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Learn » Architecture Concepts » 3D Design, Modeling & Rendering » 3D Printing Of Houses – 3D House Printing Design and Ideas

1. What is 3D?

The virtual 360-degree tour of the house is its 3D virtual print. Live to the house you dreamt of in its virtual space. One can analyse the design, style, décor, and live the luxurious space. A real-time experience and the round tour of the house gives you the warmth of one’s place.

2. What Is 3D Printing?

The process of 3D printing involves solidifying the materials in the computer to create into a three-dimensional object. This technology of 3D printing is gaining momentum and used at many places such as additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping. A 3D model is created by joining the various objects of any shape. There are different technologies used for 3D printing. Earlier 3D printing was just studied in books, but now it has made a reality. Shortly, 3D printers will be a common thing in every house.

As per the latest update of the census bureau, single home in the US takes an average of seven months to build.

3. What It Takes To Build A House With A 3D Printing

3D Houses Printing and Models

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The Vulcan, a building with the 3D printer of 12.5*22.5*35 feet of 1 ton with 5 inches per second of top speed. There is a 3D printer which is helpful in printing the houses in 3D.  The cost of the 3D printer is not much and is very affordable. The hyper-speed fabrication is the named work of a huge size 3D printer The Vulcan. First, the engineers prepare the blueprint of the design through slicer software. Then this design is translated into programming language using G code. This print determines and tracks the exact inches of the print. Then the various materials are mixed. The materials include a finely calibrated mix of cement, plasticisers, sand and then get poured into a hopper at the top side of the printer and then flow onto the rising walls below it.

4. Technology-Driven Houses

As per the studies the real estate industry is not very well known for technology adoption.  And recently before a few years, there is a high 3D technology used in houses to make it something different and unique. This has grabbed the attention of many towards the real estate industry. The family first used the 3D printing of the houses in France. This has led to a transformation of the people’s views. Everyone now desires to live in a 3D printed house as it gives a feeling of aliveness every second. The beauty of the house is seamless.

3D House Prints

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5. Results

This will cost around dollar 4000 to build. And the rest depends on the design and the size of the print. The companies are exploring new designs so that they can attract more people. They are exploring partnerships with FEMA and Fannie Mae.

6. Various Features Of 3D Printed Houses

There are different features of the 3D printed house as compared to the normal house. Their varied features make them unique and different. The features are as follows:

7. Mortar Mix

This feature is found in the base material, and it prevents it from sagging, and there are varied plans related to printing materials. Insulating foams and plastic are two of them.

8. Energy-Related With Efficiency

The companies use only the required amount of power volts that avoids disaster and helps in maintaining the power grids.

9. Design Flexibility

The Slicer software helps in analysing the digital blueprint that is plotted on a three-dimensional space. These codes can be used to write any type and size of the building.

10. Frame

The companies use a lightweight aluminium frame that helps in easy transportation. It is stabilised by triangular trusses that allow the printer to plot the points concretely as per the plan.

11. Moveable Tracks

The printer rolls a sphere as per the positioning of the house. There is no specific limit of the height of the building.

12. Introduction About The World's First Family to Live In a 3D Printed House

A family in France was first to live in a 3D printed house. It was a four-bedroom house with a huge space in it. The walls had curves in it that reduces the effect of humidity and enable digital controls for disabled people — a perfect house for the architecture’s vision. After the house was completed the architectures believed that they could print the same house in just 33 hours.

3D Printing of house

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13. Design of The 3D Printed House

The house was designed by the team in a studio first and then programmed it into a 3D printer. The printed is brought to the site for reference. The layers are printed from the floor upwards. Each wall contains two layers of the insulator polyurethane with space in between to be filled with cement. This helps in creating a thick and long-lasting durable wall. The windows and doors are fitted after that.

14. Various Plans

Firstly files are planned, and then 3D print technology is used for printing the house. A three-dimensional image is helpful for the team to get a virtual 360-degree plan of the house.

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