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A workplace is a place where our minds are supposed to function at an optimal level, Now the question arises that can Interior play a role in the optimal functioning of a Human brain? Let’s see what feng shui has to say here.

Feng Shui principles state that mimicking the outdoors indoors will put you in a permanent good mood, optimize your health, and gradually improve your life. So let’s see bit by bit how each and every part of interiors can contribute to the mental well-being of the employees and boost their performance and mood and positive energy.

Workplace Interiors

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1. Colour Of The Workplace

Colour psychology says every colour has a different effect on our subconscious mind and has the capacity to evoke certain emotions and feelings with 5 rules for successful commercial interiors. So the best colours to choose for a workplace will be:

  • Orange: Offers a jolt of energy and innovation. It’s best used as a contrasting colour because too much can leave people feeling overwhelmed.
  • Yellow: Associated with happiness, creation, and creativity. It works well in combination with lots of natural light to create a peaceful environment.
  • Green: Known for its soothing qualities. Green is the perfect choice for entry because it eases the transition from the outdoors.
  • Blue: Perpetuates feelings of calm and freshness. It’s a good fit for high traffic areas like Coffee machines
  • Gray: Gives a sense of relaxation and serenity. Use grey majorly in office spaces.

2. Rooms At The Workplace

Photo studio Interior Design

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Studies suggest that large rooms with high ceilings can foster creativity and inspiration, whereas rooms with lower ceiling can help the individual focus on the task at hand looking up have never been more satisfying.

3. Window View

Modern Resto Interior Design

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Views of natural landscape and best landscape software to beautify such as garden or fields from the workplace were traditionally seen as distracting, it was believed one may be tempted to spend their time gazing at the pleasant scenery rather than attending to the task given. However, we now know the opposite of this to be true, as these types of scenery are associated with higher productivity and a marked improvement in focus. Busy urban street scenes with moving vehicles require more cognitive processing from the brain, so they tire the person up and are very distracting.

4. Seating Arrangement

Positioning seating against the wall discourages people from socializing, whereas positioning chairs in groups facing one another encourage interaction. So use this seating style wisely for the boardroom meetings and brainstorming sessions

Commercial Interior Design

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5. Lighting

Lighting influences our moods considerably. Sunlight and brightly lit environments show an increase in productivity – this is especially true in educational settings, like training areas. A lack of natural light can lead to low moods and a depressive atmosphere in the workplace. So try to get as much natural light in your office.

6. Flooring

Wooden Walls Interiors

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Studies show that darker floors have a better impact on mental health. Wooden elements contribute to mental strength and personal growth.

7. Placing The Desks

Place your desk so that employee can see most of the room, sitting there with some furnitures and fixtures. He should be able to see the entryway, but he should not be directly in line with the door. It increases effectivity and shows that when someone comes up you are visible that symbolizes you are ready to face him/her with grace.

8. Furniture

Make sure you’re using a chair that is stable and sturdy, with a back that’s as high as the shoulders. It should be solid, without any gaps between the seat and the back, and the employee should be able to comfortably use it without any lingering pain. Make sure you have enough space at your desk for the chair using furniture layouts ideas. When you are squeezed into a tiny desk space, you then feel similarly crushed and held back in your work and projects.

9. Plants And Artifacts

Flower pot Interior Design

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If your workspace looks dead, there’s probably not much life in your work. Plants help clear toxins from the air, making every breath you take much more clean. Fill your walls with peaceful and creative artwork with some bohemian colours of joyous, and great ideas will start coming to you. Studies show that artwork increases productivity. Go for something that you love, and put it somewhere you’ll see it most of the day.

10. Space For Ideas

Crafting some sort of meditative space be it a desk chair, a floor cushion, a sofa, or a beanbag is always worth it. Not only will it encourage them to practice more meditation, but it can remind them to circle back to that calm place during stressful workdays. An inspiring book can also do the trick to help them feel more settled and relaxed in the space with office partition ideas, So whenever they feel overwhelmed by the work a cup of coffee and this inspirational book when mixed in a serene space can go a long way for them in finding self-motivation.

11. Free Flow Of Air

Stagnant air can sometimes make us feel stuck and unmotivated. A fan, a small desk fountain, or even a fish tank can help remove the stagnation and keep the vibrant flow going.

We can turn the computer screen into a vision board.

Since most of us spend the majority of workdays staring at a screen, why not turn yours into an inspiring canvas? You can use Post-it notes to display quotes we love, which keep us inspired.

So these are some ways through which you can make your workplace interior the most productive interior and can create the subconsciously most satisfied employees who work with positivity and harmony. So don’t neglect the workplace interiors as you know how these small changes can make big differences!

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