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Today’s lesson is on one of Neo’s best features: adding and editing textures. 

(For help putting up walls, click here and for help incorporating other furniture, click here. And for complimenting tutorial on how to add offsets to products and textures, click here)

Now that you have walls, a ceiling and furniture, should you decide to change the texture of any of these components, it is but an easy task. Start by clicking and selecting the component to edit. Then click on the textures button in the column on the left of the screen. Just like in the catalogue tool, you can choose the textures that you like and add them to your shortlist. Once they are on your shortlist, rotate between them till you find one that you like. You can test what they look like by dragging and dropping the texture on the pre-selected component. 

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At this point, Neo also allows you to edit them. Just click on the edit properties button on the context bar to find a list of options that will allow you to make various changes like dimensions, positions and color. Ensure that you are doing all of this in 3D mode, to get the best of this feature. 

You like a texture and design so much you want to look like an art piece? No worries, Neo allows you to do that too! Just make a frame and add the wallpaper design of your choice and voila, instant art! 

Don’t forget to save your progress! (To learn about autosave options, click here)