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Have you ever ignored the red light on your computer that’s been telling you that its running out of charge? Or you got up to get a cup of coffee and the power went out, taking with it, all the progress you had made for the last hour? Or even worse, you closed the window you were working on while closing a bunch of others? 

The inevitable aftermath of this is really in three parts: the first, you scream in rage/agony/disappointment at your lost designs and frantically try to retrieve them in vain. The second is resignedly getting back to designing the same thing over again, thereby wasting time and effort. And third, dealing with that nagging feeling that the design looked better the first time around. 

Neo’s ‘Autosave’ feature frees you of all of this and more. All you have to do go to the settings menu at the bottom right of the window, and turn on ‘Autosave’. This will automatically save any progress you make in your designs every three minutes so you don’t have to worry about losing all your great ideas any more. 

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During the autosave process, however, your screen might freeze for a few seconds. That is pretty normal, don’t be alarmed! As soon as the screen unfreezes, you can resume work. 

You should know that this feature can be turned off and on as frequently, and at any time you want, giving you the freedom of working without interruptions. 

So, as you get back to work, don’t forget to turn on ‘Autosave’!