Furniture in Traditional Interior Design

Traditional furniture includes pieces from history that have a lot of character and a unique quirk. These pieces are captivating to the eye and designers mold the space around them. The furniture pieces are adventurous finds from other eras, symphonized to create harmony and magic in your home. For a glam traditional home, opt for nature scenes combined with bold stripes in curtains and upholstery. Avoid geometric designs.

The traditional furniture is ornate and usually very heavy. Imagine carved wood, clawfoot tubs, and tufted upholstery. A wingback, or a high-back chair with winged sides, is another popular furniture piece. While this is more commonly used in mid-century modern design, it originated in the traditional design style.

An essential aspect of a traditional home is grand accessories like chandeliers, candle holders, vases, etc. Also architectural details like crown molding, wood paneling, etc. are common in traditional interior design. This adds a sense of magnificence to the room without being too flashy. Most traditional living room decors have a focal point like an oil painting or a fireplace.

With symmetry being the core theme, accessories and furniture pieces are usually placed in pairs in a centered manner. The room looks like a cohesive unit where everything goes well together. Furniture with upholstery has classic lines and understated details. This gives the impression of being simple, functional, and relaxing. Talking about accessories, traditional homes usually have plants, urns, lamps, china, vases, bookshelves, etc.


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