The Goal is to Floor You!

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Interior designing 101 says start with a floor plan. That’s where we’re beginning today!

There are several ways to accomplish this on Neo, you can upload and trace an existing plan or make a brand new one floor up (pardon the pun!) with a wall or room tool. And once you have a floor plan, you can make any changes you want, as swiftly as thinking about it! 

Rearing to begin? Let’s start with uploading and tracing an existing plan. Start with a blank canvas and upload your plan by clicking on the “Upload Plan” button on the bottom left. Once that is done, crop the image to include everything you need in your plan, and don’t forget to use the reference line so the measurements of the walls and rooms in the plan are accurate. Enter then the dimensions for the reference line measurements, at which point you’re half done already! 

A little tip: use the “Edit Properties” button on the top right of the toolbar on top of your screen to make sure the opacity, length and width of the plan fits your requirement. 

At this point you can use the wall tool to trace the walls from your plan onto the Neo layout screen. You can edit the walls to suit your purposes, the thickness, the dimensions, anything you like! Did you know that you can even enter the dimensions, so you have accurately measured walls? 

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Should you decide that throwing the walls up by yourself is more your style, you can use snap your walls on with Neo’s nifty wall snapping tool! You start with the room on the blank layout screen and any wall you draw inside it snaps and attaches itself to the nearest wall structure! And because it shows the dimensions of the wall as you draw it, you know the exact measurements, every time! Pretty cool right? 

Should you decide to use the room tool, here’s what you do: trace the plan as is with the room room, overlapping the walls as you make them, and add windows and doors and that’s it! 

Adding windows and doors as you go along in both the 2D and the 3D mode, is the same principle as furniture is added to the design. The first step is to go to the Neo catalogue by clicking on the catalogue button on the dashboard and finding options for doors and windows that you like and adding them to the shortlist. Once they are on the shortlist, all you have to do is see what you like best and save the design! 

Aah but what if you have to move rooms around and swap them up, merge areas around? That can be done too. Just click and drag them apart and place them where you want to, join them up by overlapping the walls…anything you like! 

Before we move on to other even better features Neo offers, let’s discuss mistakes! What if you make a wall you didn’t want? Or maybe a room you don’t need? Or maybe place a bed in the living room? Fixing this is really a matter of just either clicking the undo button on top of your screen or clicking on the object and clicking delete.

Now that you’re done making the floor plan, positioning the furniture and even placing the windows just right for the right amount of sun to hit the bed, sit back and sip that still hot tea!