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15 Best Interior Design Software For Professionals in 2021 | Foyr

Do you admire elegant home designs and wonder why you’re not designing them yourself? Do you hold back on designing your own home...
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June 17, 2021


interior design trends

Top 12 Interior Design Trends in 2022

In today’s post, we’re going to review the top 12 interior design trends for 2022. A trend, when defined with regards to fashion, refers to the styling, colors, materials, and shapes that are popular in a particular season and that might have a long-term influence on the market. Interior design trends are similar to fashion trends, as both are inspired by the culture and current events. Trying to discern the...
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Colourful Interior Design Ideas

Bohemian Interior Design Style for Colorful Decor

The Bohemian style often referred to as Boho style most commonly employs a balanced combination of extravagantly bright colors and minimalist patterns of home décor. These design ideas are refined with natural materials while still employing functional layering and elements to create a diversified aesthetic. Today, we’ll introduce you to some specific Bohemian décor and styling ideas so you can customize your home or design a functional but bohemian chic...
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