A lot of interior designing is about meeting the expectations of your clients. Your designs can be terrific, but if they fail to meet your client’s expectations, you will have a hard time finding consistent work. 

Thankfully, interior designing has gone about a massive revolution in the last few decades. From having to draw sketches using rulers and other equipment (which would inadvertently take hours) to being able to visualize the end design using 3D rendering (within minutes), there has been a complete transformation.

A good interior design is seldom made in a single go. You visualize an idea, work on it, rework it, and then make the final adjustments. In the past, it would mean that designers would often have to start fresh multiple times. With 3D rendering and visualization, these incremental upgrades can be inserted within seconds.  

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While this makes interior projects incredibly easy to design, there is a significant roadblock. There are a lot of 3D designing software in the market, and most of them are complex for designers to get a hang of. 

Enter Foyr Neo – an innovative interior designing solution for everyone. It offers intuitive design tools and is laced with machine learning (ML) to give you more time to optimize your designs and ace your client’s work.

This article breaks down the process of using Foyr Neo to help even beginners transform client briefs into stunning 3D designs. To make things easier for you, we have laid down the entire process in six easy, actionable steps which guarantee impeccable results if done right. 

Deciphering Client Briefs

A client design brief is where it all begins. It is a comprehensive document that acts as a guideline and sets the client’s expectations straight. A brief encompasses important factors, such as timeframe, budget, style preferences, measurements, etc. 

So, irrespective of the project size, the first step is to translate the brief right and convert the client’s vision into actionable design elements. For this, you need to get in touch with the client, discuss the brief in detail, and understand their style and preferences.

One key thing to remember is to keep them involved throughout the design process and carefully explain how you are planning to go about each step. It would allow the client to give specific inputs that can make the overall process more holistic and ensure lesser reworks. 

The inputs can be used to reflect the client’s personality too. You can use a careful mix of elements, such as having artwork that matches the client’s taste or creating a minimalistic feel by using a subtle color scheme. You have to dribble through the artistic choices carefully to capture the client’s essence and embed it into the design. 

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Getting Started with Foyr Neo

Say goodbye to the days when you would sit for hours trying to design the perfect interior design model only to realize that it doesn’t work and start all over again. With Foyr Neo, declutter your design workflow and use the leverage of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to create intricate interior designs.

Have questions like how to get started with Foyr Neo in your head? We’re here to help. 

Foyr Neo is an interior design software that lets you create 2D floor plans and develop their 3D renders within minutes. From floor planning to editing your plans with accessories, colors, fixtures, and drag and drop to add textures, you can do it all with a few clicks.

Once the plan is ready, use our software to 3D render within minutes. In addition, our software supports a one-click 360-degree walkthrough to let you examine the project and fine-tune it before bringing it to life. 

If you are having trouble, you can benefit from Foyr Neo’s AI-powered floor planning assistance to perform complex operations. Gain granular control and adjust the designs with the help of artificial intelligence to ensure a final design that meets and supersedes client expectations.  

Transform Your 2D Sketches into Exquisite 3D Visualizations

Do you have a CAD render of the interior design? Great. Upload it on Foyr Neo and get going instantly. If not, use our software to create a basic 2D sketch. Start with the floors and use our range of clutter-free features for a high-quality 2D render. 

If you already have the initial sketch and are uploading it on our software, you can use the range of features to adjust the two-dimensional render. Once you feel you have the basics sorted, instantaneously shift to 3D models to get a more realistic visualization of the design project. 

In addition, 3D visualizations also allow your client to get a clearer picture. Given that they get an almost accurate representation of the interior design along with the lighting and how the ambiance may feel, it also allows the client to suggest changes that can be taken into account and implemented within minutes. 

The accurate representation, the flexibility to adjust instantaneously, and a more holistic overall feel means that a 3D rendering software like Foyr Neo can help you deliver what your client has envisioned almost every time. It makes your work so much easier compared to when you only have 2D sketches to work with. 

Foyr Neo comes packed with over 2,000 design templates to help you kickstart your mockups. Or design something from scratch and effortlessly switch between 2D and 3D models with a single click. 

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Take Your Designs to the Next Stage by Adding Textures and Elements

Once the conceptualization and modeling part is sorted, we move on to the finer details. You add textures and elements to your Foyr Neo design projects for accurate prototyping. 

Textures can include colors, patterns, and surface details to give a hyper-realistic look to the design. For this, it is important that you understand UV mapping. Also, it is easy to sacrifice credibility while adding these elements in a bid to make your design look perfect. A better choice would be to showcase real-life elements, such as shadows, seals, and more, as they are likely to appear. 

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Foyr Neo users get access to over 60,000 pre-built 3D models, which allows them to tinker with the design and ensure superior results with minimum wasted effort. From furniture to accessories and more, use them to refine your designs with ease. All you have to do is drag and drop elements to your design. 

Looking to take it a step further? Go full DIY and create your 3D models from scratch, or upload an OBJ model to achieve the level of perfection your client would be proud of. 

Get Real-time Reviews from Your Clients

Having to send 2D renders via email every few days can be a true pain and can seriously hamper your workflow. Having the bliss of truly collaborative software that lets you share your ideas and get reviews in real-time can significantly shorten the time consumed. It can also lead to improved efficiency and ensure your client gets a bird’s eye view of everything you do. 

At Foyr Neo, we strongly support true collaboration and believe it is a must-have for delivering optimal results. So, we have introduced a bunch of collaboration features on our software to let you stay in touch with your clients and get them more engaged in interior design iterations. 

These features allow you to effortlessly integrate client feedback at each step of the ideation process and work towards fine-tuning the result. In addition, we have a strong community of over 50,000 enthusiasts (a mix of your target audience and fellow designers) who are active users of our software. So, suppose you are unsure about certain design elements and want professional help. In that case, you can always reach out to the community, and they would be more than happy to provide consultancy and honest feedback. 

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Supercede Expectations with the Final Presentation and Wow Your Clients

Now that you have done the hard work and used the design software to refine your design throughout, we move on to the last stage – the presentation stage. The stage is set for you to use Foyr Neo and get photorealist 3D renders and a walkthrough. Our app is capable of generating high-quality, 4K interior design renders with utmost ease. 

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Gone are the days when you had to wait for days for the perfect floor plan render. We have equipped our software with a powerful cloud rendering engine to deliver stunning results within minutes. In addition, our AI comes into play to take care of the ancillaries during the rendering process. From smart docking to auto lighting and more, use Foyr Neo’s automation capabilities to create a compelling 3D design presentation. 

If you are facing difficulties getting your final presentation right, go through Foyr Neo’s tutorial section to help you get the most out of our design solutions. 

Here are some bonus tips for creating impactful 3D design presentations – 

  • Keep the design language as simple as feasible. While some projects may require intricate designs, most would more likely benefit from keeping things simple. 
  • Choose a design atmosphere that matches all the stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Make sure you furnish and decorate every room.
  • Adjust the light setting to provide a more realistic view to your client. You can also use Foyr Neo’s AI-powered toolkit and algorithms to deliver cutting-edge interior design.

Use Foyr Neo to Deliver Stunning Graphic Designs Every Time

3D rendering and modeling have come a long way in recent years. From 3D printing to logo design to gaming and interior design, its use cases are constantly on the rise, and professionals are using it to deliver superior results to their clients. 

It is imperative to remember that most clients in the real world are visual thinkers and learners, as most humans are. So, giving them a more realistic, three-dimensional view of what to expect is more likely to help you deliver a final result that meets and supersedes their expectations. 

It is why tools like Foyr Neo have become an indispensable part of interior design process. A lot of interior design tools are too complex to handle for layman. We wanted to change that and have thus created an ecosystem that feels open-source and easy to use, even for those with little to no prior designing experience. 

Here’s why Foyr Neo is a must-have design tool for even the best designers-

  • It saves a lot of time. Our users were able to deliver stunning designs within a few minutes. Plus, our powerful rendering machine and the clever use of ML allow us to help you finish projects in less than half the usual time. 
  • Enjoy the benefits of more than five design tools in one place with Foyr Neo. We need zero plugins, and users can perform their complete design function within our ecosystem. 
  • Are you worried that constantly switching between Mac and Microsoft’s Windows devices can hamper your workflow? It is a non-issue when you use our software. We operate 100% online, and you can seamlessly switch devices and ecosystems without fretting about losing your work. 

Intrigued? Try Foyr Neo free for 14 days and know what the hype is all about. No credit card needed, no unwanted hassles. We promise. We want to let enthusiasts like you feel what our ecosystem is like before pressing the Buy button. 

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