Best Home Design Ideas - 100+ Inspirations for Home Decor


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Dark Brown Kitchen with Cosy Vibes

Beautiful grey marble with beautiful white veins makes a stunning statement in this transitional style kitchen with bold duo tone cabinets and the patterned floor.

Pretty Tropical Kitchen in Pink

Gorgeous tropical wallpaper will instantly transform any room in your home. This kitchen that doubles as a dining room has walls covered with a whimsical woodland pattern. Notice how the contrast between the elements really warm up the entire room by bringing out the natural wood and copper tones.

Teal blue sleek kitchen

Torn between blue and green? The color teal is a mixture of both. As shown in this delicious kitchen, it's a sophisticated shade that will give you the best of two hues

Burgundy and White Contemporary Kitchen

If bright candy apple red is too much for you, this burgundy cabinets with glass wall shelves creates an ally. When paired with a light grey mosaic backsplash, this space gives off a calm, feng shui-friendly energy that makes us want to spend the whole day baking.

Warm white and wood cosy kitchen

Open kitchen dining area most popular design now a days. White cooking areas are actually layout favorites for numerous home owners because they enhance a wide range of types with perfect match of flooring. Certainly not merely perform they help make a cooking area appearance lighter. Natural light and light color make your home more spacious and welcoming.

Lime and Grey Kitchen

Lime accent color cabinets and black countertop give contract and depth to the grey modern kitchen.

Red and White contemporary Kitchen

If you're worried about red getting overwhelming but want to use the color for the vibrancy and richness it brings in, sticking with matte white upper cabinetry and just painting the lower cabinets in the color is a great way to go. The crisp cherry red feels modern and unique with the white sobering it down.

Black Transitional Kitchen

The white color and wood is added in the combination with black kitchen to give great depth and splendid balance with rick look.Colorful kitchens are currently making a big splash. But if you are looking for ways to make a chic statement with a neutral hue, consider black.

Minimal Serene kitchen design

White and pastel green kitchen colors bring a serene, fresh and trendy finish starting with marble countertops and white shaker cabinetry accented with wooden flooring

Clean and Chic Classic blue Kitchen

Classic blue can be an excellent accent for cabinets .Here it is perfectly combined with white marble backsplash and counter top. While hardwood floors are beautiful, they are susceptible to moisture, particularly in a kitchen where traffic is high. With all the splendor of solid oak flooring, and a fantastic selection of colors, textures and finishes, this is a highly sought-after flooring choice for extreme resilience and low maintenance.

Crisp Classic Blue Shaker open Kitchen

The color palette featured in this particular kitchen is quite interesting as well. The walls are white which sets a clean and bright background and in contrast the cabinetry features this classic blue hue which seems to create a smooth transition towards the wooden floor. Of course, it’s not just that. All the antique metal details add a lot character to the space both in combination with the kitchen cabinets and the island

White on white charming Kitchen Design

Blue accent dining chairs work well with a traditional style white kitchen and patterned carpet is used for a mild contrast, which gives the rich and serene look this kitchen.