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As an interior designer, your job is to turn a client’s dreams into reality. Bringing concepts to life means getting clients to support and sign off on your overall vision and direction for their home, workspace, or other projects.

But it’s not enough to tell your clients that you have a great idea, and no amount of time spent describing your vision will do it justice. What you need is a stunning, crystal-clear depiction of how their new space will look. Your clients need to be invited to envision themselves within the design. Can they imagine what it will feel like to live, work, and play in this new space?

Put in common industry terms, you need an amazing project rendering. Powerful interior design software will allow you to create renderings that capture even the smallest design details and create the most compelling possible picture of your concept.

What Is 3D Rendering?

3D rendering is a simple process that allows you to build a high-quality product rendering of your interior and architectural design. It is the method of facilitating virtual tours and walkthroughs in virtual reality to give clients a photo-realistic 3D visualization idea of what the floor plan and the interior décor will look like after the project is finished.

The process of 3D rendering is actually quite simpler than advertised. Here’s how architectural design and 3D interior rendering is processed with 3D animation using photo-realistic 3D renderings:

  • 3D artists create models of the interior design space in virtual reality.
  • They choose the materials in the 3D architectural rendering that gives the clients an idea about the 3D product.
  • This set up the lighting and the core in the highest quality for the virtual reality architectural visualization.
  • Lastly, they compute the 3D images in high-quality, photo-realistic revision as per the client’s needs.

The high-quality rendering functions have made it easier for home builders to work with clients who require extensive decor comma or cost-effective design solutions. The beauty of 3D rendering services is that they also allow you to work with exterior 3D rendering, 3D floor plan rendering, decor, and even render lighting and other visualization services.

Not only is this a good solution for an established, professional 3D rendering company but it is also a cost-effective solution for freelance interior designers, architectural designers, 3D artists, home builders, real estate professionals, and even newbie designers in any field.

3D rendering services have changed the way we look at interior design and architecture in general. The ability to render virtual reality to give the client a glimpse of what their project will look like after it is finished before it even begins is nothing short of a miracle.

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There are 3 types of 3D rendering services:

Type of 3D rendering service Meaning and attributes 
Wireframe rendering Contains no surfaces but is represented in the form of points and lines using planar objects in a 3D reality.
Solid 3D modeling Cylindrical, conical, spherical, and other complex shapes of architectural rendering. You can explore various levels of axial rotations and fixed position planning using 2D objects in 3D modeling.
Surface 3D modeling Depicting the 3D object in a panoramic view or a 360 angle of virtual reality

Why is 3D Rendering Important for Online Interior Design Services?

You’re probably all too familiar with that nervous feeling right before you show a client the rendering of their project design. How about the silence that follows while they take in your design and scrutinize every aspect to see if it strikes them the right way? 3D rendering makes this process exciting, not stressful. Clients will be thrilled with a life-like portrayal of their new space.

3D renderings allow clients to actually “explore” the space and get a better sense of its layout, spacing, and flow. This is especially important for online interior designers who don’t get that critical face-to-face time other businesses might enjoy. When operating an online or e-design business that provides interior design services, providing a high-quality design rendering is one of the biggest values you can initially provide to clients.

In fact, if you’re not helping the client manage the project or source items, the rendering might be one of your only actual deliverables at the project’s conclusion. They might be using this highly detailed rendering to manage a contractor or DIY project.

Artem Kropovinsky, founder and principal interior designer at Arsight says, “Find rendering software that combines reality texture with graphics. In addition, realistic renders help familiarize with plans and make a client imagine a working space better.

How Do You Make Your 3d Render More Realistic?

Mastering the art of creating high-quality, photo-realistic 3D rendering visualizations is not an easy task to accomplish. In the competitive real estate market, you need to know how to work with high-quality 3D rendering services that provide the best 3D virtual tours to demonstrate the genius of your interior design plans.

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when learning how to render high-quality 3D animation and walkthroughs:

1. Start with the basics

The basics of 3D visualization are grounded in finding the right shape. Once you identify the basic shape of the 3D modeling plan you can easily add complex shapes and patterns to create a realistic, high-quality rendering of your walkthroughs.

Artem Kropovinsky, founder and principal interior designer at Arsight says,” Changes always comprise new trends, materials, as well as technologies. Introducing realism in design, no matter what you do ensures that your designs are not only unique but also evergreen.

2. Pay attention to the lighting

A good 3D animation artist knows how to use lighting and shadows to their advantage. Playing with a handful of lighting designs or brightening up virtual tours during revisions can help the clients visualize the space in real time.

3. Add some layers to your 3D rendering

Learn how to incorporate layers in your architectural design and 3D animations. The more dimensions your rendering projects feature, the more it looks like a high-quality rendering in 3D visualization. It basically makes the 3D images look less like 2D photographs.

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4. Don’t disregard the textures of your 3D images

Add some textures to your 3D images as they make the 3D product look more realistic. The best 3D photorealistic product renderings feature textural effects in the finished virtual tours.

5. Introduce a wide range of color schemes

Consider learning to use shades that are farthest from the neutral blacks and whites. The more colors you explore in your 3D rendering services, the easier it is for the clients to visualize what the finished design would look like. Implement critical shades such as green, blue, yellow, red, and Gray in your architectural rendering.

6. Don’t go overboard with realism

Some people tend to go overboard when trying to depict virtual reality in photorealistic 3D modeling. You need to know the extent to which you must implement these visualization revisions in order to make the images seem more realistic.

However, keep in mind that too many effects can also make the highest-quality renderings seem like low-quality production. In the initial stages, it is best to use free quote templates till you get a hang of how to implement your interior design plans in a realistic flythrough.

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7. 3D Visualization

3D visualization gives the designer (you) maximum flexibility to meet the preferences of demanding clients and ensure a good customer experience. Sometimes you get the design wrong, or the client unexpectedly rejects your ideas.

3D renderings allow you to change significant design elements like flooring, layout, paint color, and more with just a few clicks. This adaptability will give you ultimate control over the design and the ease with which changes can be made is sure to impress during client presentations.

8. Create a walkthrough

Create a walk-through of the entire design to help your clients the full project scope and approach. 3D renderings allow designers to create complete walkthrough tours of a new house or commercial design for architectural visualization.

The ability to move seamlessly from room to room, or from interior to exterior, through photorealistic renderings is often the unifying experience that potential clients need to understand how your vision will look in real life.

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Benefits Of Offering Realistic 3d Rendering Services

✔️ Exceed client expectations

✔️ Improve the client experience

✔️ Stay aligned on design ideas for each project

✔️ Sell more physical products

✔️ Spend less time waiting for client approvals

✔️ Earn more referrals

✔️ Differentiate yourself from competitors

✔️ Pursue more sophisticated clientele

✔️ Increase your profitability by focusing on efficiency

How To Design Realistic Renders The Right Way: Mastering Realism In Interior Design With Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo is one such powerful interior design and 3D rendering software that is fast, easy, and intuitive to use. What makes Foyr Neo the preferred design tool for thousands of interior designers? Our platform was built for designers of all experience levels, capabilities, and business sizes by experienced, tech-savvy interior designers. 


  1. Get Started with Ease: Sign up for a free 14-day trial without any credit card commitment and jumpstart your design journey with a quick, informative tutorial.
  2. Flexible Floor Plan Options: Effortlessly create or import your own floor plans, or seamlessly attach or detach them from any projects you’re currently working on.
  3. Vast Material Library: Explore a massive collection of over 60,000+ 3D materials and models from leading brands. Simply drag and drop your favorite furnishings and accessories to bring your vision to life.
  4. Immersive Design Experience: Interact with your space in real-time 3D, adjusting camera angles, eye level, and zoom to capture the perfect perspective.
  5. Unleash Your Creative Vision: Experiment with a variety of lighting options, including day and night modes, sunrise and sunset, winter and rainy scenes, along with adjustable sun direction and intensity presets.
  6. Refine Every Detail: Use clip view mode to fine-tune your composition and create a flawless presentation.
  7. Save and Edit with Confidence: Preserve your preferred views for easy access and continuous refinement, ensuring a design that truly reflects your unique style.
Ashley James, a Customer Success Manager at Foyr Neo says, “You have the option to save multiple views, which is great if you’re working with a client who wants to see the same space with multiple options. It can be before vs after, or three different cabinet options, you can go up and down with the camera height.”


Master Renders: Choose from stunning HD, 2K, and 4K resolutions and select your preferred file format. Watch your vision come to life in photorealistic renders delivered in minutes, ready to impress clients or ignite your design passion.

Library with thousands of preloaded 3D models like furniture, fixtures, and textures that can be added to designs.

Create and download renderings in minutes. If you’re not fully convinced about the benefits of 3D rendering, or if it sounds too complicated to tackle, you can take the free 3D Rendering with the free 14-day trial period of Foyr Neo.


Ensuring realistic size relationships among objects creates a true-to-life sense of spatial perspective.

Employing color calibration techniques and accurately representing material properties in the virtual space.

Thoughtful furniture arrangement based on real-world ergonomics enhances the overall realism.

Choosing natural viewpoints and camera angles that align with typical human experiences adds authenticity to renderings.

Integrating human figures engaging in realistic activities adds a sense of scale, purpose, and life to the rendered spaces.

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