Downloadable Resource

Your Edesign Business Blueprint

Carve out your edesign business with a simple, coherent plan.


In this ebook you’ll learn:

  • Why you should provide edesign in your suite of services today.
  • What it can mean for your business.
  • How to carve out and price your edesign packages
  • What your edesign process should include.
  • Tools you need to set up your edesign packages.
  • How to market your edesign services.
  • How to expand your virtual clientele.

Get ready to find more success than ever in the new world of work.

The whole landscape and world of work has changed on account of the pandemic. Interior Designers today have completely pivoted to technology, started using a bunch of different software more heavily and become more virtual than they were ever before.

Now the only way to land a client or show a design is online. So there is no better time to embrace edesign; expand one’s virtual clientele, invite more opportunities and book more business.

So whether it’s due to the pandemic or the coming-of-age of cutting edge technology (or both), now you as a designer can complete your interior design service successfully without ever even having to set foot in your client’s home!

Over 18,000 interior designers are already using this ebook to pivot and thrive. When will you?