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Rendering has traditionally been something no one ever wants to do, gladly outsourcing it to someone else. Admit it, you’ve don’t this too, right? But what if there was something that could render you images for you in less than a couple of minutes?

With Neo, pulling off renders is as easy as pie! Done right, it takes less time than reading this, leaving you to time and space to design, draw and dazzle your clients more!

How do you do it right? The first step in rendering your drawings in picking the design you want to render. 

Start with clicking on the design/image/project you want to render. 

Once you’ve done that, choose from a variety of options, all the components you need in the space you are designing – the sofas, the rugs and the paintings.

Using the WT button, place the angle of the camera in the exact spot you want it and hit render! 

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And just like that, you’re done!

You didn’t even have the time to do a drumroll, did you? 

Most often than not, designing softwares that you work on don’t give you the range of options that Neo does, in terms of angles and perspective. Before you start your new project on NEO, here are a couple of more things you will want to keep in mind when rendering your new project on Neo: 

Lighting can be your new best friend: Something most rookies have trouble with when prepping a room/design for rendering is figuring out where the lights go and how bright they should be. With Neo, that is a worry of the past! All you have to do is click on the lights to place them and set the time of the day, and Neo takes care of the rest. 

Concealing can open up spaces: When rendering, while you’re doing the walkthrough to decide what angle you want to place your camera angle, Neo allows you to conceal objects you don’t want in the render but want in the complete floor plan. 

Sizes and perspectives: When you begin rendering on Neo, you will notice that unlike other softwares you have used before, Neo will allow you to set the camera angle at whatever height you like, while also allowing you to zoom in or out to change the perspective to what you want it to be, making the render fit your view. 

You seem ready to give this a whirl by yourself, young padawan!