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Office Decor Ideas

In this progressive era, it is pivotal to keep busy, looking for new ways to make money. The economic conditions across the globe have been suffering immensely. It is up to us to find new and improved ways to rectify it. The best way to do so is to work smarter.

There is no time to rest. People are constantly seeking new ways to make money and what better way to do that than dedicating time and resources towards a better and brighter future.

Hence, apart from the bustle of the workplace, home offices are a primitive need in any household. During the pandemic, in particular, having a dedicated home office comes in really handy to continue the contributions towards work and career.

It is essential for any working individual to have a quiet space available to ponder over various business plans. Therefore, a home office, even one with minimalist design ideas, is a welcome addition to their house.

That is why, today we shall discuss a few office decor ideas for the workplace as well as a home office, to inspire and enlighten you.

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What is a home office?

A home office is an assigned room or dedicated space that you can use for all work-related functions, within the confines of your home.

This may be a large room furnished with an office design to fit a desk chair, a table, office supplies, filing cabinets, etc. It may very well be a dedicated small space to the living room where you can work freely. It may also just be a foldaway table with removable desk accessories in a small studio apartment.

Regardless of how big or small space you have, a home office is a necessity, especially for people who work from home. You can decorate it with office furniture, and simple personal touches, or include wall art and home decor that inspires you. The goal is to create a space of serenity to help you focus on your profession with minimal distractions.

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8 Best Office Decor Ideas To Design Your Workplace and Home Office:

The home office decor ideas we are about to discuss today can be easily implemented in your personal cabin in your office building as well. The ideas which require minimalist designs can also be translated to decorate your cubicle or office desk at your workplace.

Without further ado, let us take a look at some incredible and innovative design ideas to transform a simple space into a haven for your work to inspire you.

1. The color palette for your office wall

A lot of people believe that the workspace calls for neutral colors or dull shades. This cannot be further from the truth.

Ergonomic studies have shown that every color plays an important role in the psyche of humans. You can learn more about this in our article about the psychology of colors.

While a white office space looks extremely professional, a pop of color could do wonders. You don’t necessarily need red or orange walls to inspire higher productivity from your employees at work or yourself in your home office space. However, some acrylic designs or an accent wall could help keep up the motivation. They add a sense of whimsy to the workspace which inspires elevated dispositions.

For the home office, however, we suggest bright and bold colors that personally inspire you. Take some time to identify which colors motivate your personal productivity and growth and splash it on the wall.

If you have a small home office, avoid overpowering it with red or black as they instigate anger and gloom along with productivity. Seriously, take a gander at our article on the psychology of colors. It will help you recognize your psychological reactions to different color schemes and help you choose one that suits your sensibilities best.

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2. Add your company logo to keep you motivated

For an office environment, this is kind of a given. You will have a company logo which will be proudly displayed on the office wall, presumably near the entrance. If you don’t have one already, then make sure to install it as soon as you possibly can.

There is a subliminal reason behind this. You see, when your employees envision the company logo, it subtly reminds them of all the goals and expectations of the company. It inspires them to meet the expectations of their superiors and perform better.

You can choose to paste the company logo on individual desks and office chairs, design mousepads, add it to the whiteboard or projector, on company mugs in the breakroom, and even the walls of cubicles.

In a home office, consider installing a full-sized logo on the office gallery wall or use it as a paperweight, mousepad, paste on the filing cabinet, chalkboard, etc. The logo must be placed in visually accessible spaces to remind you what you are working for. It also makes the overall space look more professional and dedicated to a goal.

This is the best home office trend as well as workspace design ideas to inspire and stimulate your productivity.

Have it custom-made on throw pillows and add them to the breakroom or hand them out as gifts to your employees. Spread them across the office space on various office furniture, office walls, office supplies, and any other place that seems suitable.

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3. Sprinkle some aesthetically pleasing items for serenity

Although a workspace or home office may not be ideal for ornate photo frames and animal skin area rugs, the office decor ideas can be inspired.

To begin with, start by adding some greenery. The office space often ends up looking dull and tired. Introducing succulents, ferns, money plants, etc. adds a pop of color to the room, thus making the office space look more lively and welcoming. After all, who doesn’t like a reminder of joy and life over gloom?

Next, let’s consider some art deco. Office space can accommodate exquisite works of art that inspire creativity and positive vibes. Wall art doesn’t necessarily have to be frilly and glamorous but it can reflect your personal style.

The workday can be very hectic with crunching the numbers, evaluating different business plans, not to mention, looking for innovative ways to stimulate employees. Take the opportunity to fill the home office space or your company workspace with aesthetically pleasing features and eliminate mundane professional sentiments.

You can also consider a small, indoor water feature or fire element that instigates feelings of functionality and aesthetics. Even some DIY items created by your employees or you could seriously add aesthetic value to the workspace.

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aesthetic value to the workspace

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4. Invest in comfortable office furniture

When speaking of office furniture, it limits the office design ideas to a tight set.

For a professional building space, you will need comfortable office chairs since you and your employees will log a considerable amount of time sitting at the designated desks. You also need shelving and filing cabinets either in individual offices and cubicles or common ones for a small space office setup.

For home office decor ideas, consider installing a significant amount of storage space for all your files and office supplies. You also need an office desk and chair with a seating area for meetings conducted in your home office. Add a bookshelf or an antique bookcase to make the office space look distinguished and professional.

A small home office, especially one that does not have a designated room, can benefit from built-in, double-duty furniture. You can have a foldable desk fitted to the wall and align your desk accessories as and when required. There are incredible choices available in Ikea or delivered by Amazon.

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comfortable office furniture

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5. Maintain an open office space

This applies to both home office and company workspaces alike. You need a considerable amount of open space to move around and conduct your business.

If a company space is too congested, it can make employees feel claustrophobic. That is exactly the kind of sentiment you need to avoid if you want them putting their best foot forward.

A home office, too, needs to be spacious enough. You don’t want clients and dignitaries coming in for important deals and feeling disappointed with the clutter.

Sufficient shelving and cabinetry invariably take care of your storage and make the office space feel more neat and welcoming. Furthermore, you can instill office design plans that follow a set form such as pooling individual desks to an assigned corner, lining up cubicles, preferably near a window, etc. This will leave a significant amount of open space where employees, clients, and even you can walk around freely, without bumping into office furniture.

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6. Plan for a breakroom

A break room, as the name suggests, allows free space within the confines of the office structure for your employees to take a little break from the hectic workday. Ergonomics dictates that it plays a pivotal role in increasing productivity.

As you can imagine, this office design trend only applies to commercial office spaces. However, if you have a home office where employees do visit and spend a considerable amount of time like Ted Moseby’s assistant, then you may want to allow them access to the coffee machine and microwave in your kitchen as well as the living or dining room where they can relax for a few minutes.

Now, returning to the bedrock of our office decor ideas – the breakroom.

Since this space is allotted for employees to take a break from the bustle of their workday, it needs to advocate for leisure. Not too much though. You don’t want to build a comfortable breakroom where your employees fall asleep in the name of recuperating. Balance is tricky but important in this office area.

Introduce a coffee machine, or if possible, an espresso machine for energy stimulation. Add a small coffee table with limited seating so that only a handful of employees can sit around for a few minutes to relax. If your employees are indeed dedicated, hard-working people, then add a small couch.

Furthermore, you can add a microwave, a muffin cart, and vending machine if possible. Employees that are well taken care of are more likely to remain loyal to the company.

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office break room

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7. Fragrance is important

Office fragrance, particularly in the bathroom, is an important factor in the workspace. In a commercial building, you obviously need professional janitorial services to maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. But don’t forget the restrooms.

Since several employees with various health conditions frequent the bathroom and common areas, it can get awfully smelly fast. Therefore, spring for an efficient air purification system with subtle fragrances. The electronic air fresheners available in the market can do wonders. You can also request the janitorial staff to spray perfumed disinfectants in the toilets and common areas of the workspace.

In a home office, consider using fragrances that stimulate calmness and tranquility. When you work alone or entertain clients, you need the office to smell heavenly but not too overpowering.

Floral smells are out in small spaces but work well in office buildings. For home offices, you can opt for musky scents and light wood fragrances. The objective is to inspire serenity with a sense of good hygiene.

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office bathroom design

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8. Install appropriate lighting

Lastly, let’s discuss the most important factor in any interior design – the lighting.

To start with, let’s retire the notion that office space is no place for a chandelier. In a home office, this exquisite piece can add character while reflecting heavily on the homeowner’s personal style. In an office building, it makes the space look distinguished. So go ahead and choose a chandelier that befits the available space.

Next, we want to discuss the importance of sufficient lighting. You need to be able to read the details of your contracts, job specifications, important agendas, conducting zoom calls, and whatnot. Therefore, the office space must be well lit. Furthermore, using computer screens in dull lights can ruin your eyesight and that of your employees. It doesn’t hold an appeal when you want them to perform their best at the workplace, right?

Consider using overhead lighting throughout the office space. If your employees require, then encourage them to install desk lamps or provide some yourself. For personal office room ideas, consider floor lamps near your office desk or table lamps and reading lamps as required.

Also, don’t underestimate the importance of natural light. Large glass windows and open floor plans help stream in plenty of natural light which uplifts the mood of all workers, including yourself while eliminating germs, and reducing your office utility bills.

And there you have it. An incredible array of office decor ideas that can be easily implemented in a home office space or a commercial building as you please.

On the forefront, these may seem like generic changes, however, bear in mind that the office design influences creativity and productivity. Whether you are renovating your home office or building your company office, interior design plays a major role.

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Why office designs are so important?

A home office is a private space where you brainstorm incredulous ideas for future accomplishments, plan the new business deals, and perhaps even take some time to unwind away from the heavy bustle of the household. It is important that this space feels personal and motivating.

The color schemes, the desk accessories, even the filing system can spark an unprecedented idea which becomes the next best thing.

Think of where all the greats started. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and so many more revolutionary business people started their own businesses in a home office. True, theirs were built in their garages but you don’t need to follow that trend. Enjoy the comforts of a home office to inspire you to greatness.

A workplace office, on the other hand, is a dedicated space that only instigates professional ideas but also dictates the tone of your company policies. Your employees will be grateful when they have a well-designed office area. It is not just about being a well-planned office design with the right office supplies but how it makes them feel when they are at work.

Of course, a company workplace does not need to be as comfy-cozy as a home office space. However, some personal touches, a break room to unwind with their peers, and some inspiring wall art like those found in Barney Stinson’s cabin can really help improve productivity. And isn’t that the ultimate goal?

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During an office makeover, we tend to indulge mostly in getting the right furniture and electronics, maybe even equipment based on the kind of business. While these are essential factors, we also need to look at the inspiring aspects that play a major role in the workspace.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a home office or a business workspace, you need to put in a little extra thought into the office design ideas. If you are uncertain of how to go about decorating the office, then use the Foyr Neo app and simplify the process by multifold. This app allows you to choose your floorplans, dimensions, office furniture, decor ideas, and a lot more. Use the 3D design models to envision an accurate rendering of the office space.

As an interior designer, you will find this app even more helpful to share your design ideas with your clients via the internet. Give it some forethought and design the best home office or workspace anyone has ever seen.

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