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Modern Dining Room

Designing or revamping a traditional dining room is as important as the bedroom, or your living room, because we often tend to not use the dining room for the intended purpose until some guests show up or you throw dinner parties. At the last minute, we try to set the dining room up in a hurry, which might make it look like a mess. 

Why are Dining Rooms Important in Modern Homes?

Dining rooms are as important as any other room because it gives the family a chance to develop their bond. Everyone knows that bonding over food is a tradition in the world. It also adds confidence to people to invite guests and friends to throw a party or meet people for important talks or business meetings. So every home needs to have a dining room designed as per the modern dining room ideas.

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15 Modern Dining room Designs and Ideas for Your Home

We have chosen 15 modern dining room ideas for you to select and revamp according to your style. So let’s dive into the designs.

1. Add big pieces of modern art

Adding a piece of century-modern art to your contemporary dining room is one of the decorating ideas for a modern dining room design. Contemporary art creates a visual impact with vivid colors and a sense of serenity in your dining room. You can add tables with a neat wooden finish with stark lines and dining chairs with a mix of wood and cushion.

Natural tones like delicate grays, creamy nudes and light brown make a lovely backdrop for adaptable soft furnishings. Gray paint with modern and abstract artwork in flaming reds and oranges can be an excellent addition that would improve the aesthetics of the dining room in a contemporary setup.

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add big pieces of modern art for modern dining room

Image Credit: elledecor.com

2. Add Black

Turning to black and a wooden dining table is a perfect way to bring life to the neutral colors and is the new norm in the ideas for a modern dining room. Add lights to highlight the dining room table in the black surrounding. Use pendant lights and seats arranged around a wooden table or a sleek, dark surface.

Using darker wood tones for the dining table and chairs adjacent to it adds to the table’s dramatic atmosphere and transforms it into the room’s main point. If the paint is too monotonous for a black backdrop, consider wallpaper, which adds texture and breaks up the visual homogeneity. Another clever idea is to paint only a few segments of the walls black and use a lighter color for the rest.

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add black for modern dining room

Image Credit: home-designing.com

3. Add earthy pinks

No need to be hesitant when it comes to color choices in modern dining room ideas; depending on the etiquette of the area, you may go bold, delicate, or settle in between. Adopt the trendy earthy pinks for a striking color that relaxes rather than energizes.

Their soothing demeanor and feminine overtones provide a welcoming dining setting, instilling in visitors a sense of sustenance and tender, loving care. A chair with bold paint adds excitement and is a great focal point here. A yellow art block and the chair’s red glossy texture add a surprising extra depth and vividness to this casual dining space’s serene, natural, countryside vibe.

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add earthy pinks for modern dining room

Image Credit: homestratosphere.com

4. Go open

Choosing the proper position for each of your ‘spots’ is substantial to the success of an open-plan dining, kitchen, and lounge room. Consider using a big windowed room as the backdrop for dinners with guests, providing your visitors a view that uses several advantages of outdoor eating. Use natural daylight for breakfast as well — it’s the perfect way to start the day.

Add round dining tables with a light wood finish and wooden chairs to give an impact of a picnic to the outdoors. To create a more natural environment, add some potted green plants to a wooden shelf perpendicular to the table. It will be one of the grandeur modern dining room ideas.

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open plan modern dining room

Image Credit: architecturaldigest.com

5. Go checkered

A sleek black and white checkered floor give a serene, neutral style added emphasis. The dining area is warm and welcoming, thanks to the monochromatic tone and warm oak furnishings. Traditional black and white floor tiles not only give a room a casually classy air but also a sensible and fuss-free alternative for a frequently used family area.

This type of flooring has a timeless charm and is a timeless fashion. Add a white fabric to the table and use black chairs with chrome finished ends to add more style. Your sense of style and class can impress your guests. Black and white dining room modern ideas.

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black and white checkered floor for modern dining room

Image Credit: hgtv.com

6. Go bold with decor

If you have a private dining room, it’s the ideal place to experiment with modern dining room ideas, such as applying dramatic dining room color combinations and ornamental themes that might be too much in a living space you use every day. A teal-colored piece of furniture – or a gorgeous, curvy item like the dinner table will create an elegant setting.

You can add a chandelier to the dinner table to give an extra grandeur look. It will provide a feel of a five-star hotel candlelight dinner set up if you can add some candle stands on the table and at the sides.

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bold decor for modern dining room

Image Credit: decoist.com

7. Go for feature lights

One of the ideas for modern dining rooms is to develop lighting plans such as useful down lights and more ornamental fixtures. The room is defined by a large lamp or a chandelier dangling over a dinner table.

So that you may modify the ambiance, have the electrician connect zones on various circuits. Try to bring in as much natural lighting. Consider putting skylights, a roof lantern if the ceiling is high enough, or a single-story extension.

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add feature lights for modern dining room

Image Credit: goodhousekeeping.com

8. Go for texture with natural materials

A large natural wood dining room generates a warm and inviting ambiance. However, you may enhance this impact by selecting a hardwood floor plan, furnishings, and cladding wood for the walls. Add a lot of natural materials such as handmade crafts or art made of wood to decorate the room.

If you’re searching for modern dining room ideas, the fluted paneling style is a great way to use timber in a creative approach, and the vertical lines also create a nice optical trick to make the ceiling look higher.

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texture with natural materials for modern dining room

Image Credit: qanvast.com

9. Go warm and welcoming

The impact you want to make on diners and the hour of the day you usually utilize the area should be considered when choosing colors for the dining room. An eating space inside an open kitchen design or a dining room used by the household members throughout the day should be painted in a mild, light-reflecting hue.

A dining area only utilized in the evenings should shine with warm, welcoming light and be painted in a warm tone. Setting up the dining room in front of the fireplace can be a good idea to add more impact to your modern dining room ideas. This dining room design is fantastic: it blends in with the rest of the area. White walls are trendy and beautiful.

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warm and welcome - modern dining room ideas

Image Credit: architecturaldigest.com

10. Go for accent walls

Accent walls are especially effective if they can be used on the opposite door wall to project the dining table spectacularly. Braque wallpaper and painted dining chairs in the dining area can be a fascinating setting. Wallpaper can provide the proper amount of depth and substance to a room, whether minor or significant. Begin with the design content of the wallpaper and then move on to color, size, pattern, and intricacy.

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accent walls for modern dining room

Image Credit: decoist.com

11. Go for symmetry

In interior design, symmetry provides balance, tranquility, and order. You may utilize this interior design equipment to make your dining room gorgeous and clever if you establish a formal dining room.

Symmetry brings harmony to space and frequently begins with the central focus, whether a chimney in a living room or a bedroom headboard in a bedroom. It may be employed in the room’s most minor elements, from the sofa cushions to the lights on the dresser. 

Even the window of the room can be utilized as the beginning point; you can go for a rug and dining table and use them as the focal point. Symmetry is one of the modern dining room ideas that you can go for in any home design. Whether it’s a small space studio apartment, a condo, or an estate, it makes no difference. Symmetry adds class to any house.

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symmetry for modern dining room

Image Credit: elledecor.com

12. Go for a remodification of an underused Space

Not all modern dining rooms have to be expensive and exquisite. A primary dining area in a big kitchen for informal meals could suffice. For a uniform, coherent aesthetic, stick to the same color palette as the rest of the room. If your space is limited, use armless dining chairs or benches that may be stowed neatly beneath a table.

You can even clear out the hallway and set up a dining place with a classy wood table and rattan chairs. One of the design ideas for a modern dining room is that you can go for an indoor garden by clearing out your storage space and adding the dining setup to create an outdoor atmosphere.

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remodification of an underused space for modern dining room

Image Credit: idealhome.co.uk

13. Go for a bar

Incorporating a bar area in the dining room provides the ideal setting for after-dinner beverages and generous storage for less attractive and often used dinnerware and functional accessories. Adding a bar to your dining area will create a more authentic mid-century look when you add rustic accessories.

Color the joinery the same as the wall art, creating a chic and minimalist effect that does not detract from the rest of the space’s decor. Like the deep blue tone, a dark and dramatic hue creates a striking and picturesque backdrop for beloved glassware, plates, or collections of ornamental artifacts.

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install bar for modern dining room

Image Credit: decorpad.com

14. Go swedish

The Swedish home decor trend is a timeless appearance that combines old and rustic influences in a refined way. It’s ideal for a dining area and will look like a home in modern spaces like countryside cottages or antique houses. Warmer hues are suitable for creating a hospitable dining area, especially one that faces north and gets minimal natural light.

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swedish for modern dining room

Image Credit: curatedinterior.com

15. Go space savvy

For those looking for space-saving ideas, start with the dining table. The circular wooden dining table with a wooden platform base is, without a doubt, the most obvious choice for saving space.

This small pleasure may give just what you need without taking up too much floor space in small studio flats, urban residences, and open-plan living rooms. When the seats are not in use, they may be tucked away to save even more space. If you keep the square dining table in wood, light fixtures and mirrors will come in handy.

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space saving table for modern dining room

Image Credit: visualhunt.com

Why is Foyr Neo the Best for Designing Modern Dining Room Ideas?

Foyr Neo is one of the best software for designing modern dining rooms because of its stand-out features. In this software, you can select the space, add lighting, carpets, rugs, various decorations, kitchenware, tables, chairs, side chairs, and so on. It allows you to have a virtual look at your room, and if you don’t like your design, you can redesign it according to your aesthetic appeal. It saves you from the hassle of a time-consuming physical task that you must do in case your design doesn’t suit the space.

That’s why you must fully utilize Foyr Neo dining room design software to avoid any physical redesigning process.


The modern dining room can be modified and designed based on any size of the use. It is how we use the space, how we select the dining room furniture, how we plan the lighting, and how well we plan the accessories that we can create an exquisite look for our dining areas.

Designing dining areas add an aesthetic impact to the entire house, especially if it’s an open dining room decor plan. All the above designs are selected for various sizes of homes. According to the size of your house, you can adapt any design that attracts you.

If you are an interior designer or planning to redesign your own home, Foyr Neo software can be your best bet. Try Foyr Neo and Sign up for a 14-day free trial to create impressive designs.


1. What are some major trends in modern-day dining rooms?

Some major trends in modern-day dining rooms are people choosing bold colors for their walls and matching their dining sets according to them. Some prefer to go with wallpapers which allows them to redesign hassle-free.

2. How do you modernize a dining room?

Many contemporary interior designers can help you with modern-day dining room designs. You can also buy the Foyr Neo software, which allows you to design your dining room virtually, and you can apply it in your home if it appeals to you.

3. What should I put in my dining room?

A dining room majorly comprises the dining table and the chairs. Other than that, everything is up to you. There are various designs we have discussed in this article. You can choose one of them and use it in your home.

4. How can I make use of my small living/dining room?

There are many adjustable tables and foldable chairs available. You can go for the open design dining room idea and set the dining room near the window and use chairs that can either be tucked under the table or foldable to make use of the space.

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