and homey look to your ranch house great room.

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8. Add rustic and vintage items wherever possible to give a ravishing, ranchy look

vintage items in ranch house

Right from vintage textiles, to vintage decor pieces, hand-knotted rugs, baskets, to consoles, play around with different rustic accessories with natural textures, say, marble, wood, and an occasional ploy of metal. You can have a vintage console behind the sofa that looks lived-in, handmade, and homey. It only makes your home feel closer to your heart.

9. Frame doorways and windows with wooden tones to match the floor

Frame doorway in ranch house

Just because everyone’s going with white or black framed windows, you don’t have to do the same. Go for wood-framed doorways and glass door windows whose tone matches that of your floor. It blends the entire space and looks cohesive. 

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10. A stone fireplace complements the rustic look

stone fireplace in ranch house

You can bring as many elements from the exterior to the interior with thoughtful interior design, and a fireplace is a great place to do that. You can go with a stone fireplace, a stone with a hue that’s commonly found in the neighborhood. The fireplace can be left open or concealed, that’s up to you. You can make it pop by painting the adjacent walls white. 

11. Play with levels and shapes when decorating tables

decorated table in ranch house

The decorating rule of three has been around for ages and for a good reason. Add layers, and visual variety by bringing in decor pieces and accessories with different textures, heights, and visual properties. For example, for the coffee table in the living room, you could go with a handmade clay jar, a small round-shaped coir basket, and a couple of books/magazines on it.

12. Experiment with flooring ideas but retain the core of the ranch home

hardwood flooring in ranch house

When choosing flooring options for your home, you may want to keep in mind the climate of the place you’re in, functionality, and style. You can choose from reclaimed hardwood flooring, natural stone, rustic terracotta tiles, and porcelain tiles in bathrooms. Seal the deal with rugs and runners on the floor like handmade kilims, animal hides, woven loops of jute, vintage Persian rugs, and sheep skin, that add texture, pattern, color, and dimension.

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13. Window treatments that complement the vintage style

Taking into consideration warmth, style, and privacy, you can choose between natural woven shades, wooden shutters, simple floor-to-ceiling draperies, Roman shades, and sheer curtains in light, airy fabrics. 

14. Inviting furniture options

Furnitures in ranch house

You need furniture that resonates with the warm, and inviting ambiance of the rest of the home. Some options you can consider are leather sofas, benches, nail-head leather saddle armchairs, reclaimed or distressed wooden furniture, cowhide or woven chairs and ottomans, upholstered headboards, and end-of-bed furniture. 

15. Incorporate natural and rugged textures and patterns

rugged textures and patterns in ranch house

The countryside is known for its rugged terrain and natural beauty. Try to bring these attributes inside the house with such textures and patterns. Wood, metal, and leather take precedence. Closely followed by soft furnishings made of heavyweight linen, faux fur or woolen blankets, linen or leather cushions, throw pillows and blankets with geometric shapes, and native American-inspired textiles in warm earthy tones.

16. Apt artwork you can choose

Country-themed artwork that nods to cowboy culture, country music posters showcasing the rich music history of the country, framed oil paintings of the surrounding landscape, vintage prints, and cowboy-themed photography. In contemporary homes, you can find abstract artwork and textured canvas art in neutral tones. 

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17. Build a pool with the integrity of the landscape intact

pool in ranch house

You can build your swimming pool right off of the deck and look over the landscape, without disturbing it. You can include Baja shelves in the pool if it’s sufficiently large, and a jacuzzi in the middle. 

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Use furniture with low profiles and strategically place mirrors to maximize natural light and create a spacious ambiance.

Emphasize the horizontal clean lines of the ranch house by using horizontal siding, and consider adding a welcoming front porch with classic outdoor furniture.

Use light-colored bedding, minimize furniture, and incorporate mirrors strategically to create the illusion of a larger and brighter bedroom.

Opt for native plants, a well-maintained lawn, and simple garden structures to enhance the ranch house’s curb appeal.

Shop for vintage or secondhand furniture, repaint existing pieces and focus on small decor updates to refresh the ranch house interior on a budget.

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