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The next step after deciding furniture, fixtures, lamps and fans, is placing them exactly where
you want them.
Now, if you are doing this before you place components on it and you don’t intend to change
your mind once you place it, it’s rather easy: you click, select, drag and drop. But rarely is reality
that simple! Most often the not, last minute changes, where that side table goes, how many
inches left the bed is supposed to be and adjustments like that are quite common.
So, let’s say you decide that you want to place a lamp on a table, some books and a bowl of
fruit, and you want to change the position of the table, can you imagine how long it would take if
you had to move each of them individually? With Neo, you can group several components on
your plan together, so they move as a whole unit.
All you have to do is, once you’ve placed all the fixtures, click on the ‘Autogrouping’ button on
the top left on the page and select the components you want grouped together. Now they move
as one unit. 
The convenience of autogrouping is available in the 3D view mode, where, as you keep placing
and moving objects in the room, you can see exactly where each of them is going to be. 
If you need help editing the properties of any of the components, click on the link here for
previous tutorials the same. 
So, are you already giving it a go? Pretty neat right!

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