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Tranquil Green Contemporary Kitchen

We loved this clean look. Going green is the trend this year

Turquoise And White Kitchen Design

The colors definitely make this kitchen dining feel so retro. A play of wooden floor lined with black and white cement tiles enhances the interest, and the gold looks lovely on the turquoise cabinets. The colors definitely make this kitchen dining feel so retro. A play of wooden floor lined with black and white cement tiles enhances the interest, and the gold looks lovely on the turquoise cabinets.

Seaside green and white Kitchen Design

A cool palette of matte green cabinets with stylish matt black hardware

Black and Gold luxury Kitchen Design

Luxury and glam, this kitchen is for the luxury lovers who like things bold luxury. Chic black shaker cabinets with dull gold hardware and gold finish metal countertop. Lined with intricate marble mosaic tiles and accentuated by Victorian gold faucets are some key features in defining this look.

Stylish Green Terrazo Kitchen Design

Behr announced back to nature as the 2020 color of the year

Pistachio Green Farmhouse kitchen Design

Clean but warm kitchen design in pale pistachio green

Tangy Orange Kitchen

Most kitchen cabinets are some variation of a wood stain, or more recently, simply white or black. Consider a more unexpected design choice for your kitchen by choosing a bold color in a smooth finish, like these slick burnt orange cabinets

Minimal Opulent kitchen design

A wonderfully designed minimal modern kitchen. An interplay of restraint and opulence is evident in this kitchen. Restraint is achieved through bare minimal clean and exposed surfaces, efficient hidden storage, opulence through rich finishes gold hardware and impeccable finishing

Crisp Contemporary Naval Blue Kitchen

Incorporation of blue and white color will refreshes the kitchen with irresistible appeal.

Kitchen Design Ideas

A few decades ago, kitchens were generally hidden in back of peoples’ homes because it was just a place of toil – a room for doing dishes and cooking meals. However, in more recent times, especially since the ‘90s, kitchen designs have radically changed. They are becoming the center and hearts of homes all over the world. People entertain guests, share meals and conversations over countertops or even share the experience of cooking a family meal. Kitchens have fast become the hub of the house and are now showcased at the center of a home, radiating beauty and warmth. Your kitchen design and decor speaks volumes about your cuisine, culture and personality and this has definitely reflected in kitchen designs in recent times . .

How to choose a kitchen layout

Whether you are searching for a new kitchen layout idea or kitchen remodel ideas for an existing kitchen, there are some crucial factors to be mindful of.

Here are important aspects to keep in mind while choosing a kitchen layout :

  1. Floor plan and layout : Spend time in planning your proposed kitchen floor plan and decide where to keep heavy appliances or place a kitchen island
  2. Kitchen Storage: Kitchens contain hundreds of utensils, pots and pans, small appliances like toasters and much more. Plan to build neat storage compartments, shelves or cupboards. 
  3. Personality : Your kitchen should be able to match your personality which can be reflected through colors, decor and the general vibe.
  4. Space Planning : The size of your space matters. For smaller kitchen layouts, optimize to use vertical space since horizontal space is limited. Galley kitchen works best. For a large space, you might want to consider an L or U shaped design with a dining element or island in the center. A farmhouse kitchen is a good example of this. You may also consider a work triangle, an age old concept that still works – connecting the three main work areas : refrigerator, stove and sink. Keeping the sum of all three sides of this triangle between 13 to 26 feet will give you an effective and high utility kitchen layout.
  5. Contrast and Kitchen Backsplash : Have fun with the backsplash of your beautiful kitchen. Whether you go with an elegant and traditional white kitchen or a colorful modern kitchen, your kitchen backsplash can add an interesting contest to plain kitchen countertops. Classic kitchen styles where the focal point is a bold tile pattern accentuated with white cabinets and flattering pendant lights with a lot of open and cabinet storage space are always in vogue.
  6. Beauty and Ergonomics : A good kitchen just looks good. A great kitchen is easy to work in. Ergonomics are your friend. Plan your space, storage and appliance placement so that your regular tools and utensils are always within reach. Combine this with good kitchen decor and you have the ultimate kitchen layout. Spend a lot of time in deciding the color palette for your kitchen. You can also add artistic flair by showcasing your diy projects in your kitchen. This theme can be applied to your general home design as well.

Choosing the best materials and finishes for your kitchen design

Eye-catching materials always make your kitchen stand out. Materials and finishes play a large part in kitchen decor. Although granite and marble countertops are tasteful choices, limestone, stainless steel and concrete counters seem to be all the rage in 2020. While painted kitchen cabinets can be inexpensive and personal, frosted cabinetry is the optimal solution for adding a modern touch to your kitchen design idea. If vibrant colors are part of your kitchen design plans, a bright mosaic or subway tile backsplash can be a great way to pep up your kitchen. You can also consider choosing a vivid finish for the floors. Our photos of kitchen designs are not just photos. You can sign up for Foyr Neo and start customizing these very designs live according to your flair. Sign up and head over to Inspirations to start editing hundreds of ready to edit interior design templates. Set up your ferns or your lush in such a way that they are never too far away from the faucets. This will allow you to easily maintain your plants while maintaining a clean kitchen. This is an exceptionally handy tip while planning your next kitchen renovation or makeover.

Choosing the best kitchen ideas

While browsing for great kitchen design ideas, it is advisable to refer to the kitchen remodeling ideas that appeal the most to you. Since the kitchen is bound to be the heart of your home, it should have a warm, welcoming vibe that radiates energy and joy.

The choices you make for your kitchen decor depend a lot on your own personality. If you prefer sober environments black and white color patterns are an elegant way to go. For a chic and cheery setting, using bright colors like yellow and turquoise will do the trick. Novelty signs, paintings and posters can give an interesting touch to any room. Use tabletop decorations, family pictures and elegant utensil sets adds variety and subtle hints of your personal style.

A practical element to add in your kitchen design is a whiteboard or chalkboard to make note of events, reminders, recipes, a calendar or board that all family members can add to. To balance out heavy design elements, you can add an arrangement of succulents or other plants that appeal to you on the windowsill. This will give your kitchen a lively vibe(quite literally).

How to manage a small kitchen :

If you have a larger living room that leaves little space for your kitchen, do not fret. One of the latest kitchen trends is to build a dream kitchen that is not necessarily expansive but quite compact. You can experiment with open shelving, stacking plates, feature barstools in a dining nook, using light paint colors that give a kitchen feel of a larger space. Some other decor ideas for small kitchens are to work with open shelves, upper cabinets to make maximum use of the small space, use bright light fixtures.

The dining table in a small kitchen doesn’t need to be huge. Minimalism is your friend when it comes to a small kitchen.

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