Best Architecture Websites and Blogs – Architectural Inspiration

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Best Architecture Websites and Blogs – Architectural Inspiration

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Being a part of the most creative industry is an exciting journey. The industry of architecture is thrilling, enlightening and green architecture, pushing you forward to be the best you can. Being a good architect, you are often confronted with making a better design after the end of every project. But where do you draw the inspiration from?

The most immediate answer to the question is “google it”. Yes, of course, you find all the answers on google but scrolling through numerous pages for a design inspiration mostly ends up as a  waste of time as the designer’s mind is ever-hungry.

You know what you are looking for and all you should now figure out is where you need to look to get the best results. Follow the list to the best design blogs and architecture websites that are a room to over thousands of designs for a great career in architecture and sell your architectural service better.

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1. Architizer

Architizer is the leading social platform for budding architects. The blog is a digital platform for all architects to display their skills and previous projects in order to help build a better portfolio for them and providing recognition for the same and to create a high quality architecture portfolio. When your designs are really great, you can apply for any of the projects available onsite. In addition to the above benefits, the architects can also shop for the products required for their business from the site. The journal section is a must visit when you are looking for inspiration which sheds knowledge on architectural design, the do’s and don’ts  and experiences from other professionals. The website has grown to be the largest global architecture awards program that celebrates the best architecture and products in the year.

2. The Modern House

The Modern House blog is brought to you by an estate agency in the UK as they deal with purchasing and selling of houses with incredible designs and structures, hence, it becomes a must-visit for the architect. An architect can read more from the pictures rather than the words and there are plenty of pictures of beautifully designed estate houses both in the urban and rural areas you can draw your inspiration from. The journal also provides well-written pieces for you to gain knowledge about the latest interior design trends.

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3. Dezeen

Dezeen is the world’s most influential blogs for architecture and interior designing visualization software. The blog is designed more like an online magazine with lots of pictures and the categories placed in two columns at the top. Once you enter inside the architecture section, you are in for a magnificent view of trendy and premier architect pieces. You can find fresh designs present exclusively on this blog. So, do bookmark the link provided.

4. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is another worthy mention when it comes to design and architecture. The website focuses on architecture, design, food, lifestyle, fashion and everything nice. Their architecture blogs are unmatchable with the pieces narrating the experiences architects who are pioneers in building amazing architecture. The blog also features monuments that are rarely seen for its visitors which is indeed a treat for the designers.

5. Busyboo

Since its inception dating back to 2006, Busyboo focuses mainly on making the best out of compact spaces. Their designs and architecture are exclusive to modern homes. Their pictures showcase their skill in setting up beautiful design in minimum space. The designs displayed are practical with a touch of aesthetics which is visually appealing and comfortable for living. So, the next time you set forth for a similar project, do visit the blog to generate ideas.

6. Coffee with an architect

Well, this is not something where you can draw inspiration from because the blog does not showcase any beautiful design, but this is a place where you can certainly have a jovial time. The blog illustrates the musings of the architect Jody Brown, who narrates his experience in the field in a comical manner wherein you can certainly relate with the circumstances. This is indeed a fun read where you can go to have a nice chuckle to take a break during your work hours.

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Archdaily is one the most visited sites by architects. The website generously gives inspiration and knowledge for the architects to build better cities. The blog caters to the needs of architects by keeping them up to date with the news, trends, products, and projects in the field. The owners of the websites, started this site in 2008 to help provide architects with a place to carry out research for their projects and to get inspired from those better in the league. Ten years and counting, the website truly lives up to the claims and visions of the owners. The page boasts of a proud figure of 13.6 million visitors per month. Now that’s truly inspirational!

These were some noteworthy mentions related to the field of architecture. You are welcome to expand the list you would want.

Note: Another worthy mention in the list would be the site EntreArchitect   

This site focuses on transforming you into an entrepreneur from an architect where you need to join the blog for that. You may try it and share your experiences with others.

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