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just 31 minutes

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Here are some amazing designs from our
customers done in 1/10 of the time.

No prior CAD or 3D modelling
training required!

No prior CAD or 3D modelling training required!

Neo has an array of helpful AI assisted features that let you perform complex operations with ease. Be more productive and avoid complicated controls for lighting, render settings, sunlight settings, plane docking and much more.

No credit card or download required

See, Show, Sell Faster

Edit your 2D floor plan in real time 3D interactive visualization with 1 click. Switch to 3D instantly and get real time feedback of how your room will look. 3D Visualization of your project allows you to present and examine your project in depth.

How It Works?

Draw Any Floor

#1 Create Floor Plans Faster

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#2 Drag-Drop or DIY 3D Models

Switch From 2D to 3D

#3 Edit Real Time In 3D

Select The Desired Render View

#4 Get 4K Renders In Minutes

Why 20,000+ Interior
Designers Love Using Neo

Save Hours of Design Time

Bring your visions and conepts to life in hours. Foyr Neo combines intuitive design tools & smart machine learning so you get to spend more time designing.

Doesn’t Require 3D Modeling or CAD Experience

Using Foyr Neo is as easy as 123. Upload a floor plan. Drag & drop 3D models. Set the shot & let AI create stunning 4K renders.

Leightweight, Fast & Professional

No need to download, Foyr Neo is a web-based app that runs at the speed of internet. Allowing you to create impressive designs & wow more clients.

Join the community of 20,000+ designers

Neo is trusted by students, professional interior designers, home owners, space planners and people who just want to design better.

No credit card or download required