Inspiration: Best Interior Designer Websites and Blogs

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Inspiration: Best Interior Designer Websites and Blogs

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Every new project about interior decoration is always a challenge. A challenge which is both exciting and daunting. You are in charge of transforming a place into a ‘lively and welcoming’ destination. You have the designer skills and the flair for creativity but you do stumble at times, don’t you? These roadblocks are mostly temporary because being the best designer (which you are) you always find a way out.

Originality and creativity are one thing and inspiration another. A mixture of these qualities ends up producing quality work of an artist. Get inspired and innovate to create amazing work. Inspiration can come from anywhere but luckily you do not have to look for it everywhere. Thanks to the innovative century we are a part of, you can find unlimited resources on the web and take inspiration for your next interior designing project.

Looking for the appropriate materials can be tiring when you have too many resources available. Here we make your ‘searching for the needle in the haystack’ easier by compiling a list of the best websites and blogs on interior designing.


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Home Designing

Home Designing brings to you more than a thousand existing designs for interior decoration. It displays aesthetically appealing designed homes and the rooms. The website is more of a picture blog with each picture giving you an inspirational scripted description of the design. The intelligent categories mentioned as living room designs, bedroom designs, kitchen designs, bathroom designs, teen room designs etc. make it easy for every wannabe designer to navigate through the website and arrive at the best source of inspiration they have been looking for.


The social hub for home designers and architects, Houzz, is one place you just cannot miss. When talking about the inspiration for a design and advice for your new project, it’s best to turn to the ones with experience. Houzz brings together the homeowners, the designer enthusiasts and the designing professionals from around the world. With the professionals posting their success stories with their designs and the others sharing their ideas for decorating and furnishing their living area, there’s not going to be any dearth of resource for you.

Gabriella Khalil

Formerly famous as Flat 15, the website has been featured in more than a double dozen list of design magazines and websites. It is also an award-winning design website where designers and lifestyle enthusiasts flock for inspiration and a good read. The website is light, clean and sophisticated with no clutter. Along with the designs and the previous work of Gabriella Khalil, videos on designing and decoration curated by her is also on display on the website.


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Homepolish focuses on modernised and sophisticated interior designing. The website has a very professional interface. You can browse and select designs according to room or styles. The various styles they offer include modernist, sophisticated, traditionalist, industrialist etc. You can draw inspirations from the aesthetic designs as well as aesthetic design guides. They offer various designing services and careers in design.


With it’s a remarkable presence in the designing and architecture industry, Freshome is a must visit the site for every designer: beginner or established. The numerous articles providing you ideas for the makeover for every room, kitchen and bathroom make the site an educational read for the designers. You can a get a clear idea of the furniture and accessories, appliances and technology and even the paint quality that you can put to use for your project. It is a hub of a valuable resource for designing and decoration; plus it keeps you up to date with the trending designs and the leading news of the industry.

Style by Emily Henderson

The interior decoration blog by Emily Henderson is food for the designer’s skill. The blog displays the amazingly beautiful designs for homes and offices from Emily and her team the Target (for which she is the spokesperson). The blog will always fill your head with new ideas and inspiration- not to forget the how-to videos. The blog has a unique collection of designs for each person and aims to “bring stylish/accessible design to the masses” at a moderate budget.


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Desire to Inspire

This is a blog where two women Jo and Kim collaborate to bring wonderful designs to the surface from various sources. They travel the world to collect amazingly captured designs to inspire a designer. The women rightly call their joint venture “an interior design’s junkie delight”. The blog has more than fifty categories which has been separated on the basis of rooms, colors, utility and much more. Each category contains multiple posts. The blog lets the pictures do the talking, but some notes are also attached. Visit the blog and explore the designs by yourself.

Get inspired from the list above and you are welcome to add to the list.

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