Create An Interior Design Portfolio – Professional Interior Design Portfolio Examples

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Create An Interior Design Portfolio – Professional Interior Design Portfolio Examples

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We have often discussed at length the various colleges, degree courses, and different design styles you can employ to fulfill a client’s dreams using the philosophies you learn. However, there is one component that influences how you express your knowledge of interior design to impress clients. Your lifelong dream hangs in the balance of how well you can execute this simple phenomenon.

It is your Interior Design Portfolio.

Now, many of you are already familiar with the need for a portfolio when you apply for your bachelor’s degree or master’s program. It involves some of your interior design projects (doesn’t necessarily need to be your best work but has to be innovative), an ‘about me’ section to expressively talk about your design inspiration and passion, and demonstrate your skills, to begin with.

When we speak of an interior designer portfolio, however, we are referring to the professional portfolio book or portfolio website that exhibits your best work in the field. This professional interior design portfolio is what you send to design firms when applying for a job or to clients when you wish to acquire a big design project. Your portfolio can have minimalist designs or modern trends in a traditional home. You can create it to signify your specialization with certain styles and share testimonials. Basically, you can choose any style, forum, graphic design software, and means of exposure to share your best work with potential clients and recruiters.

Today, we shall share a few tips to help you design an eye-catching interior design portfolio and amaze onlookers, and surpass your competitive peers.

Interior Design Portfolio

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Ideas for an incredible interior design portfolio

Much like an architecture portfolio, interior designers must be able to convey just how adaptable they are with different design ideas, structural nuances, and the ability to understand a client’s perspective. These are important characteristics that even design firms look for in their employees. You will be interacting with potential clients at some point or another. It is pivotal that you can negotiate your way to the top and land the project.

So here goes:

1. Select an interior design portfolio template

If you refer to portfolio examples of established creative professionals, you will find that most of them create combinations of mood boards and high-quality graphic design imagery/videos on their templates. Yet, the most important takeaway here is the templates that they choose are in accordance with their design ideas.

Graphic design applications such as Adobe InDesign, ISSUU, Adobe Behance, Adobe Photoshop, and even PowerPoint offer a wide range of templates. You must choose the one that best complements your designs. It can be a simple white template or one that facilitates adding a logo or your contact information. It can be as simple as creating a bifurcated layout or as comprehensive as designing the layout of a massive three-bedroom apartment.

The template you choose will enhance your pictures and videos in the portfolio book. Even an online portfolio offers various website templates to brighten up your portfolio website. So choose wisely.

Interior Design Portfolio Ideas

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2. Work with graphic design software programs

Since your template is largely affected by the designs you create, this step requires extreme planning.

All interior design schools train the students in some form of using graphic design software programs for best results. We recommend you use user-friendly apps and inculcate your knowledge of graphic design.

The best application in the market is Foyr Neo. It is a cloud-based application that allows easy sharing of your 3D renderings and models. You can simply upload your designs on a portfolio website or choose to download and attach them to a file-based portfolio as you please.

Create a number of design inspirations using the app to befit various themes and design styles. You can select everything from the floor plan to furniture, all the way out to landscaping. You can also use the software program to create a walkthrough of your creative process and show them that your designs are one hundred percent authentic.

Interior Design Ideas and Designs

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3. Choose layouts that best express your artistic sensibilities

A common problem faced by several interior decorators is when they choose layouts.

The floor plan of your interior design projects shows what you can do with large or small spaces, open planning, and unconventional layouts. So, here’s an idea:

Create at least one living room design, a kitchen design, a bedroom design, and a bathroom design. Now sprinkle 3D renderings of studio apartments in both minimalist styling and elaborate design trends.

Finally, top it all off with a veritable layout of both small and large homes with varying square footage thus demonstrating your mastery over a wide spectrum.

Create an Interior Design Portfolio

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4. Attach testimonials

If you are a freshly graduated interior design student then you need not worry about it. However, if you can get some testimonials from people you’ve helped, your counselor, teacher, etc. that could only work in your favor.

If, on the other hand, you are a professional with tons of experience working in a design firm or your own little design studio, then this section is where you make the final appeal. Don’t let it go to waste.

When you design a project for a client, no matter how big or small, ask them to review your work and write a small testimonial. If they want to write long ones, that is even better. Now here is where it gets tricky:

If you work in your own design studio, then create a website or add their testimonials to your portfolio website or portfolio book directly. However, if you work for a design firm, it is unlikely that you will get direct credit for the work even if the client writes an elaborate testimonial.

Therefore, get the initiative and introduce yourself to the client. That way, there is a 60% chance they will mention your name in the testimonial for the design firm, however remotely.

Testimonials are a great way to express to potential clients and recruiters that you have an excellent work ethic, not to mention, outstanding designing skills. Use it to your advantage.

5. Pick the forum to share with clients and recruiters

Finally, once you have created your interior design portfolio, it is time to share it with prospective design firms, recruiters, and potential clients.

Now, most decorators tend to carry a physical portfolio book which they cannot take everywhere, obviously. However, social gatherings provide an eloquent opportunity to network. Hence, after you hand them your business card, more often than not, the person will request to see your body of work. This is even more plausible if the person is seeking an interior designer for an upcoming project.

You can upload your design ideas and 3D renderings on a portfolio website, social media platforms, or simply keep a softcopy of the portfolio on your phone or cloud platform. When asked for your oeuvre, all you have to do is send a link to the online portfolio or your social media page to the potential client or recruiter. You can even send a quick email with a link to your cloud-based portfolio or attach the file. It doesn’t get easier than that.

And there you have it – The ultimate ways to add flair and functionality to your interior design portfolio.

The portfolio speaks of your talents as a decorator before you even discuss your career objectives with people. You need to make sure that it is top-notch and displays a sense of your professionalism.

Don’t shy away from using apps like Foyr Neo to build attractive 3D renderings of your design ideas and, if you have real-world experience, your former interior design projects. With the development of technology people like visual aids with some production value and Foyr Neo is just the app for that.

So go ahead and build yourself an incredible interior design portfolio. Good Luck!!

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