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The Real Estate sector is globally recognised as one of the largest industries. In India, which is regarded as one of the fastest developing nations, it stands as the second largest employer after the agriculture sector.

The Indian real estate industry is expected to touch the $180 billion mark by 2020 and the figures are humongous as put forward by the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF).

These facts and figures tell us that the growth of the real estate sector is going to be massive in the upcoming years, especially with all the new refers that have been brought by the new government.

As a real estate developer, the baton is in your hands and you need to take it forward. Marketing in today’s world is more important than anything else no matter to which industry you belong.

However, it is a little different when it comes to marketing for a commercial real estate business and here are a few tips to bring you on top of the food chain and stay ahead of all your competitors.

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Story Around Innovation

Marketing is not just about advertising but it’s about finding the right connection with your prospects. While other commercial brands can look for finding that connection with emotional aspects you can do it with knowledge tracts too.

Everyone is always excited about the new technology that is being used to build the products they are going to buy. Same is the case here.

Build a story around the German technology you are using to lay the concretes which make the houses much stronger, durable and definitely safer to live in. It’s all about finding the sweet spot of liking.

Storytelling has always been one of the most engaging ways to attract attention and retain it. You don’t necessarily need to have a content marketing strategy to implement storytelling but you can still check out how majorly it influences the audience.

Appropriate Pricing

Marketing and Products are not two different aspects whatsoever, rather they are two sides of a coin without which they are both incomplete.

Marketing a product that nobody needs or isn’t good enough will do no good. So is the case of having made an awesome product yet failing in marketing.

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Pricing your property appropriately as a developer does require intense research. The prices have to be competitive and that will give your business a marketing leverage over others in your industry.

You need to have at least one strong premise for your marketing strategies and if comfortable pricing is yours, then you are already winning more than others in gaining attention. All you would need to do is convert them into sales.

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Invest in a Website and Blog

Needless to say, we live in a digital era and there is hardly anything which is not available online. Your presence on the internet is extremely important as that’s where tables turn and minds change.

Your online stature speaks a lot about your brand and the first impression your potential customers are going to have will be your website. It is essential to invest in a responsive website where all the information about your upcoming and past projects is readily available to browse through.

Google has been brutal to a lot of websites you didn’t show credibility and pushed them to its last search pages. Most people don’t look after the first page of search results.

You need to be on the first page and that’s why you need to have an informative blog on your website with optimised content to help your business rank higher on Google. Make it easier for people to find you.

Speak of your authority and educate your audience about the real estate industry and when they are out there looking for a property themselves, they might just trust you more than the others.

You win 80% of the game if you rule the online market. Even if that’s not your first priority, you still need to stay ahead of your competition.

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Publish Market Reports

You are a real estate developer. You must have done so much research before undertaking a project in a locality. Well, those research can help you even after you are done and dusted with them for your projects.

Your customers love insights too. People look for knowledge and this is your chance to give them that. Publish those research papers online and show your customers the reality.

If you think you are offering the best perspective in the market, subtly add them in the infographics and don’t make it much of an advertising material. It is for your audience to learn and choose.

You will, in turn, have their valuable time and also might help you get their contact details for the material they just received. Fair deal, isn’t it?

Visual content works so much better, you can always give it a shot. Don’t stay confined to a single strategy even if it’s not working but that’s what you had planned.

Be agile, analyse your marketing campaign, get feedback and improve on your weak points. There is no better tip than learning from your own mistakes and correcting them.

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