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How to get Interior Design Clients?

The business of interior design is a form of art and economic balance. Much like any other business, it requires an innate knowledge of the subject, a psychological understanding of the needs of potential clients, and a good marketing strategy.

Interior designers are dedicated to making their interior design clients’ dreams come true. This takes a special set of skills. Not only do interior designers need to locate potential customers but also understand the requirement and execute the design project as per their needs.

Each interior designer has a Unique Selling Proposition. There is always a particular theme, or budget, or even a layout that they excel at serving. Therefore, in order to run a successful interior design business, you need to recognize your style and approach ideal clients who are looking for exactly your skillset.

There are several factors that affect the success of an interior design firm. Let us take a look at some of the techniques you can employ to locate and approach your ideal clients.

1. Create a stunning interior design portfolio

These days, with technology at your disposal, you can easily build a powerful portfolio of your design ideas in no time. No matter the business, potential customers will always desire to see your body of work.

Now, even if you are a new interior designer fresh out of college, you can still create a stunning portfolio. There are several applications and online channels available such as Houzz, Smart Draw, SketchUp, and our personal favorite, Foyr Neo.

Using these incredible design apps, you can create floor plans and implement your design ideas in both 2D and 3D formats. Foyr Neo, being a cloud-based platform, allows you to share your portfolio of design ideas via the magic of the internet so you can approach clients and acquire potential deals countrywide.

Use the vast array of templates available at your disposal on the Foyr Neo app, create astounding mood boards, estimate the pricing, and find a balance between the client’s needs and your creativity. Implement your home decor ideas in 3D renderings and establish your dominance in the interior design industry.

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2. Find inspiration in unprecedented situations

Don’t get frustrated when business is going slow. This era is all about innovation and inspiration.
If you are unable to approach clients due to situations like a pandemic or any social or global issues, you need not worry. If you have the will to perform, then nothing can stop you from getting results.

For instance, have you considered the invaluable power of the internet? True, you may not get some one-on-one direct face-time with your clients. But how about conducting a webinar or blogging about your talents in the interior design industry to draw clients?
You can share your own design ideas and a variety of layouts that you have designed. Consider reaching out to your readers and providing a mode of contact so new clients seek you out. Small businesses always seem to get caught in the race of looking for potential clients. But if you can present your interior design services as a prize then ideal clients will hunt you down.

You can also consider word of mouth from real estate agents, business owners, satisfied clients, etc. but more on that later.
The point is, don’t get frustrated because your startup hasn’t drawn any traction yet. Use innovative methods to help people locate you instead. Content marketing is an inspired solution. With a strategic number of SEO keywords, your small business can be highlighted in search engines thus attracting potential clients to you.

3. Implement a stupendous marketing strategy

Speaking of content marketing and search engine optimization, marketing strategies play a huge role in attracting new clients. Your marketing efforts will never go in vain.

Today, the world is quickly revolving around good marketing and adverts. You don’t have to be a connoisseur of digital marketing or even know how to use the various software and tools. All you need is a plan and an efficient team. If you have a small business, consider using a freelancer or spend some time learning how to generate a buzz through your marketing strategy. The simplest of ideas will do, and they can yield spectacular results too.

There are various methodologies to follow but content marketing is definitely one of our personal recommendations. A carefully created, good-quality content about your small business with strategized SEO keywords and some portfolio renderings will help you find interior design clients effortlessly.

Not only do the SEO keywords help highlight your business in search engines but they will also demonstrate your prowess in the interior design industry. You can also build a website to market your startup as well as contact new clients. Websites are great to share testimonials from satisfied clients or sharing your body of work.

People can sign up to your mailing list where you slowly start to build a database of potential clients. You can use email marketing and approach every single contact in your email list to keep them informed about your progress and remind them of your existence.

4. Always carry your business cards

People seem to think that in this technological era, physical business cards are needless. This cannot be further from the truth.
For one, it is a time-tested means of sharing your business credentials. Not only does it make you seem more dignified and distinguished but also offers clients an assurance that your business is legitimate. As a business owner, it is always good to share your business card as a means of honorable business communication.

Secondly, if you share your contact information by inputting the digits in their phone then there is a good chance that once they lose the phone, you lose new business. Phones are unreliable. They may fall into the water, break, or even get stolen easily. The thief is unlikely to call you for interior design in their home.

Business cards are also extremely helpful as they carry your contact information as well as the physical address of your small business. The client will reflect upon it and certainly contact you for the sheer sense of respect and decorum you followed.

5. Keep an eye on real estate sales in your area of interior design services

As an interior designer, you can work with any number of clients in different locations. But as per your license and permits, you definitely have popular areas you frequent, right?

Well, keep an eye on the real estate listings in the area and an account for when the sales go through. You can also build substantial connections with real estate agents in the vicinity. This will help acquire more business quickly.

70% of the population that purchases a new property is looking for an interior designer. They want their new home to be the haven where they build memories with their loved ones. Thus, these interior design clients provide a new canvas for you to decorate with your design project.

There are also a number of real estate investors who wish to flip properties. Don’t disregard them. They are potential clients who wish to design a beautiful home for their future buyers and will definitely pay top dollar for a job well done.

6. Use social media marketing to your advantage

Social media is all the rage right now. So why not use it to your advantage?
Clients may be looking for you but they can’t find you. A verified assumption is that they will open their social media accounts at least once a day. Use the opportunity to advertise yourself with the invariable social media marketing tools at your disposal.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. offer a set of marketing strategies. Get on the frontline. The phenomenon is simple. You need to choose your niche, location, and other demographics before launching paid advertisements. The apps then modulate and find potential clients and display your ad to them while they look through their feeds.

This revolutionary marketing strategy is one that yields substantial results. You can share a 3D rendering video of a house you designed for a client or as part of your portfolio. These videos appear normally like the posts from their friends and family. Make sure to make them impressive that they feel like calling you instantly.

Another social media marketing strategy would be to start your own page where you can share promotional offers for your interior design business or partners that you work with. This helps engage people thereby keeping you in their mind when they need any design projects.

7. Understand the personal style of homeowners

It is important that an interior designer recognizes the style of homeowners. For the most part, during your marketing efforts, you can focus on clean designs. Explore your horizons a little and demonstrate the different styles that you can easily implement in both large and small spaces.

When you finally approach your client, take some time to observe their habits, their personality, their preferences, and their style. Based on your analysis, offer 3D design projects that you can easily create on Foyr Neo and pay attention to reflecting their personal aura.

Clients and homeowners always want their home to imitate their personal choices. Therefore, with a little effort, you can create the dream home for them. They are definitely going to hire you to bring your vision to light.

Each new client has a different taste. Make sure that your skills as an interior designer are adaptable and your pricing complements your services adequately. In no time, you can become the most versatile interior designer which is phenomenal personal branding in itself.

8. Take inspirations from HGTV

Whether you are a new designer or an experienced one, it is always good to draw inspiration from experts in the interior design industry. HGTV constantly shares amazing home décor and interior design ideas that will stun and impress any new client.

There are revolutionary advancements in interior design services on a periodical basis. Watch some of their design videos and draw from them. You can learn about new and improved color schemes, furniture acquisition, combinations, patterns, and so much more.

However, always remember to implement your own ideas in your design projects. Ideal clients like authentic design plans. It’s like clothes. No one wants to sport something that everyone has. Use your creativity to employ the ideas you learned from HGTV and implement them in your own interior design plans.

Circumvent the process of plagiarism and unleash the creativity of your interior design services by incorporating the excellent design schemes shared by industry experts and making them your own with personal touches.

9. Build good relations for referrals

Remember what we said about building a website and sharing the testimonials from satisfied clients?
Take it one step further.
Undoubtedly, you will meet ideal clients in your interior design business who will appreciate what you have produced from the power of your mind and creativity. These clients are not just hiring interior designers to impress themselves but also their friends and family.
Build substantial connections with these clients. You don’t have to be unprofessional or overly enthusiastic and cordial but always be gracious and polite. These clients are your direct advertisement.

Aside from social media marketing, a prominent form of marketing strategy is word of mouth. It may seem small but your business will thrive only with a few referrals from satisfied clients. Remember, people have friends and family. If only three of them contact you and those three share your referrals with their friends and family, then you already have a significant database of clientele.

Also, as we said before, form good relations with real estate agents and realtors. These people are constantly dealing with new clients looking for interior designers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity. Your connections and your network act as your business cards.

You know how they say that ‘Nothing that comes easy lasts forever?’ Well, this philosophy should inspire new businesses.
Interior design, much like any other field, requires dedication and hard work. Interior designers are artists and you can never rush art. You have a great responsibility towards your potential customers. You will design the space where they will spend the rest of their lives. Therefore, it is primordial that you understand their requirements thoroughly before jumping into the design projects.

First-time interior designers may find it difficult to cope with the above-mentioned plans to acquire new business. However, don’t underestimate yourself, but don’t be overconfident either. If you have an eye for design then you already have the talents needed for the job.

What you need to do is create an astounding portfolio of your own designs. You can use our Foyr Neo app to create some 3D models of your design plans or even 2D pictures for a scrapbook of your ideas. Present them to the potential clients and let them decide if you meet their needs. If required, make some impromptu presentations with Foyr Neo to reflect the layout of the homeowners’ house.

If you have a dream then believe in it and fight for it. Success comes to those who are prepared to go above and beyond for what they want.

Happy Designing!

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