How To Create 3D Tours

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How To Create 3D Tours

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What Is a 3D Tour

The complete virtual tour of the house is called its 3D tour.  Through aspects of design, décor, stylistic space and luxurious space, one can have a personalised feel of the entire space. Being provided with a real-time experience that is blended with very articulate perfections also adds on to the charm of the 3D Tours. It is one of the best tools when personalised furnishing is to be displayed or visualised.

Best 3D Interior Design Software

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Creating a 3D Tour

Buying A Camera

You will need to have a camera that can shoot 360-degree panoramic footage. The camera should be able to shoot both vertically and horizontally. A set of tripods and a camera will be best for capturing better pictures.

Features Of The Camera


Your camera should be able to function using a smartphone or a remote so that you can avoid human involvement in the capturing scenes: the more the feature, the more customised options.

Proper Positioning Of The Camera


The position of the camera is very important. You should place the camera in such a way that it can shoot the entire house including it corners. It should be placed in such a way that the largest part can be covered in a better way.

Recording The Moments


To create a 3D tour the most important thing is to capture the moments of the house rather than just its spaces. Once you have started recording, place the camera properly so that the shoot can be recorded properly at once. The pictures clicked should have liveliness in them to create a desire of wanting for the users.

Panoramic Shot


You need to step out of the house and record the outer spacing and the whole resident from outside to record a 360 degree evolve. It is very much mandatory to cover every corner of the house so that nothing is missed during the tour and a remarkable experience can be created for the viewers.

Cover All The Places


Move the camera in all the places of the house to cover the rest of the house. Take multiple shots of a single place to select the best shot at the last place. Covering all the places will help the viewers in clearing all their doubts relating to the design, spacing, and interior of the house.

Creating The Tour


You can use Make TV site for creating the 3D tour of the house. There are many other free and paid software that can be used for creating a visual tour. You can use it for free just by signing up. You will find an option of creating the new tour on the left side of the page. You will need to upload your photos captured under either cylindrical heading or spherical heading. After creating the tour, you will get a link that you can use to publish your tour.

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